The Baby Project Season 2


Do you want Season 2 of the Baby Project?
I totally do. I loved the main character and her relationship with Jonah. It had an engaging plot and I think it would do well with a Season 2.
Do you want a Season 2?


eh, it started off okay but after a while, i kinda stopped liking the book. if i even finished it & like it after all, maybe.


I personally really enjoyed it.
I think a Season 2, if a good story plot present itself could be amazing.


I actually kind of like the book, but I don’t think they should make a Season 2 unless they have a really good storyline planned


Yes! I personally was a huge fan of this story but I agree.
I think the MC & Jonah were an interesting enough couple that plans for a wedding or stuff like that could be used in season 2.


Wait was it you There wrote the baby projekt
Because of it is i have some really Good idea to a design 2 and We could write it together​:blush::blush::blush:


No…I hate that story(too much)


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