The ____ Appreciation Thread


Thank u! :innocent:


Wow. Just wow. Thank you so much.

You don’t know how grateful I am. You are such a amazing person, writer and super person to talk to. Again thank you so much. I am here for a short visit and I hope everything was great the last 8 (I think) days.


that is cause you That Random Person

The hunters 4: Hellfire


How should I start?
thank you so much you will always be the best mother ever.
So I am here for a little visit and I hope everything is okay. I hope my family still is as weird as always and that all of you had a great time.
Thank you so so much for supporting me and just everything.


Of course. Good luck with life and I’d like to keep inntouvh with you alright? And yes. The family is crazy as always. We miss you! :grin::kissing_heart:


Alright…I appreciate everyone on forums for…not appreciating me :slight_smile:


Gosh I miss you so much :sweat:


I missd you tooo!! :sweat:
It felt like I leaved my second home. With my family and friends.


I appreciate @livvy613 for creating this beautiful thread :wink: :sparkles:


Idek how to respond to that

The hunters 4: Hellfire

hahaha lol :blush::v:t3:


Let’s be real here, we never know how to respond to each other…

The hunters 4: Hellfire

I appreciate @JemU776 for appreciating for me for making this thread.


Yeah…especially if it involves waffles…


OMG YASSSSS. Waffles are the best…@livvy613 would probably agree


Aliyah’s weird and hates waffles…like Liz said, waffles are pancakes with abs


Then the stories on how we died always involved IHop, pancakes, and waffles.


I just want to appreciate @Glades

For being wonderful. For sticking by my side, no matter how horrible I can be, he still loves me anyways. And I love him and appreciate him for telling me and helping my find worth in myself. After going through depression he helped me fight through it, even though he didn’t know my depression he still lifted me up and broke down my walls and showed me how to love. He’s so amazing. He’s so cute and so nice to me and patient with me. Which normally people get mad or upset with me, he understands me and gets me as a person. He doesn’t focus on my mistakes, and he sees past the bad things about me and sees the beauty in myself and I will be forever grateful for it. He makes me happy. He can change my moods in an instant, no matter the mood I’m in. And he doesn’t get mad at me when I make mistakes, and I can be myself around him, also being able to trust him completely. I love him and I can’t wait for our future together. :blush::heart:

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@GLADES and @ILOVEMYSELF can’t wait for the babies to be named! :heart_eyes:
Mimi Jr
Mimi Jr Jr
Mimi Jr Jr Jr
Mimi Jr Jr Jr Jr
Mimi Jr Jr Jr Jr Jr
Mimi Jr Jr Jr Jr Jr Jr


We’re not having kids. I told you this. :expressionless: