The Admiring Thread [GAME]


If you want to cut to the chase, just scroll down to the end of this topic!

Admiring, uncommon isn’t it? What people basically do today is point out flaws of others.

So, people! Let’s tell something you like about the person above you. We go through troubles of our own, we never know your little comment can make someone’s day. No worries if you don’t know them so much. If you’re having a bad day, welcome.

@BadGirl: I really like your profile picture!
@TheAmazingPopsicle: I like your username, it’s intriguing.
@CoolGuy: Your username really made my day, it’s so cool!

Let’s start :slight_smile:


I really liked your profile picture you had previously. You seem like a cool person +_+


I like the quote on your profile picture and I love your username


I love the avatar on your profile, blue hair is my fav!


I love your profile picture, so chill. :+1: :grin:


Aw, thank you! I love your username, I can spoil it as much as i want on rename thread :smile:


Aaaw, I’m crying so hard right now, thanks! :grin:
I love your username too, so ‘‘original s’’!


I love the animation in your pfp.

@Chocolate_Mama says hi
@SilverStar loves art


I love your new profile picture kay, it’s stunning! @k.w.episode


I love the bean bag in your profile picture! (thank youu)

@Chocolate_Mama says hi
@SilverStar loves art


I love that golden dress and the edit!


I love your outfit and edit in your profile picture!


I love your profile


I love your studio!


I love your bitmoji look!


I love love looove first three sentences in your profile! :heart:


I think you are an amazing person :grin:


I love your new pfp!


I love the fact that you’re a muslim :smile: there aren’t many around in the forums

good to see someone of my squad


you’re a muslim, too?

I really like your name

@SilverStar loves art