The Axiom Awards 2020

The Axiom Awards 2020

The Axiom Awards are being hosted by the admins of the instagram page, Episode Axiom

Starting this year we are operating through a new page, The Axiom Awards and website.

Episode lets you LIVE your stories through love, romance, adventure and drama. It has over a 100,000 stories on the app and we are looking for the very best.

Whether you’ve been writing for one month, or one year, have 10 reads or 10,000, we are here to honor you.

8 genres, 4 special Awards, Hidden Gem Awards and many sub-categories!

Romance (closed)
Drama (closed)

Now here’s how it works…

  1. You can submit any story you’ve ever written on the app. (minimum of 3 episodes is required.) Please note that you can only submit stories written by yourself and not by a friend or someone you admire. Stories that have been submitted during the Awards in the 2019 edition are being excluded from participation.

  2. Every genre on the app will be represented.

  3. You will need to submit your story through one of the forms on the homepage of this website.

  4. We will be asking you to fill out a submission form along with a request to upload your small cover. Once you’ve done that, your story will be read by our team of judges.
    Your story will be read (not more than 3 episodes) and will be given a 4pt rubric based score.

  5. Submissions will be taken from December 9th until the 31st of December.

  6. Winners will be known March 30th.

  7. Per our IG announcement, you must follow @theaxiomawards to be eligible.

For questions, please check the website:

With love,

Fi, Pooja & Charlie.
The Axiom Awards Admins.


why is fantasy genre excluded?

I’m assuming that’s an error because it’s listed on the website.

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It is not excluded that was an error on the post. Apologies! You may submit your fantasy story for the Awards if you wish :blush:

Ah :smiley: OK I thought it was bit strange that it was not there. :smiley:

You said any story we’ve ever written, does that mean more than one story if we have it?

Yes any story that you have published on Episode is elligible :blush:

Submissions for main judging categories are now closed! Nominations are open for many sub categories! Head to The Axiom Awards and website see the sub-categories and nominate your favourites!

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Winners will be announced very soon! The Axiom Awards will be posting on their Instagram so make sure you’re keeping an eye out!

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The dates are here! The Awards Ceremony will be a two-day event. Starting Saturday, 4th April 8am (EST) and following to Sunday, 5th April 8am (EST).

All winners will be posted on our Instagram page so keep an eye on that on those times!

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The winners are here! If you missed it over the weekend check out the winners at The Axiom Awards

Winners, please make sure to contact us via email at to receive your award sticker! :confetti_ball::tada::trophy:

Thank you for joining us at The 2nd Annual Axiom Awards! While the awards are done for now, do keep staying tuned to the page for we have so exciting things in plan!

Thank you for all your support and we hope to see your gems next year as well!

The Axiom Ladies

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