The Admiring Thread [GAME]


yes i am and proud

aw thanks, i love yours kaydoubleu. After all I got to name you



I love your bitmoji make up!

@SilverStar loves art


I love your profile (your bg photo, pfp, bio and the rest of it!)

really :joy: i think orange eyeshadow is weird!


I like your profile picture. It’s cute!


Aw thanks! I like your username :smile: i like the sound of leslieloo haha


I like that I’m the person you’ve most liked and most replied to. :joy:


Same for the likes for you too kay double u. I replied to you freaking 71 times! That makes it 72 now.

I wish I could say the same to you for replies though. Discobot is #1 on the list :joy:


@discobot i really like you


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Aww discobot we all love you! :grin:
@SilverStar loves Episode


@discobot Y disco??


Cause he likes to dance_robot in every disco… :joy:
You love Episode


I love your name/username!


I love your profile picture, the t-shirt is cool. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Aw, thanks!


It’s attractive.


Oh, I know. Just like me. Attractive. That’s me. Yeah. All right, Imma stop. I love your bitmoji!!! I know normal people hate it when other people say adorable, and you’re a normal person. And that bitmoji is not adorable. It is cool. So cool. Like gigantic-ly cool. lol read everything again, I have no idea what I wrote, my friend is making me watch @simplynaillogical


You’re like the most crazily-awesome person I’ve seen lol :smile:


@Sarina.K you’re one of those people that everybody wants to be friends with. Like seriously. :grin:


Aww that’s like the sweetest thing someone has said to me in ages. Thank you and the same goes for you :blush: