The_Art_Sisters request shop! [Requests Open]


Welcome to the Art Sisters official request shop!

Who are we? The Art Sisters are many things. We’re friends, family and an amazing group of artists. Together we share our love for the arts by creating and improving every day in a drama-free environment. We welcome everyone into our group, and we welcome all arts as equals. We always learn new things and help the community one by one.

Your requests will be done in no time thanks to our teamwork skills! We will know each customer and treat them as our friend.

The Art Sisters

~Written by @Miss_Moonlight

Here are some examples of art :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Cover Art




Profile pictures


All you have to do is;

  • Pick: Cover Art, Splash or profile pictures.

  • What style do you want it?

  1. Drawn

  2. Cut out

  • What do you want the title to be?

  • Who is it by?

  • When do you want it?

  • Which characters? (screen shoot them)

  • What pose do you want them in?

Could someone make me a cover for my story?
Looking for a drawn cover for my story
I need help to create a small cover and a large cover please :pray:
Need the episode clothes shop background!
I need a background artist!
Backgorund maker needed
Need backgrounds for classic story
Looking for a background 2
Need someone who can draw for me
I need a background artist!
I need a small cover and a large cover for my story!
In need of sports cars overlays
In need of a overlay
Need help with a cover!
In need of assistance with cover and maybe art scenes
Any artist that can help with a story cover?
Need backgrounds for classic story
Looking for an artist for a few different things! :)
Please someone can do my cover And my splashes?
!covers needed!
Searching for someone to make a cover art photo
Can someone make me a profile pic
Can someone please make me a cover for my episode story?
Anyone able to do covers for me?
Need art cover fast
I need someone to make me an overlay with characters
Can anyone make me a background

Thanks so much! I don’t have to pay though do I?




Free requests!


Ok! I’ll ask for art when I’m starting my new story


Awesome! I look forward to it :+1:.


Is the second cover drawn?




By who?




Are her requests open?


You’d have to be on a waiting list, she is curently helping someone else atm. :blush:


Okay how long do you think I’d be on the waiting list?


3-4 days tops. :wink:


Awesome. Thanks so much. Do you guys have instagram I’d like to follow!


We were just made today, that is in the works. :smile:
And if you don’t want to wait that long we have someone else that is a good drawer! :slight_smile:



Okay thank you.


Do you want to be put on the waiting list?




Hey, could I get a small cover done like the second cover example?