Thank u, next - What do you think of Ariana's new album?

Personally, I’m obsessed with Thank u, next and have been ever since it came out at the start of the month, but I want to hear your thoughts!
Favourite songs, what you like, what you dislike, etc, etc, etc…

My favourite song from the album is probably Bloodline or maybe 7 Rings :heart_eyes:

Your girl Cat


I love her new album :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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The album is so good, but I feel like since it was solo there was something missing, you know? I currently really love bad idea, 7 rings, and BUWYG,IB. I’m really hoping for Nicki Minaj to remix Bloodline or possibly 7 Rings.


i stan this album. wigs were snatched. my faves are bloodline, fake smile and imagine. i don’t like make up

Ghostin is my fave even though it makes me sad


I love fake smile, bad idea, buwygim and needy

and bloodline

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to ariana’s album i say

thank u next

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i actually like some of the songs lmao

surprisingly enough



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In my honest opinion, sweetner wasn’t very good. They all sounded like gospel songs, and all sounded the same. I didn’t really like it, or the songs (get well soon and GIAW are exceptions).

But Thank u next was amazing. I think I only disliked one song (make up is not for me lol). Favourites are probably BUWYGFIB, Bloodline, Bad idea and NASA


i’m just impressed.

like two albums in less than a year. wow.
but all of these new songs are just adding to my concern for her.

she seems to be throwing herself into work, which is awesome if she’s just passionate about her work. but i hope it’s not due to some desire for fufilment that she just can’t fill.

i freakin loved her album sm!
Fav songs: 7 rings, buwygfib, make up and bloodline
Disliked: nothing it was amazing and still obsessed

I love love love 7 rings! And bad idea too!

Thank you, Next is nice! Not a favorite but nice!

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i heard it 10 minutes after it came out :joy::joy: i was READDDDDY

bad idea
in my head
7 rings

all the songs were amazingggg sjsksksnsjs but those were my favorites


when i listened to it, it said that it was uploaded “12 minutes ago”

i legit thought i was the first person in the world to listen to it lmao :joy:


:joy::joy::joy: SAMEEE
i was like refreshing her twitter feed and then i’m pretty sure i left my phone in my room to go grab a snack and then saw what time it was and then sprinted back upstairs :joy::joy::joy:


Haha nah, no worries. I just wanted to make a gr8 pun with the title of the album :joy:



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Literally that’s all I listen to anymore, yuh yuh.

thank u next is so petty but its ok. I don’t like the song that’s like “break up with your boyfriend cuz im bored adjds”. like thank u next was about being a better person, like stay on brand Ariana pplz

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