That Moment When


That moment when a song is stuck in your head and you type the song title instead of moment before having to back track.

I typed “that money” at first because I have my Money by Chef’Special stuck in my head aaaaaaa


That moment when you find a few ants in your bed. :scream: :unamused:


That moment when your crush talks to you and you act like complete idiot and then he leaves and you facepalm yourself for being so stupid LMAO!


That moment when you’re in a yoga class where your yoga tutor says, “Release all of that sounds trapped in your mind.” In a stupid psychological voice and you’ve no frickin’ idea what kind of douchebag position she’s doing so you SCREAM OUT like everyone’s born deaf hehe…


Lol I will never know why they speak in those weird voices like slowwlyyyyyyyyyyyy!


Lmaooooo :joy: I’m dying


That moment when theres 5 minutes left of a test and you’re only half way done.



that moment when you’re extremely mad at someone but you can decide to show it or hide it in front of them


That moment when your crush compliments you.

…But you don’t know how to answer.


Me an Hour Ago: That moment when you have to write a paragraph and have no idea what to write.

Me Now: That moment when you wrote the paragraph but you are pretty sure you didn’t do it right.


I cAn ReLaTe To ThIs So BaD :eyes:


can’t relate


THIS IS THE WAY I GOT FULL MARKS ON THAT PHILOSOPHY EXAM :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl: The invigilator was on the verge of grabbing the paper off of me and I was like bih no.


That moment when your crush compliments you and you’re about to compliment them back but their friend pulls them away first.(at a dance) her: “you look amazing” me: “wow, thank you, you-”


That moment when someone swears loudly in class.


That moment when you edit a reply because what you wrote doesn’t make sense.

Ironically, I’ve just edited this.