Thank you Episode team!


While browsing Instagram, I come across many pics from different stories. And what I’m most glad is to see so many different characters created!



I’ll also add a bit of my biterness and say, diversity could be much more better and characters more different, if you wouldn’t hold back in your storage so many already created outfits, animations and features. Giving us one female and one male outfit on Thursdays won’t bring you many new stories as you expect from us. This is like giving us bones while you keep all the meat. Also we need to get inspired. So go and check sometimes this forum and the suggestions writers posted.

This category is for giving feedback to forum, I know. But I wanted to say thanks to Episode Team. You did a great job with releasing new features. Just don’t keep it this way and keep releasing new stuff (though not only one at the time) to achieve your final goal- to make this app interesting.


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