The Amazing Race (Season 2) ~ Signups


Welcome to The Amazing Race! The Amazing Race is an American reality competition show in which contestants around the “world”. The race is split into a few legs, with each leg requiring them to deduce clues, navigate themselves in foreign areas, interact with locals, perform physical and mental challenges, and vie for airplane, boat, taxi, and other public transportation options on a limited budget provided by the show. Contestants are progressively eliminated at the end of most legs, while the first contestant to arrive at the end of the final leg wins the grand prize of US$1 million.

All to do is read the clues, do what they say, and move on the survive. The last team to check in the end of the leg maybe eliminated (in this case, the contestant who uses the longest time to complete each leg maybe eliminated) , until three teams are remained to compete in the final. The first team to cross the finish line at the end of the last leg will WIN one million dollars!

Last season died down because most of the role players were not online. This time, you can choose your own timing, as long as I can be online as well!

Here are the rules:

  1. You will discuss the timing we can both agree with, with the estimated time of one hour. Each leg lasts a week starting from next Monday (29th of October).
  2. If you are not available on the timing we’ve agreed on, the timing will be replaced.
  3. Apart from that time you will be racing, you are encouraged to interact with other teams as there will be a twist announced so try to get on everyone’s good side.
  4. You can create only create one character.
  5. If you didn’t show up for the whole week, you will be eliminated from the race.
  6. Showmances are allowed, but not too detailed sex scenes. Swearing are also allowed, just remember to blur them!
  7. If you’ve filled in the form, do let me know!
  8. Last but not least, have fun!

The signup form:

Here’s more info about the race:


@RavenDawson (Nicola Grace) (Sat 12.30a.m. to 1.30a.m. EST)
@LaurieKrisette (Silce)
@Charity1226 (Piper Tolman) (Sat 10.30 to 11.30p.m. EST)
@SilverStar (Stella) (Tues 8.00 to 9.00a.m. EST)
@ChayChay (Macy) (Fri 10.30 to 11.30 p.m. EST)


Confession thread part 2 :kissing_heart:

ah crap i submitted my response but forgot to add something

‘I’ll be here most of the time on Saturdays, except from about 11:00-11:45’


Time zone?


I live in NSW, Australia, unsure of the name of the timezone I always get messed up


Is it nearly 6pm there?


nearly 7pm


right I forgot that Australia is now one hour ahead


Is 1530 to 1630 good for you?


wait do you not do daylight savings
is it just my ridiculous upisde-down backwards man-eating-animal-filled country


i could be on for that time i believe


I think it’s only your country?


Great! That will be 12.30 to 1.30 a.m. EST!


aaaaa we’re more messed up than i thought
jumps off opera house into the sea, swims to the great barrier reef, climbs out of the water and jumps on a kangaroo


Kangaroo starts hopping




Will do!




May I reserve a character?