Thanks for fixing problem


I had this problem with like all the buttons when writing a message!
I had to like try 10 times, so cancel the message and start again, before for example the upload button was working!
Since today it is working again, and I didn’t changed a thing, so I guess it is fixed, thanks!


I updated my episode at here in 2018 and now my create stories that I created are glitching bad it keeps saying episode not responding so I push wait and it goes away sometimes and it freezes when I click on another beat and it’ll freeze when it’s about to say episode not responding again and then it doesn’t save my characters looks like lindas look I changed it but now since it’s glitching it’ll change her back how she was and then all of my characters come on stage when I don’t want them to and tpits happening on both of my devices my tablet and my phone because my stories are on my tablets episode app to and when they all are on stage they say random things please help me fix this glitche so i can create my stories again please and thank you.


And when I go to make my character kiss the other she glitches behind the other one. I push the numbers I go to number two because that’s when it’s right but it messes up again when I click on a beat


Dose anyone know how to fix it like I said I have the episode app on both my rca tablet and my Alcatel phone they share my same account on episode and it’s happening on both of my devices on my created stories it happened right after I got the 2018 update the rest of episode is fine I can read all of the stories I like with no problem it’s just creation that’s messed up