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Creator’s Note: I would have made this first post nice like the last one. Annoyingly, this new forum doesn’t let me do that. The best I can do is not beat around the bush. This is the new Topic for my SG ‘The Arena’. You can sign-up your characters, chat in general, and any announcements I have will be posted here. This is to keep things clean when I make the Official Thread for the story.

The Plot
In an Alternative Dystopian world, where rules are nothing and power lies with the wicked and wealthy, a way of justice arises in the form of a massive Arena. Here, people from all walks of life come to take their chances. Five trials of random selection, One of Combat, and a pageant of luxurious lifestyle. The Victor of which gains the right to demand anything they so wish, and live on as a rich celebrity. The rest have their ashes thrown into the sea.
But, in all its glory, The Arena is not all it may seem. Behind hushed shadows, deals take their place, and the devil hides his tricks and bate. Will you survive to see the fame, or will you die with all the masses?
There’s only one way to find out.

Welcome, to The Arena

X Feel free to make as many characters as you like.
X Be descriptive. The more I know, the better it will be for me to interpret your ideas.
X By signing up, you agree to give me full control of your character and their backstory. I will do my best to stay true to your ideas, and you can always contact me if you think I have misinterpreted them, but do understand this is my story.
X I’m doing this for writing practice. I welcome all constructive criticism, but please don’t judge me too harshly. This is rough work.
X I will guarantee to include at least one character per user, per episode.

The Faceclaims
The Guidebook
The Sign-up Form
Coming soon ~ Character Personalities

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

The Arena || Sg || Official Thread

I’ll sign up for this later. I was going to do it now, but when I went to find a faceclaim, I got distracted by gopnik memes.


Until now, I didn’t even know what that was. XD


Is it bad that I’m considering putting one of those as my faceclaim?


Please don’t. My classy eyes couldn’t handle that kind of exposure for long. XD


I thought of something better.



A cowboy manly man… how original. XD
I can see you took this very seriously.:rofl: Still, should be funny, and I know just where to put him.


Oh no Ltea is plotting! EVERYONE RUN! XD


Glad you like him. I was at a loss after the gopnik idea was vetoed, but then I thought of Clint Eastwood.


Heheheheh, You can’t run from the Cruel Carrot.
Nobody can ever escape the deviously devilish Carrot of Cruelty! XD :smiling_imp:


Haha, I didn’t say you couldn’t do that idea, but I couldn’t promise a chav character would survive for long. not without being ridiculed first, lol.
Luckily, I have many a plan for a Clint Eastwood character. Many a funny plan. XD


NOOOOOOOO! We are too late! The carrot has gone lose!

By the way, you still doing the kingdoms game? I was thinking of joining, unless you aren’t.


Yup, still doing it, but I kind of need the old forums in order to catch stuff up and transfer it. My plan was to pause it and make the switch seamlessly, but Episode kind of booted me out before I had the chance.
If you do want to join though, the sign-ups are Here!
I’ll set things up as soon as, so I’ll keep everyone posted. :slight_smile:


Alright! THANK YOU!


Yes! This is awesome.


I have my characters partway done… I’ll try and finish them as soon as possible.


Finished one character…

Melanie Ames // She’s 12 and shy in a cute way~


Can I reserve two characters? I have almost completed them, and will post them as soon as possible!


@oorgeloop - I’m gonna need a real faceclaim. Sorry! Just prefer to keep things consistent. If you could find a photo, I’d suggest browsing pinterest. Thank you!


Just filled out the form! :smile: