The app isn't saving my progress!

Okay so i’m having a bit of an issue here…
Basically the app isn’t saving my progress: let’s say i’m at chapter 12 I read 13,14,15 in arrow, i quit the app and then when I come back i’m still at chapter 12 even though I read until chapter 15 two mins ago!
I tried to REdownload the app 100 times and it still has the same bug, I have the latest version, I contacted the episode team a week ago and had no answers!
I love episode but I just can’t finish any of my stories because of it all
Please if you have had that problem tell how you did it or what you’d do if you were me right now:(
pleaaaaase help me
UPTADE: I have sent 2 support tickets and they answered me, told me to delete the app and that they were gonna do a restore, 2 days later they told me that I could download the app again. Now the app is working fine and i have no problems (for now).

I just REsent another support ticket, i’m crossing my fingers haha
and thanks a lot for your concern;)

wait if you have no problems why did you send another ticket and also I had a similar situation but kind of worse. ALL my stories has gone to episode 0 and i can’t read anymore even if i tried to and they told me to uninstall the app but haven’t replied back and it has been a month

well i sent a ticket and they didn’t reply (i still had the glitch) so i sent another one and they immediately replied sooo i guess it helped cuz they solved my problem and since then i haven’t had any glitches. Concerning your situation i advise you to send another ticket like I did cuz it shouldn’t take so long. Also try to redownload the app maybe they actually solved your problem, you never know :slight_smile:

the same thing is happening to me and i don’t know how to give them those ticket things so please help me!!! i’m dying out here without saved progress

here’s the link :

can i just say you are an amazing person from hat i see :blush:

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even though i didn’t do anything :wink: