The Ally Appreciation Thread

Every good minority cause needs allies! They’re the people who understand where we’re coming from and want to help us, even if they aren’t part of the minority group.

An ally is a white person who advocates for racial equality in a country where they’re the majority. Or a straight person who advocates for gay rights or goes on pride marches. Allies are great people.

I feel like we often forget about them, especially in this community. We say things like “are you a POC? No? Well, you don’t understand” instead of allowing them to understand and support us. We alienate people from story shelves if they aren’t part of the minority the shelf is featuring, in favour of a story that has nothing to do with the minority group apart from its author (and no one notices who the author is. The stories should speak for themselves). We do ourselves a disservice to whatever minority cause we’re a part of when we exclude the allies.

So I thought I’d make a thread to appreciate allies!

The Questions

  1. What causes do you consider yourself an ally of?
  2. Are you part of a minority group?
  3. Are there any allies here on the forums that you’d like to shout out?
  4. Have you got any great ally stories?

My Answers

  1. I’m a trans ally. I also support and advocate for pretty much all other racial, ethnic or religious groups to get the representation they deserve – especially on the Episode app! I hope we can all support each other and help each other fight for the representation we want and need. That means helping each other with stuff like assets along the way.

  2. I’m bisexual, mixed race and Catholic.

  3. Oh definitely! @ChaoticDeluge – awesome ally! @amberose is just amazing! She helps with pretty much all underrepresented causes on Episode! I have so many others, but I’m hoping other people will mention them!

  4. I have a few, so I might share some others at another point. Since the whole Brexit thing, some people have gotten a little more hostile towards brown people like me. On a train last summer, I had a dude screaming at me to go back to where I came from. Of course, that’s impossible for a mixed person! But I had to be a smart-ass and say “that’s what I’m trying to do! My house is 3 stations away”. He got super hostile then (because I’m an idiot smart-ass), so I was lucky when this amazing couple stepped him and shamed him off the train. They didn’t need to step in, but they did! I wish I knew who they were!

What about you? Share your appreciation for all those allies, both on and off Episode! We need them!


Imma ally for any religious group, gender, sexuality that I know of.

South Asian, Anglican Christian, Asexual.

Suu. Hard to say this, but somebody made fun of me for being asexual and called me a conservative prude. Needless to say, there were sum awsum forum ratzols who made my day better and taught me to squish out those fairyflosses. :love_you_gesture::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::love_you_gesture:

I once got told I can’t be Christian because it’s a white thing. Some person with actual sense stepped inz


People are dumb. What does Christianity have to do with the colour of someone’s skin? The original Christians were from Israel anyway :woman_facepalming:



What causes do you consider yourself an ally of?
I’m a trans ally as well, and an ally for many other minorties. :gift_heart:
Are you part of a minority group?
Aromantic Asexual, 1/8 Sri Lankan, Methodist :sparkling_heart:
Are there any allies here on the forums that you’d like to shout out?
@ShanniiWrites :sunglasses::orange_heart: @ChaoticDeluge :sunglasses::orange_heart:
And somebody off the forums: My great grandmother :gift_heart:
Have you got any great ally stories?
I remember this idiot said “wait…if your aromantic, that basically means you’re heartless, right?”
Then this awesome person stepped in and educated them. :blue_heart:


Causes I Ally With:
I’m an Ally to specific faiths and other causes which may be too political/religious/controversial to disclose here.
Part Of A Minority Group?
I’d rather not say.
Any Allies on the Forums who need a shout out?
I’m sure there are tons, but I’m still getting to know people.
Any Great Ally Stories?
Yes! But… too political/controversial/religious for this forum to discuss.

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I’m an ally to all who don’t hurt others, by association or action.

I’m a bisexual, poor, Scottish dude who grew up with a single mum.

Definitely you, @ShanniiWrites I would say @If_the_shoe_fits definitely, though less so on these forums. (we haven’t spoken enough you lovely tea gremlin :heart::heart:) and absolutely @loveyourself

I’ve defended people tons. I did once punch a guy on the bus for calling another guy a “dirty terrorist”. For the record, the punch was aggravated, and I got talking to the poor dude. He was from London and his grandparents (he was an older dude himself) were from India. So, you know. The stupidity of some folks

  • What causes do you consider yourself an ally of? - Entitled Assholes Anonymous
  • Are you part of a minority group? - I’m a white straight male. That’s a minority now, right?
  • Are there any allies here on the forums that you’d like to shout out? - No, not really.
  • Have you got any great ally stories? - Nope.

Awesome! Thanks for that really helpful, really useful post :heart:


I try. <3

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