⭐ ~ The Adoption Thread ~



The Adoption Thread :eyes:

Hi! Its me @AS007 and my aunt @k.w.episode!

If you want to adopt a child (on the forums, not in reality, sorry) then post the first form below!

And also, if you want to get adopted or are looking for a family to get into and have fun, you can fill the second form!

If you want to do it personally, feel free to PM any of us –


|β˜†| Form (Those Who Want To Adopt) |β˜†|

Forum Username:
Preference (boy/girl/none):
Are You Looking To Adopt A Specific Someone (if yes, please mention) :
Are You In A Relationship (If yes, then who):
Do You Have Another Child On The Forums? (If yes, please mention) :
Why Do You Want To Adopt?:
Promise Yourself To Be A Responsible Parent :yellow_heart: :

|β˜†| Form (Those Who Wanna Get Adopted) |β˜†|

Forum Username:
Any specifications? :

Current Parents Looking To Adopt:

  1. @Elijah

Current Children Wanting To Get Adopted:

  1. @skylark (Mother Only)
  2. @24aya (Someone find this child a dad :expressionless:)
  3. @TiaraPrincess
  4. [Vacant]
  5. @Silver_Shadow

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a really nice day!

By all means, this thread DOES NOT have the purpose to hurt anyone's sentiments or beliefs. It is created just for fun. If you think the idea is stupid, you can exit this.

I need relatives! Let Me Know If You Want To Be One!

Hi cousin. I was recently disowned by @Chocolate_mama why does this actually make me sad? Why am I like this??? but @k.w.episode is still my mum, is she married?


No, your mum KW isn’t married :slight_smile:


oh ok time for me to find her someone


wait what?? When? How? Why?


Long story…


Filled it out @AS007


@AS007 is wish to be adopted. Can you help find me a family.


@Chesirekitten101 Thanks for filling out the form! :yellow_heart:

@Daisy_Flower1 I would find you a parent(s) in no time :smirk::joy:


Yay. Thanks :heart:


I’m excited !
May I ask questions so I can understand the program more


Of course! Shoot.



Would you like @Elijah for a boy child? :thinking:

If you want, I can also organize a PM between you both so that you can get to know each other! :yellow_heart:


Yes plz
I dont mind at all :wink:


Haha this is a coolio thread idea AS and KW. :joy:


why did choco disown you? :open_mouth:


thank you xD


the coolio thread made officially by the people with their usernames which are in initials of their real names :sunglasses:


That. Is. Coolio. :sunglasses:


Okay :blush:

just to find Eli a sister then :thinking: