The_Art_Sisters request shop! [Requests Open]

@DogsAreCute you’d have to be put on the waiting list. It would be 6-8 days of waiting. She’s been getting a lot of requests. :blush:

That’s fine, I’m not in a hurry :slight_smile:

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Okay, I put you on the waiting list! :slight_smile:

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Will I give you the details?

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When you’re next on the list @Miss_Moonlight will PM you. :wink:


That’s great thanks :smile:

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Mhm. :slight_smile:

can we pm please?

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oh theres a list my bad :sweat_smile:

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Is anyone up to making a background for me? I’m looking for a jail cell with beds but NO BARS because i want to make the bars as an overlay.

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Sure, I can do it! I’ll PM you. @AnonymousAuthor1

@xxtiara.episode lol


it is used in a script template but i don’t have it in my collection.

And there is another one
INT. TAVERN - NIGHT with TAVERN BAR the tavern bar i don’t have in my overlays

EXT. CAR CRASH - DAY with EFFECT SMOKE i dont have the two




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I couldn’t find INT. BABY SHOWER ALEXA - DAY perhaps that’s one you made?

thanks i have the bar but not the overlay…

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I don’t see any overlay… for a bar.

no me neither but at the template it is written
INT. BAR - DAY with BAR at layer -1 in zone 1

and there is another one:
EXT. OUTDOOR RESTAURANT OL - NIGHT with PODIUM to 1.416 32 -39 at layer 1 in zone 1 with TABLE RESTAURANT at layer 0 in zone 3
the only podium we have is that for the teachers or for graduation day, that you don’t put in a restaurant now do you,

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@xxtiara.episode Did you figure out what you wanted?

Splash (warning for sound)

  • “Warning this story uses sound.” (or something like that)
    (I want it in some kind of chain fount if possible or some kind of spooky fount)
  • No characters
  • Gloomy background (If you want put your name on there but plus don’t make it HUGE)

Splash (For strong words)

  • “Warning this story uses strong words” (Or something like that)
  • Gloomy background (You can put your name in it if you want but don’t make it HUGE)
  • No characters

Btw I don’t need these for some time but it would be nice to get them in a few days.

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@Taylor09099 is there a certian one you wanted? We have examples at the top of this page. :wink: