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The feared Sarah Parker who could see the future. No one wanted to know her, but everyone wanted to know about her. And after a week, she dissapeared. No one knew why, but everyone was glad she did. The deadly threat was finally over.
At least that’s what they thought.
Sarah wasn’t the only one who could see the future. And there isn’t just one more of her capabilities, and not two. There’s more than three, four and five.
But they still don’t understand a thing. Not how they can do it, not why it’s possible and not what’s going on. But they understand one thing.
They need to stop it.

  • No individual OC, OOC, ORP on the RP thread. Post them on the sign up thread.
  • No arguing and drama out of RolePlay. If you discuss and debate, that’s okay.
  • No killing or hurting characters! I’ll control when that happens.
  • Coitus is allowed, but you can only mention it! No description!
  • No god-modding, unless you make a deal with the other person.
  • Every character is important for the plot, but if you have anything special in mind, please do contact me.
  • Talk to different people, don’t limit your characters to a specific group. But make sure to talk to your characters’ family as that will be important for the plot.

The plot will move forward with SG posts I write. Don’t make important events that would affect the plot unless I tell you to. There will be NPCs, like teachers, bosses and coworkers of out characters which will be controlled by me. I may ask some people to create one or two, but that is a special privilege so please don’t ask me for it. Unless you reserved or I told you to, you can’t sign up after we start.
If you want to figure out what’s going on, you need to look for hints. Sometimes in SG posts or timeskips I will mention odd things - if you notice it, you can have your character investigate it and they will get in an SG event. Sometimes, SG events will appear out of nowhere as a vision.
Please keep in mind that I can kill or hurt your characters if it’s important for the main plot. I will always first contact the owner before writing visions, just in case they’re not okay with it. Sometimes, visions will include hints, so look out for those!

Morning: You can have your characters get breakfast, talk, or anything like that.
Work: Our child characters can talk in school. There will be NPC teachers that could move the plot forward (there will mostly be SG posts for them). Our adult characters can talk to their NPC bosses and coworkers (which may give clues), sneak out, or spy for hints. If I announce it as weekend, they will all be unoccupied, unless they work bonus hours/they have job at weekends.
Lunch: Students can eat and talk in school, adults can do it at work or at home. If I announce it as weekend, they will eat at home (or restaurants).
Afternoon: Free time for everyone, unless you decide you character has work.
Night: Your characters can sneak out. If you decide to leave your character’s to sleep, you have a break for that time.

It’s currently MORNING

Sign Up Thread
NPCs (coming soon)

How can I have my character more important for the plot?

  • Be active. Post at least five times a day.
  • Write quality posts. At least a paragraph, exept under rare conditions.
  • Be up to date. Even if you miss some posts, try to read through. If you miss 30+ and you’re busy, that’s fine, we can sum up what you missed.
  • Have right characters. If you have detailed characters, they have much better chance of being important. Unfortunately, personality and traits are also important, so characters with two types of mindsets will be more important.

List of approachable characters:

Name Surname || Location || Owner

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