The Anything Advice Thread 😉

Hey lovelies!
I seriously love giving advice, on the forums and to friends, so I decided to make this thread!
If you have any drama, (because all sisters got drama, believe it or not🙄), or any love problems, or anything , come here!
Ask anything, like advice for an upcoming story, and we could review it for you!
Just type it out, and I’ll give you my best advice!

  1. No judging people, were all a family! :smile:
  2. No rude comments, as a family, we don’t put other people down!
    We never like a rude sister, :roll_eyes:
    NOTE: I’m looking for partners (2 spots left!) to help me manage this thread, so if your interested, PM me! :wink:
    *Yes, I know there are many threads similar to this, but I wanted to help people out too.
    We do story reviews, but only the first 3 chapters!

Don’t think I need any advice at the moment, but I’ll be sure to message here if i do. I can help manage it though, if you want, as I also love giving advice :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m dying for some boy advice right now !!
Okay, so basically, I’ve known this guy since I was very little,
and the last five and a bit years I’ve had a major crush on him.

Now that we’re older I feel as though I should tell him how I feel, but, I only see him once a week,
and he’s parents are really strict, and won’t let him date until he’s at least eighteen —
[I just feel like I should tell him how I feel about him, even if we don’t date]

I’m really scared to tell him though, I’m scared he’ll reject me, and that will ruin our friendship.
There are times when I think he may like me back, but It’s hard to tell,
he’s really nice to everyone, so I can’t tell if his just being nice and playful with me because he likes me,
or if it’s just him acting normal. And although my friends insist he likes me, and always asks them about me,
I’m still not sure.

Help, what should I do?

Hey, @God!
If you’ve had a crush on him for the past five years, I think it’s worth to tell him how you feel. Maybe he does like you back, but he’s also afraid. And if your friends are saying he likes you back, then there is a high chance that he does! (It’s an outsiders opinion, so it may be easier to tell.) Pick a moment where you two are comfortable, and express how you feel. And, it’s totally normal for you to like someone and not date them when you like each other, it makes it a little more comfortable for the both of you.
One of my best friends, her crush, has been with us for a good 11 years straight in school, and they are literally best friends. She tells him everything and he tells her everything. Recently, she wanted to let him know she liked him, so she asked me. I told her, tell him the truth, it’s better now than later! When she told him, he had actually liked her back, but they didn’t want to date, (so they can keep their friendship the same) and they are still the best of friends, but they both know how they feel about eachother. (ironic, lol). Hopefully my advice helped you, and I wanted to share that story with you, because I feel the situations are similar! Let me know what you decide to do! Good luck girl! :kissing_heart:


I would like to be a manager!

Nice thread!


Thank you so much !!
I’m going over to his place tonight [something I do once a week]
I will try and pluck up enough courage to tell him how I truly feel.

Will do, and again, thank you :blush:


Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to see what happens! Good luck and go get your man girl! :sparkling_heart:
PS: Stay confident!


Update —

I’m still shaking right now, and everything honestly feels surreal.

When I saw him the first saw him I was so nervous and didn’t want to tell him,
but after I had dinner there [At his place] his fam went off and did various things,
and I was left sitting alone with him out on the veranda —
[Can I take a moment to laugh and how the veranda was candle lit, very romantic, hehehe :cupid:]

It was then I told him, it just sorta happened I guess. We were talking about some stuff,
and I was laughing at something he had said, and I just blurted out “I really like you”
and he just stared at me for like five seconds, and then he was like “Oh, I like you too, you’re one of my best friends.”
And I was like “No, I like, like, you.” Gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone blush as hard as he did :blush:
He then admitted that he had liked me for years, but he didn’t tell me due to the fact that he’s not allowed to date, and he didn’t want me to feel like I couldn’t date other guys, just because he likes me —
[I never did date, other guys, anyways, because I liked him the most :heart_eyes:]

He gave me a really long hug, it was really nice, and just as we were pulling away, he kissed me, aww it was amazing, like so gosh dang amazing !! :kissing_heart:

I just want to say how thankful I am for you and your advice Lex, you are truly godsent, and I can’t thank you enough !! :rose: If it wasn’t for you, nothing that special would have happened would have ever happened —
[I’ve only been on this forum for 3days, and already I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, I think I’ll like it here, hehe]



GIRL😍! YOU DID IT! I honestly love this story, and I’m so happy I could help you! I shivered when I read this (heh) and I’m so happy for you! Anytime you need anything, I’m here! (I had a feeling that he liked you, lol) xx

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again THANK YOU !!
I’m you are so truly amazing :sparkling_heart:

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We’re so happy for you! :heart: I hope everything goes well!

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Ah, this is so amazing! I hope everything goes really well too and I’m rooting for you two! :two_hearts:


Thank you both so much for your support,
It really means so much to me. You guys are so amazing !! :blush:


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