The Advice Doctors


Welcome to our thread

Hi! If you’ve found this thread you probably want help with something which is what @wintermoon05 and I help with. Winter and I will help you with any advice you need and our service is completely confidential.

Dictionary definition:

confidential-adjective-intended to be kept secret.
“confidential information”
synonyms: private, personal, intimate, privileged, quiet

To sum it up since our service is confidential no one else will no about it and we are professionals so we know how to keep secrets (we don’t actually have degrees)

What can I ask for advice about?

Need ideas?
If you need help coming out - come to us
If you need help about a friend - come to us
Love drama - come to us
Family help - come to us
Feeling the need to leave forums but don’t know why - come to us

How to get advice?

“How do I get advice?” I hear you typing on your keyboard, its actually really simple!

  1. post the word “help me!”
  2. Wait for me or winter to create a pm with just us three
  3. Tell us your problem in the pm.

Anything Else:

Have a question? Post it down here.
You can also recommend it to your friends.

We only have one rule!
Dont create any drama on our thread.

Current doctors:

currently not hiring


This is great and amazing !


Thank you Ana! :blue_heart:


How can you get weird of feeling in love?


How much love drama are you prepared for? And when do you have time?


What’s up?


Alright, count from 100 to 55, eat ice cream and then count from 55 to 0. Thid will calm you down


Then count from 100 to 0 in another language than your mother language


Wow, normally I’m bad at helping someone and was just joking right now, but I’m glad if it helps you :sweat_smile:


They’ll give you better advice here, I guess :sweat_smile:


Most of the time sonce me and winter are in the same timezone unless were doing homework or other things


I dont know how much love drama we’ll get haha


When you meet a special person


Alright, I might need you later when I’m getting all weird again :sweat_smile:


Like stop loving someone and forget them.


Would you like me to pm you?




Help me!

Heheh I ligit need it!


Help me!


Try the grounding technique. Find 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 you can smell, 2 you can hear and one you can eat.