The Ashford Expieriment (SIGN UPS)


I could speak… I couldn’t breathe. The last thing I knew was I was on a taken from my house… surrounded by people I didn’t know… Then I was taken, into the lap. Have you ever held your breath for more than a minute, this is how it feels. My body aches to take a gulp of air, to be able to: breathe. But I can’t, not since that night. My body is dead, at least it feels that way. The only thing keeping my alive is a shattered version of my own self. I can feel the power surging through me, it never goes away. Put on your poker face, it’s not like anyone can caught your bluff. Unlike a hospital, that fact you’re flatlining: is a good thing.

The Ashford Experiment:
In November, 2013 a top secret experiment took place in the large city of New York. Several people, over the age of 15 were sent letters, promising them thousands of dollars for an experiment they would take place in. Some refused, but others had no choice. There idea was to make the perfect undercover agent. Took make their breath undecidable, to stop any sweat, or heart rate. The perfect liar, and along with the undistinguishable lying factor, they also got speed, strength, and agility. But a unsuspected turn of advents happened in the process. Along with losing their heartrate, they loss consciousness, at least in high pressure situations. In this ‘trance’ they have no emotion, only the need to complete whatever they were told. Shutting the experiment down, unfortunately they didn’t get rid of everyone; at least they considered it a bad factor. Hiding from the police, and anyone who was part of this mess. Life can be a little hard when everyone thinks you’re dead.


  1. Follow these rules, please!
  2. No cursing unless you put a little * or blur out the swear.
  3. Intimate scenes are aloud, just don’t go into detail.
  4. You can have people in the roleplay who are not part of the experiment, but you have to have a least one who is.
  5. No real drama outside the roleplay.
  6. Don’t add in anything homophobic or racist.
  7. You have to let me know when you sigh up, I’m sorry.
  8. No limit on characters, but please keep it under eight.
  9. Have fun! ORP’s are allowed.
  10. Along with their hearts stopping, so does their aging.



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Sounds fun… is there a limit on characters


Not really.


I soo signing up it is awesome sounding


I signed up Bronwyn!! I’ll sign up her brother tomorrow


Hey! I signed Oasis up, though I probably won’t be on every single day. I’m only on this week since I have it off.


I will sign up later… :grin:


signed up!


I’ll make a female and male. SIGNED UP!


Also, why does the signups need my email!?


Sounds fun…ILL SIGN UP


I have no idea, I’ll try and fix it.


I signed up Tyler!! And if the years are weird, that’s because I can’t plan things out correctly.


Okay, you missed some things on your sign up for Bronwyn.

What is her place of birth/where she grew up
If your girl was born in 2001, that would indicate she was six when she was experimented. Do you want to change that?


Oof. Sorry!!

She grew up in Minnesota, and yes, please change that.


@livvy613 where did your character grow up? And it says she was born in 2001, but that would indicate that she was 6 at the time of the experiment.


She grew up in California. And I didn’t realize that ;-;. Can I change it to no?


ORP - I got it, just have to do a bit of math.


@Coolepisodes place of birth?


Well, My male or my female?