The 1x1/Small Group RP Thread


i can do a girl and a boy :slight_smile:


BOOKWORMS (still tryna think of a tittle)
Status: All 6 spots filled. CLOSED.

Can you guys send me the basic details of your character. (One allowed)

Also, I don’t think im going to an FC since this is a small group.

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Navrio (Yes, the name is a work in progress.)

Before you read this

Therianthropic- The easiest way to describe this is the ability to change like a Werewolf, but not limited to a wolf. So, shifting into any animal.

The Plot

In this modern world, your character and 3-4 others around the same age come to find out that you are the supposed last of a Therianthropic people. Of which, in your world, are being hunted down more and more as each day passes.

However, there are rumors of a hidden land of peace called Navrio. Though it slowly becomes more of a myth as any hint regarding its actual location is immediately shut down by the government.

Will you (and everyone else) be able to escape being prey of a growing society of hunters, and find the land shrouded in myth, Navria? Or will you be taken down before you even know what happened?

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-So, you and your five other friends all finally raised the money to go on this road trip you all have been jumping out of your seats to go on. Where to? All over the United States, trying to go through as many states as you can and seeing the biggest landmarks in the time you have,and spending the night camping out in the stars. You all have your few similarities, and some of you flirtatious and outgoing, while some being sweet, quiet, and charming, and going on the road is going to have its struggles here and there, so you have to get along better than ever to make it through this trip. And according to stereotypical teen movies, feelings for each other will form, and hatred for one another may boil. Don’t let that get you down about the trip though. Just live out your lives with heart and adventure and the feeling that you traveled cross-country in an RV.

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