That Moment When

Hello, all!

We all have some “that moment when’s” in our lives when we recall some incidents, or are living through those moments, and are intrigued by them in different ways possible. At times it’s our reactions to those situations we find hilarious, etc. And many a times, we don’t even know how relatable that situation can be to others.

Having done some crap description (or not so much of a decription), let’s now introduce this thread without any further ado!

The topic basically necessitates you to pen down your “that moment when’s” of awkwardness, embarrassment, laughter, sadness, anger, pent up feelings, frustration, joy, anything and everything.

An example of how to go about this:
That moment when you’re caught sleeping in a class by a strict teacher.
That moment when you steal your sibling’ s ice cream. Oh, the joy!

As many of you must remember, this used to be one of our everyday go-to threads on the old forums. Keeping the same spirit of bringing a platform for all to share and support, I’m revampimg this here, too.

NOTE: I do not own the original idea for the thread. I’m sorry I forgot who is the original creator for this back on the old forums, but it’s certainly not me. All credits to the real original poster!


That moment when think someone was saying a perverted comment (when they were not) and you comment on it (especially with guys…)


That moment when you call your teacher mom


I’ve actually done the second one, Oh Lord


That moment when you start talking to someone thinking it’s your friends and it turns out to be some random person :grimacing: this happened to me like twice today


OMG! One time someone was walking by me and I thought it was my friend, “she is going the WRONG DIRECTION!” I thought. So I said “Hey, where are you going?” and she was like “Ummm… there” and pointed the way she was going. Then I realised it wasn’t my friend so I tried save it and said “Oh, Okay”. It was REALLY FRICKING AWKWARD!


Haha :joy: happens to the best of us. That moment when you think you are talking to someone, but they walked off on you…


LOL, relateable!:joy:

that moment when you answer a question that wasn’t intended for you


That moment when you think someone’s waving at you but their really not. :woman_facepalming:t4:


aHH that moment when someone says something & you don’t hear it so you ask them to
& eventually you just give up nod


That moment when you think it’s only 10 PM but it’s actually 2 in the morning


That moment when you travel alone on the bus and burst out laughing for no reason

That moment when you realize those people were not admiring your cool new shoes but the long trail of toilet paper stuck to it

The moment when you watch old photos/videos and realize you dressed like you were either homeless, crazy or both and that hairstyle was probably the biggest mistake of your life


Ugh, the amount of embarrassing old pictures I have of myself :grimacing: it’s worse thinking that you thought you looked cute at the time

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In my case they are from my teenage years and I thought I looked cool when I actually looked like an idiot :smiley:

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That moment when you have a test and you didn’t study for it.


Literally, same :joy: I just has exams and I barely revised for any of them

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The moment when you finish a portion of the SAT with thirty minutes to go and panic because you think you did something wrong.

The moment when you find out you aced that section.


That moment when your crush is talking to you and you can’t take that stupid big smile off your face.


If only my crush talked to me… :joy: I have a big smile if he simply asks me to pass him something

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Yeah happens so many times to me. I just find new ways to embarass myself every time I talk to him. Plus when I do talk to him like a normal person my boyfriend comes in between and goes all batshit crazy…lol