The 1x1/Small Group RP Thread


Hello there RPers!

Most RPs tend to be pretty large here- many characters, and it can be so easy to get lost or pull a silent drop out of something you really liked for many reasons. Maybe you were too busy with life, or new and couldn’t keep up/figure it all out, maybe you didn’t feel like your RP skills were ‘up to par’ or you felt like you and your characters were ignored.

This thread is to help you be able to find 1x1 or small group RPs with other people. I’d quantify a small RP as up to about five people, eight characters maximum, so keep that in mind, though you can go above that, keep it small or this thread loses purpose.

Feel free to try out new things- different styles of FCs, different characters, different ways of RPing, different character arcs/development and make sure to encourage each other through it and give them honest feedback if they ask for it ^-^

When you post, I suggest something similar to one of the following formats, based on what you want-

  • Hey guys! I’m looking for a group of three RPers to do a small group RP. I’m open to any plot, but I’d prefer fantasy or drama. We can work out a plot once we have people. Anyone interested? -insert public response poll-

  • Hey guys! I’m looking for a 1x1 RP with this specific plot. Anyone interested? First come, first serve. -insert plot and poll here-

  • Hey guys! I posted this idea on New Ideas- -insert idea here- and it didn’t get a ton of interest publicly, so I’m looking to start it as a small group RP. -tags of people interested- are you in? Would anyone else like to join? -insert poll here-


  1. This thread is intended solely for the purpose of soliciting small group/1x1 RPs. Any other posts (IE: advertising ongoing regular RPs, asking for a group to create a regular RP together, etc.) are not allowed.

  2. No RPing on this thread or creating a new thread for a 1x1/small group. Create a PM coversation. You may work out certain details on this thread though like letting people know how many of the interested are in the group.

  3. Please try to use polls as much as possible to determine interests. Tag me as soon as your offer is open, and once again when it’s closed so that I can add it to the list of open/closed RPs.

  4. Respect your fellow RPers and their boundaries and take all criticism with a grain of salt, give it with caution. If you encounter an issue with a member in the PMs since these aren’t monitored by anyone else, and you are unable to resolve it with them, either end it at once (do not be afraid to do this, but do not do it out of malice either) or if it’s really bad, PM me and I will help you sort it out.



  • Reese’s band RP

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I’m not sure this will be helpful, but I thought I’d kick this off by giving y’all a list of RP plots.

I’ve read through many of them on the site before searching for inspiration and found them to mostly be intended for 1x1s with some for small groups- generally not useful at all for our RP subsection, but for this thread, it’s a good comprehensive starter list that gets consistently updated if anyone wants an idea of where to start. Anyway, here it is.


@Ella let me know if your offer is still open to others or if you and Etherwalker have confirmed you’ll be doing it together for the records :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m Dog! I’m looking for a 1x1, preferably someone interested in:

  • longer posts (at least 2 paragraphs per response)
  • thought-provoking characters
  • slow-burn relationships between characters with deep personalities
  • a good understanding of grammar and writing
  • adult characters (18+)

If you’ve got most of those down, great! We can totally talk plots and characters over DM. I’ve got a deep itch for some medieval fantasy (preferably including dragons and monster hunters) alongside an interest in post-apocalyptic. I also like most other fantasy plots if you’ve got anything you’ve been wanting to try out.

Now that I’ve explained most of what I’m looking for, here’s some stuff about me and my writing style.

  • I write in the novella style, which can range from 2 paragraphs to 7+, though I’ve gotten lazier with this. (I’m a lazy person in general lol)
  • I really love talking characters! I have a lot of characters I’ve spent years working on and writing for, and I love exploring their personalities in different situations!
  • I do not write romance. I am uninterested in anything inherently sexual between our characters. While I do not mind maturity in the role-play (soft-gore, cursing, violence) I won’t write anything romantic between our characters.
  • I prefer more gritty situations with a good dash of realism (even in fantasy). I like the real world and its awful sides. Humans are amazing creatures with hundreds of dimensions to them; let’s explore them!
  • My characters are always older than 21 and I find it very difficult to write for anyone below the age of 18. I will not write any high school plots with anyone; it makes me uncomfortable.

If you’re interested in any of this stuff, you’re more than welcome to message me about it! I’m pretty friendly ooc, and I’m willing to be patient with anyone trying to work on their writing.


@Lady-Mehek this is open!


Hey guys! It’s Reese here! So, as some of you might know, I made an RP called The Land Of Lost Souls, but that kind of died out. So, I want to create another RP that has a different concept and is for people who will be active A LOT. I’m looking for four people or less.

I have no idea what to call this, so… here we go!

A band of wannabe famous teenagers are just trying to get by on their small savings from the covers and albums they’ve produced. But when their dream comes true, and one of their albums becomes a hit… will they be able to handle the new world of fame?

  • Yeah, invite me if you make this!
  • Maybe, invite me if you make this!

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Tagging some people I’ve seen that’re VERY active!



:joy: thank you I am.


So I’ve noticed.


So, are you planning to go ahead with this RP? :grinning::grin::smile:
Also, were you planning to do this in PMs or in a thread?


Yep, I’m going to start this in about 1 hr! (Maybe less, I’m not sure.)


Exciting!!! :grin::clap::clap::clap::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


What’s it about?




The band one above?


:joy: yes I’m sorry I’m just tired.


@ReeseTheReallyGrumpy let me know if you’ve still got open slots or not for the list :slight_smile:


I’m really sorry, but I think that all the slots are filled.


Do you want to be in the rp? If not, I’ll give the spot to @Lady-Mehek


Alright, thanks, I’ll add it to the list of closed group RPs and good luck! EDIT: I don’t have the time to join more RPs rn lol just asking for the list in the first thread post


Oh, ok. Sorry I didn’t get what you meant.