The_Art_Sisters request shop! [Requests Open]


@ThereISNoregrets sry was late to reply I was not home anyway

can you do a Warning page and a music page that are uneque

plz size em to 640x1136

and ty I will credit you for it


@frostyfish I’ll have it done in 3 days! :smiley:


ok ty :slight_smile:


I’ve requested from FreakyEvilMargs and she said she isn’t in the group anymore. How come?


@real.sarah personal reasons. I’m so sorry, I apologize!




Are these to your liking?


@real.sarah I can do your cover for you! :wink:


ty they look awesome :slight_smile:


@frostyfish No problem!
Credit me @ThereISNoregrets


sure :slight_smile:


Are you still looking for a art group to join? (Lmao I know I’m of the topic :joy: but we are looking for new members, if you are interested please check out my post and fill a very simple form , the only thing to do after this is wait till you get approved :slight_smile: also I wanted to say that I really liked your art! I hope you can join! :slight_smile:)


Can I see an example of your art scene please?


I’ll send one to you on Saturday.