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It has been 97 years since a nuclear war has devastated Earth. The only known survivors were approximately 400 inhabitants of 12 national space stations that were in orbit at the time. For generations, people have survived in space on what is known as The Ark. The Ark has extremely strict laws and those over 18 who break them are ‘floated’, meaning they are sent out into space into their deaths. I mean, saves more oxygen for others right?

The council, the presiding leaders over the Ark, came to realize that resources within their present home would not last much longer, including the ships oxygen supply. It was imperative to discover whether Earth was livable and so 100 juvenile prisoners were sent down to Earth as test subjects to determine whether humans could live on Earth once again with all the radiation after the nuclear war.

Though they lacked knowledge about Earth’s present state. And residents. Unbeknownst to them, there are surviors known as Grounders, cannibalistic savages called Reapers, and power hungry scientists called Mountain Men.

Eventually, those on the Ark joined the others just in time to fight a war against others who threaten their existence. What side will you choose? Who’s war will you fight? And what will you do to survive?

Welcome to The 100 rp, based on The 100 novels by Kass Morgan and the hit CW TV show The 100!

This is mostly rp. There will be a couple sg aspects just so I can narrate some things.

Sign ups will consist of creating juvenile delinquents, individuals presently living on the ark, grounders (people who have lived on earth throughout the nuclear war to present time) and much more as the story line progresses. The Reaper roles and Mountain Men will be closed until your characters get down to Earth and make discoveries.

We will be following the 100’s general plot and story line but ultimately this is up to you to create new stories, plot lines, and DUN DUN DUN!!! Juicy drama.

Depending on some of your characters choices/actions in some scenes of this rp, they may die. Just want you guys to be aware of that. Now now now, it will only be some.

RP Rules
  • No God Modding or Mary Sues unless you wanna piss peeps off. Please and thank you. Only Billy Bobs.
  • Ya can’t just go swinging random knives and killing off characters. If you would like to kill off your character, inform me.
  • Inactive people will have their characters put up for adoption or killed. If you will be absent for a while, please tell me :slight_smile:
  • Follow the Episode guidelines
  • Sexual stuffies is permitted but please keep it pg-13 mates. Nothing so graphic that I’ll need to scrub my eyes with some sanitizer. Be conscious of other rpers, and make sure the person you are rp-ing the scene with is okay with it
  • Expletives must be blurred
  • Got drama besides the one in the rp? Take it somewhere else. This ain’t no Telenovela episode or “Keeping up with the Episodians”
  • Any awesome plot-lines? Lemme know :slight_smile:

Sign ups
I’m gonna be completely honest here: if you’ve never read the books of seen the show, it’s gonna be difficult to follow on everything without studying up a bit. Don’t worry. I gotchu boo.

The website should work on mobile, may be a bit choppy and clunky here and there, but the info should be able to be read just fine.

I’ve made a website that pretty much gives you a majority of the things you’re gonna need for this rp, ranging from information, to your delinquents statuses that will be collected through a bracelet and sent back to the Ark while you’re on Earth.

I know, might be a ton of information to take in but trust me, it’s going to be super helpful and necessary to know this information for the rp. If you’re still confused on anything I’d be happy to help out!

It’s got things you will need for sign ups as well, like roles/occupations on the ark and their descriptions. If you’re just wanting to get sign ups done first then read other things later:

  • For juveniles delinquents: read the ark information
  • For people still living on the ark: Read the ark information
  • For grounders: Read the grounder section

Some roles will have unlimited slots and some will be limited. Please reserve. For the sake of this rp, I will be the Chancellor and the leader of the grounders but if you’re really wanting one of these roles, let me know! [Also if anyone wants to be related to the chancellor in anyway or the grounder leader lemme know]


Juvenile Delinquents: (Unlimited)

@ScarletSwanHunter (2), @TheBluGeek, @Madilnel, @JannahJackson, @Littlefeets (2) @jdepisode (4+), @Mashia (2) @Daisy_Flower1 (2) @Surface_Hyena57 (2+), @LorethA (2) , @themaystorms. @Cam

Mechanics (Unlimited)
Engineers (4)


Teachers (4)
  • History (1): @jdepisode
  • English (1):
  • Mathematics (1):
  • Science (1):
Students (Unlimited)

@Ella, @Kate_Potter

Farmers (4)
Miscellaneous (Unlimited)
  • Doctor (1):
  • Engineer (1):
  • Nurse (1):
The Grounders
Trikuru (Woods Clan)
Azgeda (Ice Nation)
Floukru (Boat People)
Trishana (Glowing Forest)
  • Leader(1):
  • Second in command (1): @lanasgalasoul
  • Hunter/Warrior (Unlimited):
  • Harvesters, farmers, healers (Unlimited):
  • Deserters (Unlimited):

I’m completely aware that all of these roles can’t be filled up with how many rpers we’ve got and that’s completely fine. Feel free to make as many characters as you wish!

Like I said, I know this looks really complicated but I’m super excited to get this started! Sign ups will be due October 27, about two weeks to get things in. If you need an extension, please inform me. If you guys want to get it started earlier, lemme know :wink:

TBH I wrote this all and edited things at like…2:00am… don’t joodge me if it’s complete crap.


Sign Ups
The 100 RP Website

People who said they were interested:
@Ella @Mashia @ScarletSwanHunter @Littlefeets @Kate_Potter @LittleElf @Surface_Hyena57 @Madilnel @LorethA @ThatRandomPerson @Cam @annaclaire721 @crazycalope

I need some RP recommendations!

Reserve for something! (I’m gonna read up before I reserve anything specific hehe)


Awww take ur time!! Thanks mashy mash taters! :smile:




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AYYYYYYYE reserve for something didn’t read yet but looks very cool.


Hunter warrior and deserter?


Reserve for Grounder Second-in-Command and a Delinquent


Reserve a delinquent


Reserve for Delinquent, Vice Chancellor, The Grounders Second in Command and Hunter/Warrior fro The Grounders


Oh and delinquent!


There’s no spot for the faceclaim.


Reserve for Arker Student


FRICK!! I’m so sorry I’m about to put one up! Thank u!


If you weren’able to post your fc, just post it here or send me a PM with ur fc


Hey, I’m sorry, BluGeek reserved second in comm. First for grounders! The rest of the roles are urs! Would u like anything else?


Can I reserve for 2 Delinquents?


Of course!


The Vice Chancellor though?