That's... not normal

Skinny legend :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

That’s the new Exclusive Episode Outfit

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Probably Glitchy Wierd or Glitch Girl


:joy: very fashionable. GO GLITTER~ XD

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The best thing I’ve seen all morning. :joy:

Have you submitting a help ticket about this? :smiley:


cool look :joy: perfect to make a futuristic story

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Talk about your unique characters LOLOLOLOL

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new 2019 trend?

edit - talk about diversity!

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If your story does not have diverse character like super glitchy then you’re a bigot!! lol

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i want it

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Nope, definitely not normal. But after all the Sims 2 glitches I have had the pleasure to witness, nothing surprises or scares me any more. Not even that glitchy INK male mouth.

Toddler dog

Episode, learn something from this.


that looks beautiful

Holy crap! I forgot about that glitch! Still creepy.

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It’s cool because it looks like an alien. The weirdest things you get from episode portal.

First thing that came to mind: Michael Jackson.

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wtf??? does it show up like that in the story? or just there? is it just with that outfit??? I’m worried?? :joy:

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Not gonna lie, this looks like a SCP

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That’s enough Internet for today.

Is that a joke or…?

No… I meant all the sequin-y stuff he wore.

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