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So this is… a bit inspired by an RP I was in. I liked the concept of kids of fairy tale characters, and had the idea of putting them through the lands that they had come from like Narnia, Wizard of Oz, Neverland and so on. I was thinking of having an RP with either

A) Taking place in one of the lands with the children of the characters
B) A bunch of children from different places going to different lands

I’m not sure how many people I would like for this, but I guess I’ll see how many will actually be interested in RPing with me.

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Hey guys!
Okay, I’m back posting on this thread again! (groans from the crowd) So the reason for this is because I’ve had ideas for RPs that I really wanna create. Yes, you read that correctly, RPs not SGs.
I’m not too sure about RP size, so I’m posting it here too!

However, I want to get Rosie and my SGs back on track first, so I won’t be starting these for at least three weeks (if you guys are keen). Hope that’s cool! :wink:

I have three, quite different ideas:

Innocent strangers (you) all over the world have just been broadcast as hunted criminals and are now ostracised by everyone they know. Of course, your characters are thought to have done the crime (even by family and friends), because people believe what the media tells them. You are completely alone and decide to research the current news headlines. After researching, they start seeing similar stories, and by looking through the “criminal’s” Social Media, they too look innocent. When communication is struck, you all must find a way to meet up without getting caught and get to the bottom as to why this has happened.
Notes: I decide on and write the ‘fake’ news bullets/headlines for each character when the RP starts. I have a basic idea of what/who could be behind this and decide properly before the RP starts. Then I will drop hints throughout the RP.

Space Travel
There are not enough sci-fi themed stories on here, so I thought I might change that. Getting my inspiration from Doctor Who, as the pretty big fan I am.
The premise of this RP would be that a group of (time) travellers (probably five) travel throughout space, defending it from evil forces who are harming innocent people and planets. There will either be the group in one “spaceship” or each traveller in their own “spaceship”.
Each time you land somewhere, the travellers discover that the place is in peril. They must work out what is happening and who is behind it.
Of course, you will be able to create the travellers (maybe companions too), innocents, and MAYBE the evils (though this depends on how I plan it out).

So, another CLASSIC show from the late 90s/early 00s gets a crappy reboot (didn’t watch it, the trailer looks SHIT)! The show followed three sisters, known as the powerful Charmed Ones, who use their powers to protect innocents from evil beings such as demons and warlocks.
Anyway, I’m still playing with this, as I have two ideas:

  1. To rework the family angle and recreate the family dynamic that the show had. A family fighting evil and living together, as well as coping with the ups and downs of everyday life.
  2. Evil is at it again and almost had the Book of Shadow (giant spellbook). Except, something happened that has never happened before; the book left the Charmed Ones. It suddenly appeared across the other side of America (or World), to a random group. Or was it random? Was it drawn to a powerful, new group of witches? Can this new group understand their new gifts and protect the book from evil, then find a way to return it to the original owners?
    With either scenario, you with be able to create witches, evils, whitelighters, and innocents!

Whichever one(s) is/are chosen, I will be trying to plan out the story before posting. :wink:

So, interested?

  • Outcasts
  • Space Travel - on one “spaceship”
  • Space Travel - on individual “spaceships”
  • Charmed - family concept
  • Charmed - with another group
  • I love/like all of these ideas!
  • I have ideas/questions, I’m going to PM you!
  • Nah, I’m good, don’t bother.

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