The 1 Thousand Line Challenge!

Title is self-explanatory, kinda. So havr you ever felt like writing, but have only gotten like 2 lines done after 29342 hours? Well, I guess this is what you’re looking for.

The challenge is to write 1 thousand lines in a single day (or 24 hours) Now, it doesn’t have to be 1k lines, it could be 2k, or 5k, or 10k, whatever (k=thousand)
The reason why I put in a single day, is because you may find yourself procrastinating if you were to make it be 10 days or something, then find yourself incredibly stressed.

Directing and stuff is a bonus.

Anyways, have fun and get started! You can use this more than once if you’d like, and even change up the timing a bit for a bigger challenge!


Oof. I can’t do that

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I might!

I wanted to write 500 lines today. So far I have written two. (That’s two lines not 200 lines :sob:)