Thats 100% a bug from episode

Ok so i was read episode 4 well a bit by it now my character is appear but not his friends is a scene with my male characters and some of his crew at a bar and is him but not the others!

plz open the link you will see the character with white pants is Zane my main character and where you see Mike name is one of his friends i am 100 thats a bug i was do spots all corectly

Close the app and open it again. I believe it is a glitch.

If this doesn’t work, submit a support ticket. :slight_smile:

That happens to me too, often with the story My First Kiss.

Yes i belive that is a glitch i am gonna submit to the episode thank you for help

I am sorry for this my story is forbidden love i wish i can say to give it a try but with this glitch is sucks

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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I understand but is my first time here yesterday i was make an account but thank you for help

done .

Hello my name is daniela and i need help i was create a story called forbbiden love and episode 4 and 5 characters are missing in different scenes
My script spot and zoom are perfect on my preview is looking 100 % good please i hope i am in a right spot here so i can get some help i can show you a screenshot by ep 4

Down below is a scene by zane my male characters and mike is one of his friends who is missing plz what can i do ?