The Ability to Report a User!


I don’t know why this isn’t a thing?? There are a lot of users on here that should be reported. We can report a user just like we flag posts, but we always need a reason behind it.

Like, this should’ve been a go-to when making this website.


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Rushmore Academy || Signups! (not accepting atm)

Yes! Lol, I was just saying stuff about that. Can that become an ability? I feel like that’s something that should be able to be done on any website, like most websites have the option to report someone. I’ve noticed quite a few people who say nasty things or are just trolls and it’s really annoying that we can’t do anything about it.



Yeah. Especially when your thread or something along those lines gets closed or something like that because someone is inappropriate. It is unfair to the rest of the community that has done nothing wrong



True. :thinking:



If you need to report a user, you can PM one of the staff members with links to posts that violate Forum General Rules, as we will need proof of why this user’s account needs to be reviewed. You can also use the custom flag to explain in-depth why you feel someone’s posts have violated forum rules, rather than simply saying it’s off-topic, spam, or inappropriate. :slight_smile:



Completely agree with you! This is absolutely necessary.



But only their post will be reported. Not their actual account.

They can go away and do the same inappropriate and off topic stuff, just else where. They won’t be banned or temporarily silenced.



That gives me an idea. The OP of a post could silence a user from making a post on there or something, like blocking them from the thread. Idk if it’s useful, but it’s an idea.



The way flagging works is this: Comment is flagged and reviewed by the team. Depending on how many flagged posts they have, and the content therein, their account may be silenced or suspended temporarily. Continued behavior of this kind will result in permanent suspension/banning. But if the posts are not flagged, chances are we won’t find them simply by looking. That’s why flagging is necessary–without flags, we won’t know their accounts need to be investigated.



the only problem with flagging is some people troll others. You can flag them all you want on the thread for moderators to know. but when there are too many flags the thread is temporarily closed.
For example a helping or roleplay thread, then no one can go on there due to the flags, rather than just going and flagging the account in general rather than every post



Every post would still need to be flagged if they are inappropriate and/or off-topic. Unfortunately the staff aren’t on all the time to deal with each flag the instant it comes in, thus decreasing the chances of a thread being closed due to too many flags, but in time, we will be able to weed out the users who spam threads and deal with them as is appropriate.



Okay, but could you maybe add a way to block people? like from pming or just replying to any topic you’ve made?

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It is in fact possible to block all incoming PMs, though not from individual users, and to mute notifications from other users.

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And how would you do that? :thinking:

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Under Preferences on your dashboard. Go to Notifications and at the bottom, you’ll have the option to turn off PMs, and mute individual users. :wink: