The Art of Being A Teen // Rp // Sign-Ups (Open)


Dear student,

We are delighted to inform you that you have been accepted into Holden N. Frames Academy of Fine Arts. We have been notified that you will not be attending our school as a day school student but instead, you will be living on our premises. We advise you to contact our office to see if you qualify for financial aid, and for more information on what to bring with you to our school and the process of paying tuition for room and board as well as other mandatory fees. We would like to inform you and your guardian that your tuition for room and board will cover and include meals. Due to your academic performance, you have been chosen out of many other boys and girls as yourself to attend our school. You are here to further your artistic abilities, and we hope you will stay with us for the next two semesters.

Congratulations and welcome,
Lester Sutton, Principal of Holden N. Frames Academy of Fine Arts.

You’ve just been accepted to a top-quality art boarding school! What will become of you while you’re there? Will you be an artist, painting the world in your eyes? A musician, making music for all to hear? Or will you dance, stepping your way into life as you know it? Will you form friends or foes? Who will you room with? High school isn’t high school without drama, especially at this school.

Extra Info

Create as many characters as you like! I didn’t say this before, but, if you make a girl, your second character should be a boy! There’s so many girls now. :sweat_smile: Don’t forget to give me an idea or two for any event or anything that could happen in this rp, cause I really need it. And speaking of the ideas form, if you have a club you want to create, this is also the way to go about that. It’s primarily for rp events though. I’ll credit you if I like your idea! If you want to play a teacher, there’s a separate part in the form for that. Oh, and, the HNFA School Paper is where I’ll post random articles for the school, depending on what happens in the rp. please read them I literally tried so hard on that website, like, the format and everything haha

Faceclaims (Coming soon!)
Got An Idea For This Roleplay?
HNFA School Paper

None yet.

The Holden Showstopper (HNFA's School Paper)

Also, about the question on the form that asks about the school paper (The Holden Showstopper): I wanted some characters to supposedly be in the club for the school newspaper. There can only be five though, including my character, so four. (ALL FOUR SPOTS ARE TAKEN) Three of the characters in the club for The Holden Showstopper are writers, the other two will be photographers. For teachers, I need three more! But about THS, I think it would be great to get help with certain articles, instead of thinking them up all by myself (I’ll still write them myself though, but if the topic I’m writing about was your character’s idea, if they’re in the club for THS, I’ll put your name on the article. I’m not sure what part the club for the school paper will play in the rp, but, I am sure that, if they’re in the club, they have (sorta, not really lol) bragging rights…or not. Also, the names that are currently on the articles (besides my character’s name), will be replaced once there are people in the club.


Please make sure your bio’s and personality descriptions are actual descriptions! And if you sign up, please make sure to say so.

I need a rp to join

Submitted a form for Annabelle Spears!


Just Filled Out A Form For Roxy Waters As In Me Lol


Filled out form for Katerina Moretti :slight_smile:


Your bio was a bit short c:




It’s just required to be longer, but that’s okay. I need an exact faceclaim though, you put a description. If you could pm me a picture of your faceclaim that would be great.


jst a random pic?


No, who you want your faceclaim to be.


wait whos what?


what do you mean who?


A picture of your character basically.




imagine it human lol


Reserve for photographer for news paper


Reserved a female!!!


No need to reserve unless it’s for a position for the school paper. :wink:




Reserve 2 Characters!


Oh, didn’t read that last comment. I’ll reserve for photographer in the news paper and i’ll Later sign up a Character if that’s how it works? Sorry if I got it wrong.