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So this doesnt give much unfortunately…


Yes it does.
I was hoping you would all start approaching eachother.
I’ll do something about it.


Sorry but just saying yes it does doesnt change the fact about my opinion on it…:woman_shrugging:


K well then this isn’t the rp for you.


No, to make a good and long-lasting RP, you need to start with a story and a decent background. You basically need to answer the who, what, where, when, what, how, and why! I know you’ve answered half, but ALL MUST be answered if you want everyone to be on the same page.
I mean, I’m sorry, but you haven’t even answered my original question about the priest and nun.

Here are some examples of detailed story outlines that helped the RPers get started:

  1. Exousía - This had MANY characters and WELL-thought out events!
  2. Fantasy Lands - This also has MANY characters with WELL-thought out events!
  3. AYTO - Goes into amazing detail
  4. Gangsters - We had loads of planning in this.
  5. SAW - Not to toot my own trumpet here, but I spent over two months planning this one out!

Hope this helps,


I’m sorry, but this was a rude thing to say to someone who was just asking how they should RP in your story. I mean, we’re here to make friends and write, we’re only offering constructive criticism so that we can improve.


Just popping in to agree with what this lovely lady said. Bye~ :wave:


Seriously. Thank you.

I was gonna be considerate and wait for a reply but honestly found this approach a bit immature. You’re completely right! This rp isnt for me if this is how it’s going to be for the rest of the time! I can tell u now peeps are going to be confused if you don’t give them some direction. But hell, what do I know right? I was just seeking clarification so I didnt make a mistake in the rp, as well as information on what my priest dude should be doing. If I can’t ask a question without being kicked out, well damn son! I’m afraid what other little thing might get me kicked out as well! At this point, may be coming off a bit rude, but I return what I receive :grin:

So without further ado…




I’m sorry to be the one to inform you of this, but you are acting really rude and rather childish.
This behaviour will discourage RPers from writing with you, and without a proper explanation of the story, no one can really write on the thread and the RP will die.


Look. I’ve been second guessing this whole thing from the start.
I know i’m rude, but i can’t stand people who try to dig an answer out of me.
I was literally in my bed, dying to get some sleep, so of course i reacted rudely.
I quit.
Leading rps isn’t for a short tempered person like me.


Would you perhaps allow someone to adopt the roleplay from you if you’re quitting it?


Meh, why not.


So is that a yes? Because it’s completely fine if you don’t want anyone to.


I’m not really ‘in the best state of mind’ so i currently have no use for this.
Though I don’t know if i’ll ever want to continue this.
And since its all me who started this, i guess i want to keep it.




Is the RP over?


Sadly, yes.