The 100 ~|| Sign Ups and General Chat ||~


Alright, hi everyone. I’ve got two characters atm but I’ll be making more. Does anyone want to have a relationship (family, friend, enemy, romantic) with either of them?

Lambrini, the Grounder Leader


Lambrini is just like her older sister who was the commander before her, Lexa Kom Trikru. The difference between the two is that Lambrini is a bit more hesitant. She doesn’t trust outsiders, especially the ‘sky people’. She could get used to them, but it would take time. To people who’re close to her, they can testify that she’s a very caring person. She’d do anything for people, put others before herself. The tough exterior she puts on is nothing compared to the soft interior she tries to hide.

Available for...

Love interests (Past, Present, or Future)
Enemies (the sky people is a group that she won’t be too fond of, grounders, etc.)

Zion, Ark Delinquent


Zion is what you would call a ‘bad boy’ but, not really. On the ark, he partied, drank, and smoked stolen herbs from the Farm Station, normal teenage things. He isn’t really hard to talk to and he’s fun. Reckless and careless at times, but fun. He’s always up for a challenge.

Available for...

Love interests (Past, Present, or Future) he’s kind of blind to love, he’s kind of a tough cookie.
Enemies (from the ark, the ground, doesn’t matter)


Aite! I have characters that I must place here to see if anyone want to plot or anything along those lines so… AHEM:

My Two Delinquents
Vivienne Hensley

She is outspoken, hot-headed and sarcastic.

Nikolas Lester

Nick is flirty, confident and charming, the only thing he wants is to keep his sister safe.

My Two Grounders
Hunter/Warrior: Toria

Level headed, a good fighter and is smart calculating and can be very cold to people before warming up to them.

Deserter: Cago

Unknown but will probably have anger issues.

@Madilnel - If you want to plot, you can pick whomever for whatever role

Anyone else they are avalible for all


Tough cookie? I mean… so is Toria or Vivienne if you want a love interest? I don’t know.


So kind of like frenemies then, perfect!

@lanasgalasoul What do you think about Lambrini and Asansi being friends since they both share positions of leadership? Or perhaps even a bit of a rivalry?

I also would be up for anything involving Winston and Zion.


Of course! Either one, is fine (:


I like the idea of frenemies a whole lot


@JannahJackson could I get your fc when you get the chance?


Can delinquents live in the rich ark too?


I guess I will change my reserved characters. I will sign up as soon as I get home.
Reserve these please:

  • juvenile deliquents (female, male)
  • one deserter (female)
  • one Natblida (male)

The last two will be both deserters from Azgeda. The female deserter will be the protector of male nightblood.

If anyone’s interested in some relationships, I’m listening…


Yes they can


Reserving delinquent for now, might make another character.


Could you reserve a Nightblood, and a hunter/warrior for me please?




Ooooh scar love Viviennes fc!!


Thank you!! Personally I’m quite proud of Coga


Mmmhmmm he’s a tasty morsel :smirk:


I’ll get to plotting with you guys soon! Been super busy! Yes, I have been working on fc’s like a slave, promise.


Would you guys like it better if you could choose a tribe for grounder peeps to be in? Previously I figured we should just focus on the Woods Clan since they are near where the 100 land but if you want we cant do diff. tribes now. I was gonna try and get diff. tribes in as the rp went on but whaddya all think?

Also, I’ve added Nightbloods to the signups and the website.

I think that’s it? Probably have more but kinda scatter brained rn :laughing:



For those who reserved for grounders: I’ve now put four different tribes your grounder can be a part of, tho like previously stated the 100 lands near the wood clan. If you want to be placed in a different tribe, let me know.

The infomration for these tribes has been placed into the website.

If you have already placed in a sign up for a grounder and would like to change what tribe you came from, please inform me of that as well.

Deserters can be from any of the 12 tribes that are in the 100 since they have left it anyways.

@lanasgalasoul @TheBluGeek @ScarletSwanHunter @JannahJackson @Mashia @LorethA @coolandlazy

For everyone else, finally getting up those fcs for ya guys so the plotting can continue!


@jdepisode This sign belongs to Azgeda or the Ice Nation :grin:


DearGod. Thanks for catching that. It was literally 4 am XD I’ll fix it when I get home XD