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And I will be writing a novel (on wattpad) from a male’s point of view. However, it is a YA book, so I am not sure if it will be the right one for you. But just in case if you’re interested, I’m letting you know!

Why was your comment flagged?

Hi, I got the overlays done however, you forgot to give me the character’s name, haha. And could you please sne through your gmail through PMS so I can send you the PNGs :smiley:

Sure. And on the file I’d like the name Declan and on the other one Melanie

Hey! @Zondiewriter It was a pleasure working with you guys. But My personal life has got so much stressed. So, I have decided to leave the art shop. Please remove me when you can. Have a good day or night
– Teja


Thank you for letting me know. I will remove your tag :smiley:

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Hello am I still going to get Landon and Luke Characters Detail :blush::grinning:

@Zondiewriter is no longer on this app, she left a bittersweet ending post on the forums a few days ago letting everyone know that she wasn’t going to remain on the app and that the community has gotten too toxic for her to want to stay (:

Her Instagram is @zondiewriter (she mentioned it on her post) (:

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Oh okay thank you so much for letting me know :grinning:

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You’re welcome (:

Is this still open ?

Yes (:

Hello! I was wondering if @Jasmine.O is taking requests? If yes, can she draw LL or only INK? Also, I love all of your examples so much!

It’s no longer open since @Zondiewriter has left the forums (:

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The only reason why the threads not been closed is because Zondie forgot to ask @Sydney_H to close it before she left and only the OP of the thread can ask for that thread to be closed unless the thread is problematic/causing drama then only the OP can ask for closure (:

ooh alright…thank you anyways<3

No problem, are you in need of open art shops since I can send a link to a list of them (:

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yes haha i am looking for drawn cover for my story.

Try looking on here = A New Complete List Of Everything! OPEN (: - Community / Episode Fan Community - Episode Forums (

It’s a list including pretty much everything (:

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