The 1x1/Small Group RP Thread


Yeah I’d love to just forgot I already read it.


If this is still open I’d like to give it a try. If not it’s okay. @Dogeyes


Still open! I’ll be sniffing around for a while.

Anyone is allowed to just shoot me a DM so I can hear what they’re interested in doing! I wasn’t really working off likes or responses, but I suppose I should’ve thought of that beforehand, lol.



Adventure Story
Has anyone read those old adventure stories, where you get to choose your own path? They’re similar to Episode but in book form, and mainly in the adventure category with hints of fantasy and action.
So, I was thinking of adapting this concept into an RP mixed with SG … for one to three people. I will not be a “hero” character, but the storyteller, scene describer, and any minor character you choose to meet. Be aware that if you go it alone, it will be less RP and more story. With other RPers, you can talk through decisions and with each other, take your time, and use each other skills to work together.

The story:
The town of Stonebridge is in danger. An ancient doom is coming and only one object can be used to fight against it, to protect the town. Unfortunately, it’s the legendary Hammer of Stonebridge. The missing pieces of the hammer can be found within the threatening shadows of Darkwood Forest, where all the deadliest creatures live.
You must work together, or alone, to find the Hammer of Stonebridge. You will start your, adventure with weapons, gold, potions, and provisions. Not to mention, you will have a number for each of the following: Skill, Stamina, and luck, which can decrease during battles. So you decide what you do while trying to race through the dangers to find the Hammer and save lives, without dying yourself. Yes, you can fail, and you can die.

Are you up for the adventure?

  • Yes, I’ll go it alone
  • Yes, with other people
  • Maybe, I have questions
  • Maybe later, I’m a little busy.
  • Not really my thing.

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I am happy to run more than one RP story if more than three people are interested!


Magical Girl RP

I was thinking of making a magical girl RP and I wanted to know if anyone was interested in that idea before I wasted time plotting and fleshing it out.

It would be about 6 teens(me and 5 other people would make characters) who are chosen to be magical girls and have to learn how to fight evil monsters (based on yokai).

I am going to be plotting it out but that doesn’t mean I’m going to force your characters to do things out of character so I can forward the plot. The plot will be flexible.

Would you be interested?

Edit: Vote on the poll below this post instead.

  • Definitely :grin:
  • I’m interested but I’ll wait 'til you’re done fleshing out the plot. :slight_smile:

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Edit: Oops… forgot to @Lady-Mehek. This is open.


Magical Girl RP

Sorry, I messed up the poll (I wanted it to show who voted).

Here it is again:

  • Definitely :grin:
  • I’m interested but I’ll wait 'til you’re done fleshing out the plot. :slight_smile:

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EDIT: Since 5 people have shown interest I will flesh out the plot then tag you all when I flesh out the plot.


I have a magical girl RP kinda


:slightly_smiling_face: Okay. When I flesh out the plot, I’ll tag you. :thumbsup:


Oh… well there will be magical boys too. :sweat_smile: So if you want to reconsider… (I forgot to put that in my original post.) If not I’ll still tag you.


Does anyone want to do like . . . an RP 1 x 1 or like a group of three . . . where we create like a bunch of characters (and can low key god mod a ton)

Edit : @Lady-Mehek, this small group is now closed :3


What is god mod?


pretty much you take control of the story / plot. There was one RP I was in where this character ended up being some chosen one, secret powers, hunted by assassins, etc. - enough to where pretty much the other characters couldn’t do anything because the ‘chosen one’ RP’er was just not giving us the chance, and their god modding affected our RP’ing

However for the RP I envision, sense it would be just two or three of us, god - modding would be a bit more reasonable, as it only affects the three (or two) of us, rather than everyone in an RP

edit : sorry bad at explaining


That clears it up.
I would be interested in it.


I’m interested


coolio! I shall start the PM


can i join?


yep, let me add you !


Aww, I wish this wasn’t closed. This sounds pretty cool.


:star::star2: Magical Girls in Training (MGiT) :star2::star:

:star: The Story
Magical girls and boys are there to fight evil yokai and keep innocent people out of their grasps. In the morning they go about their normal lives and attend to their civilian duties but at night they go out and fight the wicked yokai that appear. Recently, more yokai have been showing up earlier and earlier in the day with no known reason. There aren’t enough magical girls to fight all of the new yokai so the Magical Girl Association (MGA) has decided to train new Magical Girls. Magical Girl Phoenix has been chosen to train six new magical girls and boys to fight the yokai and figure out why more yokai have begun to appear.

:star2: The Rules

  1. Follow the forum rules.
  2. Keep it all PG-13.
  3. Try to post once every two days and notify me if you can’t.
  4. Don’t god mod.
  5. If you swear use *'s or blur it.
  6. You must be okay with losing fights. There will be fights in this roleplay and your character might not win them all.
  7. If there is a fight between player characters decide the outcome beforehand.

:star: The Poll
There will be 6 people in this roleplay and there are 0 spots left. Sorry. :sweat:

  • :star2: Yes
  • :star: No

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Tagging interested people


People who are in the roleplay


@Lady-Mehek this is closed.


Hello, it is I! I would like to make this roleplay I posted in the main Ideas Thread. I will tag those who voted on the poll just in case I’m sorry if you found this annoying. This roleplay is mostly inspired by Dragon Nest.

Years ago, the kingdom of Gardae was turned into ashes by the dragon of Bellarde, its people were slain by the Vizha Clan. But Gardae didn’t give up. The survivors sought help and together, they rose the kingdom of joy once again.

The Kingdom of Gardae has now returned to its normal state. But the ruler worries the return of the clan and the dragon. The king knew the clan won’t stop until they get what they want. And would do anything over and over again just for their sake.

That’s when Cesia, a city in Gardae, decided to build a building where aspiring warriors can train. They can be from any species-- elves, hybrids, humans. All they need are two things: their strength and their will to protect the land.

I would love to have 5-7 people on this roleplay. I will tell more information in PM. Hope you guys are interested! :heart:

Bring up the poll!

  • Count me in!
  • This does not agree to my taste.

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