Thank you guys so much

I like to thank everyone

I like to thank the whole Episode harmony team, thank you guys for having my back and never leaving even though I was a wreck. Thank for making me feel safe and letting me in a safe heaven home you guys are the best and I’m glad to have you guys as my family I love you guys so much

@EPISODEWRITERSTARTER @wildstyle103 @Freakish @L.I.W.F @Koolgal77 @Devyn.Episodes @CD_Erugo @abygail.bauman @Potatoenesss @robyn.g @DeathlyCow @gleamiinq @Girl_Di @Addivi101 @emms_epiig @Mashia @Earthly @Unique_911 @Alexia2.0 @dasha_author @oorgeloop @That_Chick_Tay @Mya1357 @Mimi0829 @LanaAugustine @Laney.episode @Sho @spiffymi @MysteryMaker @Ashwings @larue.episode @Killerfrost @natasha.episodex @lexy19 @SophiaM
@dqrkskin @HopeFrvr

I know I’m missing some more people

I also like to thank this amazing people

@LaurieKrisette @Mystery.Author @Hope_fully and so much more thank you guys for helping me a lot and keep on shiny your art is amamazing keep up the amamazing work

I know I have hurted a lot of people in the past but I was going through a lot and everyone kept leaving me and I was sad and angry and wanted revenge but I know that what I did didn’t make it better and it just made it worse and I know that this is not an excuse for what I did and I’m sorry I know sorry not gonna do anything but I’m sorry

I like to also thanks the admins

@Sydney_H and @Jeremy

Thank you guys for taking your time to help the community and keeping everyone safe thank you guy so much

I know a lot of people don’t recognize how hard you guys work but I do


Moved to Episode Fan Community. :wink:

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You’re such a kind hearted person. :kissing_heart:
Don’t doubt yourself girl, you’re AMAZING and you know that :purple_heart::black_heart:


I’m so happy you are so much happier and way more mature than I last saw you!


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Just glad to be friends with you. You are an amazing person luv, don’t ever doubt yourself :slight_smile: :heart:

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Aww, that’s soo sweet!!!

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I don’t know you well, but the fact that you’re willing to pour your heart out to me and all these other (obviously amazing) sisters says a lot :sparkling_heart: Not sure what happened in the past, but it seems like you’re good for the future :revolving_hearts:


Thats so sweet

Shes right you and @Jeremy are awsome!

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Can I call you sister? You’re my sister :slight_smile:

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Hope we could be friends :blush:

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Sure your my twin

We already best friend hope your my family

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Thanks but we don’t really know each other :sweat_smile: we could be in the future :heart_eyes:

(please don’t take my words in the wrong way :hugs:)