| The Asylum Sign-Up |


| The Asylum rp sign-ups|

It’s the year 1965.

You have been sent off to the infamous Edgeworth Asylum located in New England.
Housed from Psychopaths to Unfaithful Priests, but what role will you be given?
With demonic spirits slowly corrupting each and every single member, will you make it till the end?
Only darkness and time will tell.

Rules : Of the rp, these can be broken as they are only for rp purposes.

  1. Awaken from your slumber when we tell you to.
  2. No unlawful doings.
  3. Listen to the priests at all time.
  4. Visitors get respected.
  5. Do not attempt to escape.

Actual Rules :

  1. No discrimination.
  2. No drama outside of the rp.
  3. No controlling other people’s characters without permission.
  4. Make sure to be active.

This is a series idea based primarily on American Horror story.

The sign-ups will be closed if there is a good amount of people in.
when the sign ups are closed the rp will begin.
I will sometimes let a person participate in this rp after the sign-ups are closed.
I will announce it into the rp when this would occur.

| Roles |

The Priests

The Nuns

The Visitors

The Patients

The Journalist

| Please limit characters to 3 |

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sign-ups : https://goo.gl/forms/tMz50rpPtyfFMes43
Faceclaims : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1RSsVa2eaJ4A7Pm7-vipUVysRNo4nJGy7hmNYBBcw0Io/edit?usp=sharing


Is there face claims or none?


Yeah there will be, gimme a sec


K added it, go ahead and make a forum if you want now.


I don’t know what you meant with the face-claim url so I’ve written the name of my muse


Okay no problem!


Is there going to be a limited amount if people or just as many who sign up?


Kinda, it wouldn’t be realistic for an asylum to have too many people.
After i close the sign ups i’ll still allow different people to enter tho


Does every patient character have the same age or can they differ?


Oh god.
I must’ve made this at a bad moment.
Hold on let me add an age section :sweat_smile:


I already submitted my character, so I just had put his age in the “anything else” thing ^^;



You can just tell your characters age here if you want


can i reserve a patient?


My character was born in 1940 so she’s 25 years old :blush:



Please put the year your character was born in, in their backstory!


oof i didn’t see this until after I submitted my form. my character was born in 1942 (which makes her 23)


Okay, thank you!


Everybody is a patient at first.
When a patient is ‘‘cured’’ they are immediately hauled off to a chamber where they are changed.
Their mindset is completely changed.
A person who absolutely hated the asylum at first will want to become a nun/priest after being ‘‘cured’’.

so yeah, you can technically.



Just added the faceclaims for anybody that’s interested



She was born in 1940!