The A-List of Profile Pic and Cover Creators!

OK, First of all, I was inspired by this thread: 📝 Ultimate List of Backgrounds and Overlays Editors / Creators!

Here I will give a list of people that create profile pictures and covers. All are assumed to create for free unless mentioned “not free” because some cover artists do charge. (Keep in mind I’m human and I do make mistakes so if you charge, and I overlooked this detail let me know, so I can mention it on this thread; I won’t write the commission price(s) unless you want me to).

You must credit according to the way these people wish. Don’t claim it as your own because that’s a horrible thing to do! Also, requests may not always be open and maybe some people want their names removed from this list, in which case, let me know please.

I will write it in this format:

  1. Their Forum Username (if they have one)
    Their Instagram Username (if they have one)

  2. Their Forum Username
    Their Instagram Username

…and so forth!

In the case of groups that run threads, I’ll link the thread ^^
Or I’ll link cover/pfp threads that are run by only one person. It depends.

If I put your name in the profile pics creators list only and you do both, let me know, so I can switch you to the profile pic and cover creators list thread. Same applies to if I put you in the Cover Creators list : )

Anyways, here I go:

Profile Pic Creators List:

  1. Forum Username: @Turtle_Cat
    Instagram Username: @turtle.epy

  2. Forum Username: @xApplex
    Instagram Username:

  3. Forum Username; @Jayl
    Instagram Username: @jossu.epi

Cover Creators List:

  1. Link to Thread: [CLOSED] Lily's Cover Art Thread

  2. Forum Username: @PugPasta
    Instagram Username: @cookiecappuccino.episode

  3. Forum Username: @turtlelover1025
    Link to Thread: Cover Shop (LL)

Profile Pic and Covers Creator List:

  1. Group = Bonitas Art Shop **Closed To Get Cought Up**h

  2. Forum Username: @Silver_Shadow
    Instagram Username: @silver.shadow_episode
    Link to Thread: Silver.Shadow OFFICIAL art request shop! CLOSE TO CATCH UP

  3. Forum Username: @epy.tara
    Instagram Username: @emmi_epyart

  4. Forum Username: @keiji
    Instagram Username: @editsbyleslie04

  5. Forum Username: @Clevertimes
    Link to Thread: Clevertimes' Art Shop (CLOSED TO CATCH UP)

  6. Forum Username: @Fixelled
    Instagram Username: @_megancreates

  7. Forum Username: @EllasStorys (Not free)
    Instagram Username: @digital.elle (Not free)

  8. Forum Username: @Weird0
    Instagram Username: @epsd.weirdo
    Link to Thread: Weird's Art Shop (open)

And yep, feel free to add yours below so I can add it into this post!


okay, here’s some self promotion :smirk:

Forum username: @Silver_Shadow
Instagram: @silver.shadow_episode
I make both cover and pfp.
Here’s my art shop link.

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Omg, you should have put good pfp creators.:joy: like @xApplex. You go girl!


You are much better than me! Thank you❤

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  1. Their Forum Username: epy.tara
    Their Instagram Username: emmi_epyart
    I do both
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You rock :sunglasses:

And yes @Turtle_Cat you are right everyone is amazing on this thread :wink:


Forums username: @leslie.creates
Instagram: @editsbyleslie04

Which one? :sweat_smile: Both of them or one of them? :thinking:

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Both please :heavy_heart_exclamation::sweat_smile:


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Thank you❤

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Self Promo;
I’m a pfp artist (I can do covers too but they don’t turn how I want to)

Forum username; @Jossu
Insta username; @Jossu.epi

So would you like me to put you for pfp only or both? :thinking:

Just pfp i guess :heart:

All right!

Forum username: @Clevertimes
I can make both pfp and covers.
Here’s my link: Clevertimes' Art Shop

Thank you Duolingo buddy :sunglasses:



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I do both.

Forum username: @MeganTinista
Instagram: @_megancreates