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The Bachelor(ette) - creators are @amberose & @CrazyCaliope

The Story

20 contestants, boys and girls, will compete for the heart of the Bachelor or Bachelorette (our creations). There will be individual and group dates, cocktail parties, and eliminations.
Eliminations. Yes, your character can get eliminated and be out of the story. Though eliminations are random (see below). Just to make it a little fairer. Then, by the end, we should be left with two contestants who win the bachelor/bachelorettes’ hearts.

The main goal of this story is for your character to win the heart of one of the Bachelor(ette)s.


How they work:
To make it fair, random, and more realistic, we’ve decided that we’re not going to talk to each about the eliminations and just let them play out as we write.
So, we write together in a shared google document, meaning that we can watch each other type in real-time. We will be writing for our own characters and co-writing for your characters.
Before each elimination takes place, we will be making private lists for our characters of the order that they’ll give roses to. This will be based on your answers, character interactions, and character profiles. During the ceremony, they will then alternate with each other, calling names from their lists. What makes it EVEN MORE realistic is that whoever doesn’t start the ceremony, has to make the FINAL decision of who to eliminate. And we just don’t know who’d that’d be until we get there.
Just to re-emphasise, if Tyson chooses a contestant from the top of his list, who was also at the top of Vanessa’s, then Vanessa just continues down the list to the next available name.

What’s an SG?

An SG is a story game. Meaning that we, the creators, will be the ones writing the story for your characters. We will be writing long posts (i.e. chapters) as frequently as possible. After each post, we’ll be trying to include you by asking for decisions on what to do next and/or possible plot twists, etc.
Please make sure you check in every two-three days and continue to interact when needed.

Our SG RULES, please read!!!
  • DO NOT POST on the SG thread, PLEASE?! We want to hear your comments and thoughts but keep them on the sign-up/chat thread! Thank you.
  • Please respond to the chapters and question we ask you ASAP (within a day or two). The sooner you do, the sooner we can write the following chapter. If you don’t do so in the time limit then we will decide for your character.
  • If you are going to be absent, inform us and we will try to work round it. If you don’t then we will decide for your character or allow someone to adopt them.
  • It is set in the present day!
  • If you don’t like how your character has been portrayed in some way, then please tell Rosie and I in a PM. We try to fix it for you.

Thank you,
Rosie and Caliope


Please use this thread for replies and general chat to keep the SG thread for only the story.

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Win His Heart - SEASON 1
Survivor SG Sign Ups and Chat
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“Hello, I’m John Doe and welcome to The Bachelor…” The man known as John Doe paused, standing directly in front of the camera. “…Ette!” John is a dwarf, he’s only four foot, six inches. He’s wearing a navy, Louis Vuitton suit, and his blonde hair is spiked up with way too much gel. His face was rounded and chubby, but still very cute.
After a long pause, he continued. “Like the endless other matchmaking shows, this will be no different. Except, we’ll have both genders. Not just as contestants, but also as a Bachelor and Bachelorette. That’s right, the twenty hopefuls for have two chances to find love. They just don’t know it yet. Nor do they know that four will be leaving the house tonight, so hopefully they make a good impression. Alright, let’s introduce you to our Bachelor and Bachelorette.”

The camera cuts away and the next shot we see is John walking over to Bachelor and Bachelorette, who are standing outside the house. “Good evening, I bet you’re excited. Why don’t you introduce yourselves to the folks at home?”
Vanessa jumped in before Tyson could speak, she was smiling, which looked more like a sneer. Her curly, black hair sat on her shoulders and took up most of the frame of the close-up camera angle. She barely reached Tyson’s shoulders in height, but her confidence and ego came up way taller. Adjusting her glasses on the bridge of her nose, she spoke through her full lips, “Hi, I’m Vanessa Worthington and I’m Canadian. I like many things, I’m not fussy. I’m looking for a person who likes to travel and doesn’t mind having a debate.” She crosses her fingers toward the camera. “I hope I find love.”
Tyson waited for Vanessa to finish. “And I’m Tyson Baxter.” He adjusted the navy blue tie he was wearing that had started to irritate his neck and grinned at the camera. The black suit was a little too formal for his liking but suited him well. “I grew up with five older siblings and was raised in Baltimore, Maryland, though I’m a cruise ship singer so I currently live at sea. I’m hoping to find someone who shares my love for adventure.”

“And that’s them. But the contestants won’t meet them together. Tyson will be here to greet them, and then they’ll walk round the house to see Vanessa in the garden.” He gestures toward the other side of the house. “Vanessa?” She nods and walks off in that direction. John then puts his hand to Tyson. “I hope you’re not too nervous. Good luck.”
Nerves weren’t a problem for Tyson, he was excited to start this journey. “Thanks, John,” he said, farewelling the host.


Tyson’s Meet and Greet

Tyson didn’t get long to collect his thoughts, nor himself, the limo had arrived and out came a girl wearing a full-length, tight, olive bodysuit. It was only over one shoulder and an extra layer of material hung down over her bustline. She watched over and looked up at Tyson, smiling, and then she started, “Hi, I’mAria. NiceToMeetYou. I’mReallyExcited ToGetToKnowYou. HowAreYouFeeling, anyway?” She paused but not long enough for him to speak. “ICanAlreadyTell ThatWe’reGoingToBeReallyClose, Don’tYou? IHopeYouHaveSomeExcitedDatesPlanned, AndThat I’mGoingOnManyOfthem!” She stopped and looked at him like he should have understood everything.
Tyson was speechless; first at how stunning the first person to get of the limo was, but then also literally speechless once he couldn’t get a word in.
“CatGotYourTongue? That’sOkay, MaybeHe’llGiveItBack, AndWeCan TalkMoreInside.” She grabbed his tie, pulling him down to her level, then kissed his cheek. Letting go, she walked off round the house.
“I’m Tyson, by the way…” Tyson said as Aria walked away. He was mostly talking to the cameras at this point.

The second contestant was quick to get out of the limo. The strapping young man with piercing blue eyes, and wore a more casual shirt and blazer, began walking over. “Hi,” he said as he reached Tyson.
“Good evening, I’m Tyson. What’s your name and what brings you here?”
“Dan,” he responded, putting out his hand while rubbing the back of his neck. “I’m here for love, I haven’t been the luckiest and I hope to change that.” He smiled genuinely.
Tyson took Dan’s hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Dan.” Dan nodded and walked off the same way Aria had.

Another girl exited the limo, wearing a baby blue, off-the-shoulder, cocktail dress, which was longer in the back. She stood at the limo, wide-eyed and smizing at him.
Tyson remained in his spot, a fair distance away from the limo. He threw a hand in the air to wave at the new arrival. “Hi there.”
“Hi. Lara,” she spoke softly while placing her palm on her chest and walking toward him. She started concentrating. “Tyson Batter, is it? You’re 32 and from Baltimore. Am I correct?”
Tyson laughed nervously. “Baxter and 31. You were close… Baltimore was correct. How did you know all that?”
Lara giggled. “I can’t tell you all my secrets on the first day, but it wasn’t a guess.”
“I guess I’ll have to give you a rose if I ever want to find out.” She smiled, lightly squeezing his bicep as she walked past.

As the second male climbed, the limo drove off. He was in yellow rain boots, a deep blue overcoat, and a red bucket hat with an old suitcase. He took strides toward Tyson. “A prudent bear always comes prepared.”
“A what does what now?” Tyson wasn’t sure if he should be concerned by the outfit choice or if he should be laughing along with it. The words spoken had completely stumped him, and he wasn’t sure what to think now.
“Paddington,” Logan stated. He balanced the case on his knee, as he stood on one foot. Removing a sandwich in a zip-lock bag, which he gave to Tyson and closed the case. “The bear would always have a spare marmalade sandwich in case of emergencies. I’ll have mine later.” he headed off round the house, whistling.
“Ok…” Tyson said, smiling as the man left. As soon as he was out of sight, he looked down at the bagged up sandwich, unsure of what to do with it. He hadn’t understood the reference. “Uh…?” A producer came to retrieve the sandwich so that he would have both hands free for the next contestant.

Another limo pulled up and a long, graceful leg appeared out of the door. The rest of the woman followed in a long, red satin, evening dress, with a slit going up to her thigh. “…Hi, I’m N-” She couldn’t finish because she had tripped, falling to the ground.
Tyson jogged over to the woman who had just fallen. It was uncomfortably tight to do so in a suit, but he reached down to help her up anyway. “Are you alright there? That was quite an entrance.”
As she felt his hands on hers, picking her up, her cheeks reddened. How embarrassing, she thought. “I’m… I’m Nova.”
“Nova,” Tyson repeated, letting go of her hands once she was standing firmly on the ground. “I’m Tyson. I hope you’re not hurt.”
“…No, no, I’m just clumsy. … Tyson, I like that name.”
“Thank you. I look forward to speaking to you inside.” Tyson watched as Nova began to leave. “Careful not to trip again,” he winked.

Next to get out, another male. This one was dressed smartly in an all black suit. He walked over to Tyson. “Uh, hello. I’m… Bennett, uh, Bennett Russell. Uh, how stupid, I’m Julian Bennett Russell.”
“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Julian Bennett Russell. I’m Tyson Baxter.”
“Nice… Nice to meet you. I should… talk to you inside then.”
“Yes, I’ll talk you later this evening.” Julian nods and leaves Tyson to go around the house.

This time, it was a female in a short, tight-fitting, black, cocktail dress to step foot out of the limo and make her way toward him. “I can’t believe how dashing you look, a regular Prince Charming. You’re very easy of the eye.” She smiled and looked into his eyes. “Hey, I’m Adrian.”
Tyson chuckled at Adrian’s forwardness. “Thank you. I’ve never fancied myself as a prince, but maybe you might be my princess. I’m Tyson.”
“Well, Charming,” she reaches up and holds his jaw between thumb and index finger. “You can call me whatever you want, just never late for dinner.” She lets go, winks, and walks off.

Another male stepped out before this limo drove off. His expression was as serious as his very business-class suit. When he got to Tyson, he put out his hand and introduced himself, “Hello. I’m Jason.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m Tyson.” He shook Jason’s hand. “What brings you here?”
“Love, to find someone special, just like everyone else.”
Tyson nodded, agreeing. “Well, I can’t wait to talk to you more inside and get to know you.” Jason took back his hand and headed round the house.

The third limo arrived and out came a shorter woman with long, flowing, black hair and a radiant smile. She glided over to Tyson in a tight knee-length, sparkly pale pink, strapless dress. “Hey, why do men find it difficult to make eye contact?”
Tyson thought for a moment. “I’m not sure. Why do men find it difficult to make eye contact?” He was careful not to break eye contact as he spoke.
“It’s because breasts don’t have eyes.” Pavitra began laughing at her own joke.
Tyson joined her laughing. “I suppose that’s true for a lot of people. You have a point there,” he agreed.
“Well, two actually.” She gestured down at her two points and continued to laugh as she walked off.
He was glad she had left after saying that or else the woman would have seen Tyson’s jaw on the floor. He laughed, trying to recompose himself for the next arrival. He wondered briefly if the woman had forgotten to tell him her name or if he was just so startled that he had forgotten it.

A rather tall man exited the limo in a white shirt and blue blazer and walked toward Tyson. The most noticeable thing was that he held two roses. “So I rose to the occasion, as my love stems deep, and I hope we have a blooming good time.” He winks and hands Tyson the rose. “I’m Maxon, and just thought we should have the roses of the season.”
Tyson let out a small laugh. “This is great. Thank you,” he said as he accepted the rose. “I’m Tyson. I might now I have to give you a rose tonight so that we’re even.”
“I hope you do, I can’t wait to get to know you more.” He walked away after this. After Maxon had left, a producer came to take the rose out of Tyson’s hand. Nobody wanted the next contestant to get the wrong idea and think they were getting a rose before they had even met Tyson.

The next girl comes out of the limo with a small suitcase. She walks over and greets Tyson saying, “Chingas, you’re a sight for sore sights! But that’s okay by me, I’m Tori.” She gives Tyson a mini globe keychain. “This is to remember me by, as well a promise to talk later.”
“Tori? I’m Tyson. I’ll agree to that promise.” He looked at the keychain she had given him. It was only small, but he assumed the globe held some type of significance. He twirled it around his finger. “As long as you promise to explain the importance of this.”
“All in good time, Tyson. Catch ya round.” She left with her case.

Next to leave the limo was a slightly scruffy man in a dark suit with slicked back hair, which had blonde highlights. He walks over to Tyson carrying a small, black, velvet bag. “Hi, I’m Connor, and you are?”
“I’m Tyson. It’s nice to meet you, Connor. Nervous tonight?”
“No, I think I’m okay.” He opened the bag slightly, for Tyson to put his in. “ Love is like a bag of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get. You just have to dive in and be surprised.”
“I was wondering what that was for.” He reached in without looking and pulled out a Snickers bar. “One of my favourites. I guess I got lucky.”
“I guess we’ll see if you remain lucky later on as well.” He closed the bag and walked round the house.

The third limo had left and the fourth drove up. Out came a woman with short, blonde hair, wearing a stylised one-piece, black, pants suit. The fabric was fashionably missing at her sides, only from where her hands would be if she put them on her hips. Walking over, Piper remarked, “Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?”
The woman’s question had surprised him. Tyson laughed it off, hoping his initial shock hadn’t been so obvious. “I’m a singer on a cruise ship. What about yourself?”
“So you’re a traveller, that’s good. I’m a criminologist.”
Impressed by her response, Tyson smiled. “That sounds really interesting. I’ll have to find you later tonight so you can tell me more about it.”
“I’ll definitely be looking forward to that then,” she told him before leaving.

The following guy to exit the limo wore an overly cocky grin in a simple black suit and walked toward Tyson. “Hey. Axel. What failure have you learned the most from?”
Tyson was caught off guard. All other conversations had been mostly upbeat. “Wow, starting off with the tough questions, I see…” He laughed nervously. “I actually failed my SAT’s. Definitely learned from that experience,” Tyson confessed. “But in a good way. I learned that life still goes on and that there’s plenty of other options aside from going to college.”
“Interesting. So you never went to college? That’s something we’ll have to discuss more in-depth.”
“Sure, I’d be happy to share my story sometime later tonight,” Tyson offered. Axel then headed around the house, leaving Tyson waiting for the next contestant.

This next woman stepped out rather carefully in her long, white, halter-neck evening dress. Her dress’ train followed her as she confidently made her way to Tyson, her back perfectly straight. “…Hello.”
“Hi, you look lovely tonight. What’s your name? Mine’s Tyson.”
She giggles at his compliment and her face starts turning a pale shade of pink. Then, to get over this, she stands tall and looks him in the eye, confidently. “I’m Chelsea, and thank you.”
“It’s nice to meet you, Chelsea. Will I see you inside?”
“I hope so. I’ll try to get you alone, away from everyone else.” She walked slowly and confidently away.

The last guy hopped out before the limo pulled away. He wore a tight denim shirt with white pants and a container under his arm. He brushed his hair out of his glistening eyes and arrived in front of Tyson. Removing the container’s lid, he held it in front of him. “Omelette you in on a secret. You and I would brie perfectly gouda. Life would be feta if we were together.” He smiled gleefully. “Hey, I’m Jace. Care for a pepperoni pizza breadstick? ”
Tyson laughed. “You’re a lifesaver,” he said relieved. It had been hours since he’d eaten. The producers had kept them busy all evening and there hadn’t been much time between takes to eat anything. “This is a great tactic to win a rose tonight.” He took the breadstick. “I’m Tyson, by the way.”
“Well, I can’t say that wasn’t my aim, but I do love to cook. Everyone knows the way to man’s heart is through his stomach.” His gleeful smile remained.
“That’s very true. I hope I’ll get a chance to talk to you more tonight,” Tyson said, allowing Jace to head around the side of the house. He was keen to try the breadstick, but once again a producer came out to take it from him. Apparently chewing noises didn’t sound pleasant while Tyson was wearing the microphone attached to his collar.

The fifth limo had pulled up and a girl stepped out with her black hair in a tight bun. She wore a deep purple, mid-length, satin and lace dress and ambled toward Tyson. It looked like a sexy nightgown.
Tyson let out a slow whistle as the woman approached. “Well, who do we have here?
She smirked at him. “I’m glad you approve, there’s plenty more to see here. I’m Kim, to answer your question.”
“Kim, I’m Tyson. I look forward to seeing you more tonight, that’s for sure. You look stunning.” She thanked him before heading round the house.

The man who hopped out now was wearing a grey sweater with the collar of his white shirt, folded over top, and black skinny jeans. His newly-fashioned, common Korean bowl-cut, sat just above his eyes. He connects his smiling eyes with Tyson’s and walks toward him. “Good evening.”
“Welcome.” Tyson flashed a grin. “My name’s Tyson. How are you feeling?”
“Thanks. Jay, that’s me. I’m a little tired. How about yourself?”
“Tired?” Tyson raised an eyebrow. “You are going to be in for a long night then. I’m feeling the opposite to you. I’m very excited to start this journey.”
“Oh no. Was that a bad translation? No, I am excited too. I am suffering from jet lag, that is all.”
Tyson laughed it off. “Oh, of course. Well, I hope the excitement of this evening will help you get through the jet lag then.”

Another woman. What number was she? 25? 63? It felt like a hundred, and they just kept coming. This woman wore a long-sleeved, low-cut V-neck playsuit, which showed off her silky bare legs. Though, the most attention-grabbing thing was seen only as she got closer; Dory, the fish, painted on her cheek. “Hey, I shall call you squishy and you shall be mine, and you shall be my squishy.”
“Finding Nemo, right?” Tyson raised an eyebrow. It was a movie his nieces and nephews loved. “I prefer to go by Tyson, but squishy could grow on me,” he joked. “What should I call you?”
“That’s right,” Juniper pointed out. “Hmm… who is your favourite character?”
“I guess Nemo… You know, he had that desire for adventure and that’s a bit like me.”
Juniper attempted to be as flirty as she could. “Well, you can call me Nemo, and I really hope that you come looking for me tonight.” Looking at his cheek, she knew she couldn’t reach it. So she picked up his hand and kissed the back, before walking off.

The last male hopped out of the limo looking angry or bored or something. His beige suit with a green shirt, match with his mouth and facial expression; tight. He was straight-faced and unsmiling, his arms crossed over his body.
“Welcome,” Tyson greeted. “I’m Tyson. Excited to be here?” Tyson asked, though he didn’t quite get that vibe off the latest arrival.
Nicolas’ arms remained crossed and his face unchanged, as he made his way over. “Thank you. I am, I’ve been looking for love since I was a teenager.”
“Since you were a teenager, you say? I definitely didn’t care too much for love when I was that young… But of course, I’m prioritising it now,” he added, gesturing to the mansion and cameras as proof of this.
“I can see that. I’m just a bit of a romantic. I’ll ask you what you’re looking for in a match when we’re inside,” he replied before walking away.

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Vanessa’s Meet and Greet

Vanessa stood there in the garden; waiting. She was in a bright yellow, Marilyn Monroe styled gown, which flared outwards from her waist, with dangly yellow earrings to match. However, her hair seemed to hide them most of the time. She was nervous, she never was, only overjoyed that her journey was finally beginning. Standing at the of a red carpet, she looked up it and saw the first contestant.
Aria turned the corner only to be surprised that there was another woman already standing in the garden. “OhHiThere.” She made a beeline to where Vanessa was standing. “ThoughtIWasTheFirstOneToMeetTheBachelor. I’mAria, What’sYourName?”
Vanessa laughed briefly. “You were. I’m Vanessa, your bachelorette this season. It’s good to meet another talkative person, Aria.”
“TheBachelorette?” Aria was both surprised and excited by this news. “WhatATwist! YouMustBeExcited… ButWait. HowWillItWorkWithTwoNow? Won’tThatMakeItConfusing?” She paused, but not long enough for Vanessa to get a word in. “Oh,I’mSureThisHas BeenThoughtThroughEnough. IShouldn’tNeedToWorry. IGuessThisReallyJustDoublesMyChance OfFindingLove.” She finally finished speaking this time. Vanessa was left wide-eyed and speechless, she couldn’t even nod her head.
“ISeeTheCat’sBeenBusyTonight. IBelieveThisIsNowTheSecondTongue He’sGot
Tonight.” Aria laughed a little at herself. “I’llLeaveYouToMeetTheOthers, ButIDoHopeIGetAChanceToTalkToYouLater.” Vanessa’s eyes remained wide as she left. Then she looked down one of the camera lenses and they became wider still.

Daniel was the next to reach the garden. He spotted Vanessa straight away, her yellow dress almost glowing in evening sky. “Hello there, I’m Dan.” He couldn’t remember seeing her in the limo, and he was sure they were the first to pull up. “Are you another contestant?”
“Hey Dan, I’m not another contestant. Try the Bachelorette instead. I’m Vanessa, but most call me Nessa. Though call me Cindy or Ella.” She shrugged.
He was taken by surprise that there had been a bachelorette hiding around the corner no one had mentioned. “Cindy, I like the sound of that. I’m sure you must be excited to be here then.”
She tightened her lips to stifle her laugh, it was almost unnoticeable. “I am quite excited to find love, however skeptical I am about whether finding love on TV really works.”
Dan gave a sympathetic smile. “I understand that. If this ever gets too overwhelming or you just need to vent, or to share your skepticism with, I’m your guy. I’m a therapist, so I’m great at listening.”
She leaned in. “Before we finish this conversation, I let you in on a little secret, I prefer people who can talk back.”
Dan nodded. “On that note, I will talk to you later.” He continued walking in the direction he had previously been heading in.

Lara sensed Vanessa’s presence before she entered the garden. “Valeria Worthington?” She stopped just before Vanessa, who was almost a foot taller than she was. “Canadian, right? I’m Lara Holden.” She paused, sensing some more information. “The Bachelorette… You are the bachelorette. There’s two suitors this season?”
Vanessa tilted her down to her. “Most of that is correct, Lara Holden. Though I think that the person you bribed for info, is messing with you. My name’s Vanessa Worthington.”
Lara laughed. “When you find me later, and I know you will, maybe I’ll let you in on my source.” With that, she turned on her heels and left.

Logan continued whistling as he turned the corner that opened into the garden. He stopped, seeing a woman with cameras on her. It seemed a rather strange set up for another contestant. He cut through the grass, his rain boots protecting him from the dew, to reach Vanessa. “You’ve got a nice set up here,” he said, tilting his red hat up to greet her. “My name’s Logan.”
“Thanks, my name’s Jasmine,” Vanessa replied. “I would compliment you back but the only thing running through my head is, what’s with the outfit?”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Jasmine. My outfit tonight was inspired by Paddington Bear. Have you heard of him? I’m just a hopeful bear at heart, like he was.”
“I assume you mean the movie, not books. I’d prefer to read the books, but just never did. Well, maybe you need the bear necessities.”
Logan let out a soft laugh. “Yeah, it’s one of my favourite films.” He paused, remembering his second sandwich. It seemed only fair he offer it to Jasmine , since Tyson had got the other. “He always carries a spare marmalade sandwich… And now you’ve got one too. I hope to see you later, Jasmine.” He gave a small wave before leaving. But before she could even look at the sandwich, the producer came over, taking it from her.

Nova concentrated on her steps as she made her way around the house. Still feeling incredibly embarrassed that she had managed to fall within seconds of the show. Left foot, right foot . Why was it so hard not to make a fool of herself on the first night. She had been staring at her feet for the longest time that she hadn’t seen Vanessa. She continued walking, now completely passing Vanessa and the cameras that surrounded her.
Vanessa turned to watch the girl. She called to girl, “Excuse me, over here, time to stop daydreaming.”
Nova, startled by the voice, stood up straight, searching for its owner. “Oh, um…” She hurriedly walked back. “Hi, I’m sorry, I, um… didn’t see you there.”
“Clearly. Were you just thinking about the bachelor this season?”
“No, I was, uh… I kind of stacked it in front of the Bachelor, so I was… I was just worrying about that. I’m Nova, by the way.”
“I’m sure it went better than you thought. I’m Nessa, but call me Nala.”
Nova felt slightly better after receiving some reassurance. “Ok, Nala. So… Are you the Bachelorette? Will I see you inside?” She was hopeful to redeem herself later in the night with Tyson, and now Nala. She didn’t want two people to already think she was a total klutz.
“Yes and yes,” answered Vanessa. “Just try to relax and maybe we’ll talk inside.” Nova nodded and walked inside, watching her steps the entire way.

Julian walked through to the garden. He was expecting to see a handful of contestants by now, but there was only one standing alone. “Evening,” he greeted, heading towards Vanessa. “Julian Bennett Russell.” He had managed to get his names in the correct order this time at least.
“Evening Julian Bennett Russell. I’m Wendy Moira Angela Darling.”
“That’s a lovely name, though it’s rather long. What are you doing standing here alone? You don’t want to head inside just yet?”
“I could say the same for you, J.B.R,” she replied. “No, the producers won’t let me. It’s in the rules that I have to meet all the contestants.”
“Oh, you are a Bachelorette?” He raised an eyebrow. “Or should I say The Bachelorette?”
“Yes, ‘The’ is correct.” Vanessa puffed up her cheeks then blew the air out. “I guess I might talk to you inside.” Julian nodded, then made his way inside.

Adrian sighed, walking towards the garden, losing the confident facade she had been faking only moments ago. Meeting Tyson was the easy part, but now heading into a house full of strangers who would also be competing for his heart was making her stress. She turned the corner, spotting Vanessa in the garden. She took a deep breath to prepare herself, then began walking over to Vanessa. “Well, don’t you look gorgeous.”
Vanessa cocked her head slightly at the girl’s solemn expression. “Thanks. You alright?”
“Absolutely fantastic.” Adrian smiled at Vanessa. “I’m Adrian, it’s nice to meet you…” She trailed off, waiting for a name.
“Welcome Adrian, I’m Aurora. Maybe we can talk more inside?”
“I’d love to.” Adrian flashed a smile, before heading into the mansion.

Jason walked with a hop in his step, down the path that lead to the garden. He approached Vanessa once spotting her. “That would have been the perfect stretch to rollerblade along,” he said, gesturing behind him. “I’m Jason. What are you doing out here alone?” Worried that he might have sounded too nosy, he added, “If you don’t mind me asking.”
Vanessa shrugged. “Oh, nothing major. Only meeting what could be the potential love of my life, apparently.”
“Really? Me too… Well, that’s not the reason I’m out here alone, but it’s the reason I’m here on this show. I guess I should leave you to it then. Maybe I’ll see you inside…?” He walks off.

Pavitra was feeling confident in herself and the impression she’d left on Tyson. She couldn’t help but laugh to herself as wandered through the garden, still giggling when she noticed Vanessa. The bright yellow dress grabbed her attention immediately. “So what did Cinderella do when she got to the ball?”
Vanessa looked at her quizzically. “Uhh… what did she do?”
“She gagged.” Pavitra began laughing at her own joke.
Not sure what to think at first, she said nothing. Did she get it? Then it clicked with her. “Oooh.” She smiled. “So you like those types of jokes then?”
Pavitra nodded, shrugging slightly. “Yeah, that’s just the way my mind was wired to think.”
“You’ll just have to share some more with me in the coming weeks, if you have more that is?”
“Sure, if you’re smart enough to keep me around, that is.”
“We’ll see what happens.” And with that, Pavitra turned and left.

Maxon had a firm grip on his rose when he saw Vanessa. As if tonight wasn’t nerve-wrecking enough, it now looked like there was a Bachelorette too, if the cameras and crew were anything to go by. He walked up to her. “You are the Bachelorette, I’m assume? My name’s Maxon.” He offered his rose.
“Hey Maxon, I’m Ariel.” She looked at the rose curiously, but didn’t take it. “I am, but what’s with the rose?”
Maxon hadn’t exactly prepared to meet a bachelor and a bachelorette tonight, but he was lucky he had brought two roses now. “Ariel, lovely name. The rose is for you. Since you’ll be handing them out this season, I thought tonight would be the only chance to give you one instead.”
She took the rose. “Thanks. I guess that’s a surefire way to get a rose tonight, right? Especially since I assume Tyson got one too.”
“Uh, well…” He paused, not wanting Ariel to be upset that he hadn’t actually had her in mind for the two roses. “Yes, he did. Hopefully that doubles my chances though, right?”
“It’s a nice gesture, so it possibly will, yes. I don’t see why it shouldn’t, unless we’ve already made outstanding connections with the other contestants,” she told him. Then she thought, let’s see how he can handle that.
Maxon pondered for a moment. “If that’s the case, I’m lucky there’s so many roses and weeks for me to grow my connection. That is, if you keep me around tonight.” Maxon remained pretty faithful that he’d make it past the first night. Some may have thought it naive, but he was a hopeless romantic. “I hope I get to speak to you inside, Ariel.” He farewelled her and left.

With her small suitcase in tow, Tori found herself in front of Vanessa. “Hi there. I’m Tori, and you are…?” She trailed off, unsure if the cameras around Vanessa indicated something more significant.
Vanessa looked around at the cameras, surprised that she hadn’t guessed. “Belle, I’m the Bachelorette.”
“Really? There’s two? And no one told us there would be both a Bachelor and Bachelorette?” Tori couldn’t hide her shock. “I’m sorry, I brought a keyring here to give as a little momento, but I already gave it to the Bachelor,” she confessed, sheepishly.
“That’s fine, I’m not materialistic. Let’s just work together on making this a fantastic experience.”
“Sounds like a plan.” She clicked her fingers and pointed at Vanessa. “I’ll catch ya inside.” Tori then left for the house.

Connor still held his bag when he reached Vanessa. The cameras, producers and lighting that surrounded her indicated he was now meeting The Bachelorette. It wasn’t hard to put two and two together, though he was a little surprised that she’d been hidden. “Evening,” he greeted, flashing her a small smile. “You look beautiful tonight. I’m Connor.”
“Thanks, the makeup crew tried really hard. I’m Jane Porter, but what’s with the bag?” She gestured to his velvet bag.
“I’m sure they didn’t need to try too hard.” He held up the bag in between them, opening it. “Love is like a bag of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”
She dove her hand into the bag and when she pulled it out, she held a Picnic. “Hmm… so my love life is an eclectic bunch of everything…”
“It could be,” Connor agreed, laughing. “I guess we’ll find out over the next coming weeks.”
“I guess we will.” She shrugged. Connor then said his farewells to Vanessa and made his was inside.

Piper walked along the path with her head held high. Upon turning the corner, she became aware of the cameras surrounding Vanessa. “Well, hello gorgeous. What are you doing out here all alone?” She asked as she walked up to her.
“Me? Am I?,” Vanessa asked a little smugly. “Well, I’ve been told that I have to meet all the contestants. What about yourself? What are you doing here?”
“Well, I was just making my way inside, and probably heading straight to the bar,” she joked. “So I guess we have both a Bachelor and a Bachelorette this time around?”
“Correct. So would it be too bold of me to ask you to save me a drink for when I come in?”
“You don’t have to ask me twice. Find me once you’re done meeting everyone else. I’m Piper.” She turned to the house, leaving Vanessa to greet the other contestants and think about how she wasn’t able to give her a fake name.

It was only a short walk before Axel was standing in the garden, looking at Vanessa. She stood out to him, wearing an almost glowing dress, his favourite shade of yellow. He wasn’t sure why she was in the garden alone, when he thought there should have been a lot more contestants here by now. Being the type to always speak his mind, he spoke, walking closer to Vanessa. “Shouldn’t there be more people here by now?”
“Yes, there should.” Vanessa actually smiled, though it was a supercilious smile. She felt like she had something over him. “They’re all inside the house, waiting for the cocktail party to start.”
“And you are not?” Axel raised an eyebrow towards her. “Oh, my apologies. I didn’t even catch your name. I’m Axel.”
“No, the producer said I have to meet all the contestants. But my name is Alice Liddel.”
“So, Alice, that would make you the Bachelorette, right? Then who was Tyson?” He paused, trying to figure it out on his own. “Is there both a Bachelor and Bachelorette this season?” Vanessa only nodded in reply.
“Uh, well that should make things interesting I guess.” He was a little bit taken back by Vanessa silent response. Maybe she’s just not much of a talker, he thought. “I’ll catch you inside then.” He turned and walked away.

As Chelsea walked around the house, her stride began to lose its confidence. Tyler… Ty… Ty-something, wasn’t it? She had been too focused on how she was carrying herself that she hadn’t focused on retaining any information the Bachelor had told her. Now reaching the garden, she spotted Vanessa in the midst of more cameras. Her confidence back, Chelsea walked straight up to Vanessa. This time she would focus on remembering her name, at least. “Hi.”
“Hey.” Vanessa stepped back on one foot. “That’s the boldest greeting I’ve had all night.
“You must be joking.” Chelsea knew that wasn’t the best greeting she could have come up with. “If that’s true, I must definitely be getting a rose tonight. I’m Chelsea, by the way.”
Vanessa laughed, briefly again, but it was still a laugh. “And you still get bolder. I guess I was just expecting big, elaborate introductions, but they’ve all been a little… mundane and normal. So Chelsea, I think that might be true. And my name, it’s… Vanessa, but call me Nessa!”
“Vanessa… Nessa… I’ll make sure to remember that.” Chelsea really hoped she would. “I guess everyone must be a little surprised that you are hiding around the corner. I know I was.”
“Just a little.” Vanessa nodded. “I hope we can talk more inside, Chelsea.” Chelsea said goodbye and went inside. She had a feeling she wouldn’t forget Vanessa’s name as easily as she had with the Bachelor’s.

With his container under his arm, Jace walked up to Vanessa. Once there, he opened up the container again. “Would you like to try one? It was my something extra I brought for the Bachelor, but there’s plenty to go around for the rest of us too.”
Vanessa’s eyes widened again. Not because of the food, but because these contestants really weren’t the smartest. “Sure, what did you think of the Bachelor?” She took a breadstick and looked at it. “What are they?”
“Pepperoni pizza breadsticks,” he answered, sealing the container. “I think I got off to a good start with him, but it was only one very short conversation. What about you?”
“Looks good.” Vanessa was wondering how to word this without lying, but still make him believe she was a contestant. “But, no, not really yet. I guess we’ll have more of a conversation afterwards.”
Jace nodded. “Do you want to head inside with me now? Or was there a particular reason you were standing out here?”
“There’s a reason, I’ll talk to you inside.”
“Alright, I’ll see you later then.” Jace made his way inside.

Kim paraded into the garden, her head held high. “Hi, I’m Kim,” she greeted Vanessa. “How are you tonight? Not too cold out here, I hope.”
Vanessa stared at the next woman, who looked amazing. “Hey, uh, Tiana, that’s me.” She paused, still looking at Kim’s dress. “I’m pretty good. I could ask the same about you, you do look absolutely stunning.”
“Thank you.” Kim beamed. Even though she was a model, she still loved to receive compliments. “I actually don’t feel the cold too much. I’m used to wearing outfits that don’t match the weather conditions because of my job.”
“Oh? I’ll keep that in mind for possible dates then. Maybe we can even talk about your hobbies when I get inside?”
“That would be great. I’ll see you in there, Tiana.” Kim smiled before leaving the garden.

Jay trudged through to the garden. He hadn’t been lying when he said he was experiencing jet lag. The only thing that snapped him out of his dazy state was the bright yellow dress Vanessa was wearing. He rolled his shoulders back to stand up straighter, then walked over to Vanessa. “Hi, how’s it going? I’m Jay.”
“Not too bad, compared you that is. You look dead tired. I’m Joy, by the way.”
“Hi Joy.” He gave a slight smile, but she was right; He was dead tired. “I’m so sorry about that. It’s just a bit of jet lag. I’m truly very excited to be here.”
“Oh? Where have you come from?”
“South Korea. Have you ever been?”
“No, but one day. I’m just making my way around the states currently.”
“That sounds interesting. I’d love to hear some of your travel stories later on tonight.” Vanessa nodded and Jay turned, heading inside.

”Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” Juniper sung quietly, adding a swing in her step. Seeing Vanessa instantly, she smiled at her. “Hello there… I didn’t know there was also going to be a Bachelorette,” she added, after observing the cameras and crew surrounding them.
Vanessa cocked her head. “Hey, yeah there is. Did I hear you correctly, were you quoting Disney?” Noticing Dory on her cheek, she pointed to it. “And is that-?”
“Oh, um, yes. I just love to sing, I’ve had that tune stuck in my head since I painted my cheek earlier.” She turned her head so Vanessa could see it better.
“Very nice. Talented too, to paint it yourself. Though a little ironic.” Vanessa was getting a little cocky now, with all these names. “My name is actually Dory. Not from birth, but my dad changed it legally after my mother left us.”
“I’m sorry to hear about your mother.” She hadn’t been prepared to get this deep and emotional this early. “At least I’ll never forget your name now,” Juniper said, her voice filled with hope. She smiled and headed inside.

Still with his lips held in a firm line, Nicolas walked into the garden with his arms crossed. Taking notice of the cameras around Vanessa, he stepped up to her. “So there’s two this season,” he thought out loud. “Hello. My name’s Nicolas.”
She had to think a moment before answering, which names had she already used. “Hey, I’m Anna Arendelle. You don’t look too happy to be here?!”
Nicolas dropped his arms, to rest by his sides. He hoped this would make him look more open to this experience. “No, no. I’m excited to be here. I’ve been searching for something, and I believe that something could be love… I guess…” He paused to look at the cameras. He knew what he was about to say would probably get cut in editing. “I guess I’m just unsure as to whether I can find that on a reality show. But I’m here to try it anyway.”
“Same here. I’m skeptical about matchmaking TV shows too. Maybe we should discuss this more later?” Nicolas agreed before walking into the house.

After the last contestant was inside, Vanessa didn’t get much time to think, before Tyson and his crew rounded the corner and a makeup crew surrounded her. “I suppose it’s time to enter the house and mingle some more?”

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  • Dogs or cats?
  • Cake or Pie?
  • A big party or small gathering?
  • What’s worse: laundry or dishes?
  • Toilet paper: over or under?
  • International vacation or a new TV?
  • Ninjas or pirates?
  • Dine in or delivery?
  • Cups in the cupboard: right side up or upside down?
  • More important in a partner: intelligence or humour?


The cocktail party from Tyson’s perspective

Tyson soon found himself in the living room of the house. Despite the open plan, it felt a lot smaller with the 20 contestants scattered around. He saw Nova sitting on the couch, fiddling with her hair. She was surrounded by a few other people, but didn’t appear to be engaging in any conversations yet. Tyson walked over to her and put his hand out. “Nova, can I steal you away for a chat?”
“…Really? Yes, but I’m a little surprised you asked me.” Nova stood too quickly and almost whacked her head into Tyson’s.
Tyson chuckled a bit, then lead her just outside the living room, not going too far away from the crowd. “Why would you be surprised? With an entrance like that, you’re going to be hard to forget.”
Her face started heating up. “It was so embarrassing. I made a right fool of myself. In front of the nation too.” She gestured to the cameras.
“Oh, come on… Others were worse.” Tyler thought back to the one contestant who had intentionally dressed up in a raincoat and rain boots. “It’s not so bad. Why else would I be here talking to you?”
Her cheeks became a deeper shade of pink. Staying quiet a second to take a few quick breaths. “I… I don’t know… Why… why else would you talk to me?”
“I simply wanted to get to know you… Preferably while you’re standing this time.”
She giggled. “…Okay, I’m… a drama and music teacher, who loves directing the school’s musical performances in Nashville, Tennessee. I like dogs and… ah… ah choo.” She sneezed and projected nasal mucus all over her hands. Her cheeks deepened in colour as she looked at them and then back up at Tyson. “S-Sorry, I might need to wash my hands.”
“Um… Yeah. I think I’ll go and speak to some others while you’re gone. Enjoy the rest of your night.” She nodded shyly.

Jace spotted Tyson coming back toward the crowd and decided to intercept before he got there. “Hey, I don’t have anymore breadstick, but I wondered if I could have a moment with you in the kitchen?”
“Not a problem,” Tyson agreed, as they started making their way. “So the breadsticks you made?”
Jace walked through the kitchen and to the fridge, grabbing out a couple of beers and offering one to Tyson. “Here. Thought you might be a little dry.”
“Cheers,” he said, accepting the drink. “So why did you come on this show? How come you haven’t found love yet?”
Jace took a swig of beer from the bottle, then paused to take a breath. “I’ve faced a tragedy with my family that has left me unfocused on love. I’m here to change that.”
Tyson felt a little awkward at the mention of a tragedy. It was far too early in the game to start to expect contestants to open up and reveal personal things just yet. “Well, I hope being here will help you find the change you’re looking for. Perhaps throughout this experience, you can tell me a bit more about your story… When you’re ready, of course. For now, I’m afraid I’ll have to take this drink to go. There’s a lot more people I need to speak to before the rose ceremony.” Jace nodded and raised his bottle in cheers.

Tyson walked back through to the living room and sat down on the couch beside Connor. The couch was shaped like an L and Tori and Logan were sitting diagonally across from them. “Mind if I join?”
Connor smiled and nodded, but Tori was the one to answer, with a small shrug, “It’s your party you can… do what you want to.”
“Isn’t it, cry if you want it?”, Logan queried.
“Do you really want him to cry, Logan?”, Tori responded.
Connor butted in, “I don’t think anyone does. Are you feeling overwhelmed, Tyson?”
“Not enough to cry,” he joked. “But you’ve got me all thinking now, are any of you into music?”
“Imagine Dragons forever, I’ve seen them live five times,” Tori blurted out.
“Anything aesthetic,” Logan said, and Tori raised her brows. “Having a relaxing melody that you can chill to.”
“Oh, cool. I’ve seen them live too, but only the once,” he said to Tori. “I’m into R&B myself.” Tori smiled and leaned over Connor to high-five Tyson.
Connor laughed as they high-fived over him. “Well, I can’t say I’m a fan of that group, nor R&B. I’m more of a remix kind of guy.”
“Oh, really? I can’t stand remixes. They’re too auto-tuned and robotic sounding.” Connor tightened his lips, looking a little disheartened.
Adrian was at Tyson’s side before the conversation restarted again. Her wall of confidence was back up again. “I just saw the bachelorette and some guy come back inside, and now it’s free, I’m requesting your time out there.”
“Sorry guys, you’ll have to excuse me,” he said to the three on the couch as he stood up. “How could I turn down your offer?” He took Adrian’s hand, the other still holding his drink, and lead the way outside.

Adrian watched their hands as they stepped outside, she didn’t want him to let go, it was comfortable. She looked up at him as they stopped. “So, it’s a height thing, isn’t it?”
Tyson raised an eyebrow. “What’s a height thing?”
She brought her other hand up to cover her face and laughed. “I forgot I said half of that sentence in my head. I meant the reason you’re still single. I can only imagine that it’s because you’re so tall.”
“If that’s my only physical flaw, then I’m not doing too bad, right?” He joked. Gesturing for Adrian to sit down in one of the chairs, he turned more sincere. “Were you actually wanting a real explanation though?”
“I definitely can’t complain about what I’m looking at, Charming,” she joked, turning a little flirty. She dropped his hand and placed herself in one of the chairs on the square patch of lawn. “It depends on if you’re willing to share.”
He laughed, sitting down in the chair adjacent to hers. “It’s not a huge secret. I just travel a lot. Makes it hard to settle down when I’m away at sea for most of the year.”
“Away at sea?” She attempts a pirate accent, “Aye aye matey, a sea captain, are ya? Aren’t your hands too soft for that?”
“Do captains not have soft hands?”, he asked rhetorically. “I sing on a cruise ship actually. What is it that you do?”
She nods enthusiastically. “I can’t say, then I’d have to kill you.” She laughed. “No, I’m a little jealous of you actually. I’m a self-employed singer. Meaning that I work many jobs while busking and trying to gig as much as possible.”
“You’re living the American dream.”

Standing in the doorway, stood Lara, staring at them. “…I was… would you… can I ask to…”
“Did you want to join Adrian and I, or…?”
Lara’s voice remained low, even though she did move from her position, “…I was hoping that I could, perhaps, speak with you alone.”
Tyson looked to Adrian and offered a smile. “I will see you later tonight then.” He stood up and walked over to Lara.
Lara gave him a sweet smile fluttered her lashes, and walked right past him, brushing against his arm as she did so. She headed to the opposite end of the courtyard to where they could talk away from all the noise.
“Would you like to start by telling me how you knew so many things about me earlier?” He asked, now standing beside her.
Turning to face him, he gave a shy smile and took shallow breaths. “Well… I’m psychic. I get a sense for these things. I guess you would call it mind-reading, but that’s not really what I’m doing.”
“That’s really interesting… And definitely not what I was thinking you’d say. Can you predict things that are going to happen or communicate with ghosts?”
“I have been contacted by the spiritual world… only twice mind you. I mostly just make predictions, a fortune teller."
“In that case, you probably know what I’m about to ask you next… Do you know if I find love at the end of this?”
She lowered her eyes to her shoes. “If only it worked like that. I’ve tried, I promise, but I just can’t get the psychic energy to work for my every whim.”
“Oh well. I guess it was worth a shot.”

There was a chill in the air and Tyson escorted Lara back inside. As soon as he stepped in through the door, Kim, the girl he’d whistled at, was in front of him. “Tiana seems to have run off, so I thought the two best looking people here should have another, more private talk.”
“Not to sound arrogant, but I assume you’re referring to me?” He wasn’t sure who Tiana was though. Maybe that was one of the contestants who hadn’t offered up their names.
“Yes, of course I am.” She squeezed his arm flirtatiously. “Where shall we go? What’s out there like at this time of night?”
“Why don’t I show you?” With Kim on his arm, he walked outside yet again. “Let me know if it gets too cold for you.”
“I wore this, and I’m from Incheon, the city not the airport, so do you think I feel the cold?”, she replied.
“Well, how am I to know? Some people sacrifice comfort for beauty… You must be incredibly uncomfortable, in fact.”
“And why would you think that?” She moved in front of him, inching closer. “This is one of the most comfortable dresses I own, it just… slides down my body.”
“That’s risky for the first night, no? Wouldn’t want it sliding off in front of the wrong person…”
She slowly ran her thumb under her dress’ spaghetti strap. “That’s what these are for. To stop that from happening."
“Shame, maybe later then.” Tyson was only half-joking. He finished his drink off. “I’m sorry to cut this short, but I really should try and speak to more people before the rose ceremony.” Kim just nodded. She was too surprised by his risque remark to say anything back.

Tyson walked back inside finding Aria, Axel and Maxon in a group together, Maxon had returned to the group after talking to Vanessa, and he’d also brought over Jason too. Aria blurted out upon seeing Tyson, “Tyson, IWas WonderingWhenYouWouldShowUp. I’veBeenWantingTalkToYouAgain!”
“Talk?”, Axel repeated. “I knew I talked a lot, but this is…”
“…Ridiculous,” Jason continued.
Then Maxon asked, “Say, Tyson, you don’t happen to have a gag, do you?”
“A gag? No, sorry. Funnily enough, when I was packing it just wouldn’t fit with everything else in my suitcase, so I had to leave it at home.”
“Ha ha ha,” Aria mocked them irritably.
“Are you tired of conversing with everyone yet?”, Jason asked. “I’m sure you want nothing more than to climb into bed right now.”
Tyson let out a bit of a chuckle. “Not yet. I’m a bit of a night owl myself and the anticipation of starting this experience has been building up for a while now, so it’s just exciting to meet everyone.”
Axel remarked, “Well, I’ll just say that we’re just as excited to start this experience with you too. I just wish we had more time to talk with you.”
“Well, we’re all talking now… Let’s make the most of it, shall we?” Tyson paused for a second. “Ok, how about this… What animal would you all say represents you and why?”
Aria started again, but this time she was trying to slow down. “IThink… IWouldHave… ToSay…”
“A howler monkey,” Maxon interjected.
Jason said, “Nah, a dolphin.”
Axel also added, “Perhaps a Kookaburra.” Aria crossed her arms and pouted.
Tyson had to try hard to hold back a laugh. “Were any of their guesses what you were going to say?”
“Well, no,” she said. “IWasGoing ToSay AnOtter. TheyAre ReallyActiveAndLively, AsWellAsReallyCute.”
“Sounds pretty accurate from what I’ve seen from you so far.” She agreed and was about to continue when another interrupted.

Jay had walked over to Tyson, “Hello again, Tyson. I was wondering if I could have a word with you in private.”
“Sure,” he said to Jay. He farewelled the group and walked with Jay over to the kitchen. “I could use another drink before the rose ceremony. How about yourself?” He asked, opening the fridge door.
“Yes, thanks. Another one will probably calm the nerves. I can’t believe there will be people going home so soon.”
Tyson grabbed another two beers and passed one to Jay. “At least you’re not responsible for sending them home.”
“Thanks.” he took the bottle and popped off the cap. “I don’t envy you there. Making decisions after only 5-minute conversations is going to be tough.”
“I’m hoping that means no one will be too upset if they go home though. I think it’s going to get harder once…” He stopped, not sure how to continue that sentence. “I guess once we’re emotionally invested.”
“Yeah…” Jay hadn’t thought that far ahead. “I just hope you managed to wean out the ones only here for fame.” He sips his beer and gags slightly.
“Oh, you’re right. I wasn’t even thinking about that.” Hadn’t Adrian said she was a struggling musician? What if she was only here to get her name out there? “Do you reckon there are signs I should be looking out for?”
I really shouldn’t drink but I’m so anxious, Jay thought. “I don’t know about signs, but I’m happy to be your little in-house spy if you keep me round.” This will help to narrow out the competition, too, for me to sneak into his heart.
Before Tyson could reply, John Doe’s voice could be heard “…Ceremony…”
“Sounds like you’re about to find out whether I’ll take you up on that offer.”

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Question: (Please PM both of us)
How would each of your characters react to finding out they’re going on a group date with Tyson or Vanessa?
How would each of your characters react to finding out they’re going on an individual date with Tyson or Vanessa?


The cocktail party from Vanessa’s perspective

When Vanessa entered the house, she was amazed for two reasons. One, at how much smaller it looked on the inside, and two, for the Mad Men-themed decor. It looked like she’d been transported to the late 1960s. It was not to her taste. Why could they just have designed a nice, modern house? She sighed.

Vanessa scoured the crowded room until she spotted her over by the drinks cabinet. Making her way over, through the crowd, to Piper. “So how about that drink?”
“You didn’t waste any time finding me,” Piper said coyly. “What’s your poison?”
“Maybe I’m just in need of a drink?”, she retorted with a tiny smirk. “I don’t suppose you know what a Caesar is, nor would they have the ingredients. I’ll have a rum.”
“Rum it is then.” She placed a glass on the counter ready for Vanessa’s drink, and a wine glass for herself. She did a quick search through the various bottles until she found the rum. “I’m more of a red wine person myself,” she said as she started to pour Vanessa’s drink.
“I’m more of a beer girl myself, but I didn’t think it’d go with the dress.”
Piper nodded, then handed Vanessa her drink and started to pour herself a glass of Shiraz.
“Thanks for the drink,” Vanessa said with a nod. “Might talk to you later then.” She turned away before her reply and into the crowd of contestants talking.

Walking past one group talking, narrowly missing one trying to get her attention, Vanessa quickly grabs the attention of the girl she’d talked to with weird, grey hair. “Hey,” she said abruptly. “Sorry, was it Andrea or Adrian?”
“It’s Adrian. How did you enjoy meeting all the other contestants, Aurora?”
Vanessa appeared slightly shocked by the name, but only because she’d forgotten which name she’d given her. “Honestly, it got a little tiresome. I was expecting crazier intros.” Then she added, “but people were nice.”
Adrian listened intently. “So if you were a contestant on this, what kind of crazy intro would you have prepared?”
Vanessa pursed her lips, thinking. “I would try for something different, something to set me apart while also being myself. I’d come prepared with a few topics to debate.”
“But you can still do that as the Bachelorette, can’t you?” She paused. “Have you?”
“Oh, no, I’m far too unprepared to do that.”
Adrian was about to respond when Aria had crept up behind her.
“I SeeYou’reUpForTalkingNow. TheCatMustHaveBeenKind. DoYouMindIf I Interrupt?” She directed her question only at Vanessa, basically ignoring Adrian’s presence.
Vanessa gave a small nod to Adrian before turning to look past Aria. “How about I have a quick chat with your group instead?” She looked at Axel, then eyed Maxon and walked over, passing Aria. “Come along.”

It wasn’t exactly the type of talk she was hoping for with Vanessa, but Aria followed her anyway. Maxon was the first to speak, which annoyed Aria. She was the one who had first approached her, after all. “So where are you from?” he asked.
Vanessa took a sip from her glass of rum. “I’m from Ontario, Canada. More specifically, a little place called Burnstown. Where are you three from?”
“I’mFromPhoenix,Arizona,” Aria replied almost as soon as Vanessa had finished her question. No one was getting a chance to speak before she did.
“My hometown is the city of love,” Axel chimed in, and Vanessa finally noticed the underlying French accent. How she hadn’t, being from French Canada, was beyond her.
“And it turns out I’m just a little over four hours away from you. Toronto,” Maxon added.
This triggered a small smile on Vanessa’s face. She looked at both Aria and Axel. “Excuse me.” Then straight ahead at Maxon. “Would you like to talk privately out there?”
“Love to.”

She followed him outside. Walking on the large paving stones, around the square patch of lawn and fancy garden furniture, to stand next to the pool, overlooking the city. “Wow, Hollywood looks amazing from here. So besides this show, what brings you to the States?”
“I moved here for work, after I finished university. I’m a paediatrician. What about yourself? Do you still live in Canada or are you here permanently?”
She stared at him. “You’re messing with me, right? A paediatrician? I’m a midwife.” She looked back at the horizon. “Living in Canada, but was doing a belated gap year, touring the states, when I got chosen for this.”
“These are some crazy coincidences. So a midwife? You probably get asked this a lot, I know I do, but does being around babies all day make you want a family of your own or turn you off the idea?”
Staring ahead, she pursed her lips. “I do get asked this and I have thought about it. Well, I guess I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want one.”
“I disagree. You could be here just to find your soulmate.” He turned back to look at the crowd still inside. “Should I let you get back to mingling?”
She didn’t reply at first but eventually turned. “Maybe. Thank you.” She moved closer, putting her hand on the back of his neck to pull it down. She kissed his cheek and let go, heading inside.

Still cradling her drink, she walked past the various groups and Tyson in the living room and walked over to the dining table. There sat Jace, Julian, and Nicolas. “Hey boys, can I join or is there a ‘no girls’ ban?”
Julian was first to speak. “You’re more than welcome to join…”
“We were just talking about the movie, It ,” Jace informed.
“I was asking if the original was better or worse than the remake. I liked the remake better personally.”
She sat next to Julian, opposite Nicolas. “Originals are clearly better, no discussion needed… unless they’re in black and white. Movies are not better in black and white.”
“I think we can all agree with that,” added Jace.
“What about poetry? What are your thoughts on that?” Julian asked thoughtfully.
“That they exist,” Vanessa joked lightly but turned serious again rather quickly. “I like wordy, long-versed ones. Like Sonnets, but mainly epics.”
“Poetry’s a dying art form.” The blunt tone Nicolas spoke with surprised Jace and Julian a bit. “Nowadays, poetry’s created only in the form of song lyrics or raps.”
Vanessa turned to him with an equally serious tone. “So would you rap Shakespeare, or Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, or even the Bible. All of which are constantly retold, and not as a song.”
I wouldn’t, no. I’m sure other people would dare to try though. I was meaning that no one who writes poetry today - original content, that is - intends for it to be just poetry. It’s always lyrics now.”
“Not always,” Julian interjected. “Poetry is still getting published today. You’re probably just not seeing it… Probably only listening to music by the sounds of it.”
“Exactly, Julian is right,” she remarked. “We have plenty of contemporary poets these days. How about Wendy Cope, Andrew Motion, or Douglas Dunn, just to name a few.”
Danny had been standing behind Vanessa, patiently waiting for their group conversation to come to an end, but when it looked like that wasn’t going to happen, he decided to interrupt. He cleared his throat. “Excuse me all. Would you mind if I steal you away?” He directed it at Vanessa.
Vanessa turned. “Can you give me a good reason as to why I should leave this conversation and go talk with you?”
“Because I’ll talk back.” He was referring to the first conversation he had with her, he had promised to talk to her.
“Alright boys, we will continue this later,” she assured them as she stood, leaving her empty glass on the table.

Making her way over to Danny, she held her hand out to him. “So where are we going to have this talk then, Dan?”
“Well, I haven’t had a chance to see the whole house yet, so we’ll have to do a little exploring,” he half-shrugged, taking her hand. Vanessa nodded, allowing him to lead her. They walked through the crowded living room and into the corridor back near the front door. Along it, they past bedrooms and bathroom, a makeup room, and a confessional.
“Looks like there’s only one bathroom here to share between all the contestants,” Dan observed. “That should make showering interesting. Where are you staying? Is it much different?”
Dropping his hand, her eyes widen. “Make things interesting? You’re planning to hit it off with other people in this competition?”
“What? No!” Dan was clearly shocked at how she had jumped to this conclusion. “I was referring to how quickly the hot water will run out. I’m sure we’ll be at each other’s necks to get to the front of the line for the shower.”
“Oh. I just don’t… no, don’t you worry.” She walked round him and the corridor.
“Don’t worry? What were you going to say?” Now who was the one not talking? Dan thought to himself.
Vanessa turned swiftly, her hair bounced as she did so. “Fine, Dr… Talkative. I’ll tell you.” She sounded irritated, but she wasn’t, not really. “I’m not very trusting, alright? That’s why this show is going to be hard for me. And why I don’t share or open up easily.” Looking away from his eyes, she wondered, Why am I telling him all this?
“Maybe you’re thinking of it the wrong way… No one’s forcing you to become overly trusting. But maybe if you find someone here you can open up to, that will, in turn, make your final decision easier.”
A tiny smirk crossed her face and she came closer, pressing herself up against him to whisper, “I opened myself up to you then, didn’t I? Maybe I do need to keep you around.” Giving him one last look before heading back to the living room.

Back in the living room, she walked round the couch, seeing Tori sitting there. Going up behind her, Vanessa touched shoulders and whispered in her ear, “Care to get another drink with me, m’lady?”
She felt goosebumps from Vanessa whispering in her ear. She turned slightly so she was facing her a bit. “Absolutely. Lead the way, Belle.”
They walked over to the drinks cabinet, where she set out two glasses and started pouring rum into one. “What would you like?”
“Is there any tequila lying around here?”
Vanessa looked at the bottles they had, there weren’t many but there were a few. Grabbing the bottle of tequila, she poured a triple into the glass and put the bottle back, then picking up each glass for them. “Cheers to finding a soulmate.”
Tori took her glass from Vanessa and clinked it with hers. “Cheers.” She downed her drink in one. “Do you do much travelling?”
“I do. I was doing the states before coming here but had only made the east coast. The rest, and the world, has yet to come.”
“So would that be what you want to do after the show? Continue to travel? With your soulmate, of course.”
“Yes.” she nodded. “I don’t mind if its right away, or just occasional holiday, as long as it happens. What about you?”
“Well, I definitely have caught the travel bug. I’m a flight attendant and I can never seem to live in the same place for more than two years. There’s just so much out there to see and experience.”
“Wow, I can’t say that I’m not jealous. You going to have to tell me more about all of those experiences later.”

Vanessa took a step back as she bumped into Juniper. “Ow!” Juniper was more startled than she was hurt. “Are you ok?”
“Fine, fine. How about I make it up to you and we go talk to those two over there,” she said, pointing over to Lara and Pavitra.
“That suits me,” Juniper agreed. They walked over to Lara and Pavitra.
Lara looked like she was deep in concentration. “5’5, I’d say.” She then noticed the presence of Vanessa and Juniper. “Just an inch shy of our Bachelorette, I believe. Am I correct?”
Vanessa raised her eyebrows. “5’5? Uh, I think that’s correct. I’m about 5’6.”
“That’s amazing. Can you guess bra sizes too?” Pavitra asked, fascinated.
“I wasn’t guessing anything,” Lara replied. “And I didn’t have to bribe anyone for my intel either.” She winked at Vanessa.
“So you’re a stalker?” Juniper guessed.
Vanessa was still sceptical. “Okay, Lara, my turn. It is Lara, right? Let’s see if I can have a go this so-called mind-reading you do.”
“By all means, take a stab at it. I must say if you are gifted enough to be successful, I’ll be very impressed.”
“Okay.” She moved her fingers to her head and rubbed her temples dramatically. “Well, starting with the obvious, you’re name is Lara… Smith and you’re a psychic. I believe that you’re 23, you like a salad with a cup of tea, and your favourite film is Eat Pray Love.”
“That was a nice attempt, honey, but don’t be in a rush to quit your day job.”
“So did she get any correct?” Juniper asked.
“She’s a psychic. That one was right, yes?” Pavitra looked to Lara for confirmation, who nodded. “And your age too, I’m guessing.”
Lara shook her head at this. “21.”
“21?”, Juniper asked startled. “You’re looking for love at 21? I’m 29.” To Juniper, this was her last chance to find love. Surely a 21-year-old didn’t have the right reasons to be here.
“Fascinating,” Vanessa commented, not paying attention, as her eyes were elsewhere. “What a baby you are. Listen, sorry ladies, I’ve just spotted someone I’ve been looking for all night. I must talk with them before the rose ceremony.”

Vanessa walked over to the woman standing over by the door. “You’re a hard person to find, Miss Chelsea.”
“Well, I knew how much you were looking forward to all the mundane and normal conversations with the others. I hope this is you saving the best for last.”
“I hope so. I’ve been looking forward to this all night. So, have you managed to remember my name?”
“Of course, Nessa. You’re not one I’d let myself forget easily.” The Bachelor on the other hand… She still couldn’t remember his name.
“Happy to hear it.” She turns to look at the crowd. “So, who do you think are the crazies here, and who do you think the competition is?”
“Honestly? The front-runner has got to be the one dressed as Paddington Bear. That’s hard to compete with,” she said sarcastically. “Chatty Cathy must be up there too since no one else can get a word in. From my experience, the craziest ones will be the ones you least suspect. They’ll probably reveal themselves when you’re down to the final six.”
Vanessa put her hand to her face, careful not to smudge her glasses. “Don’t say that.” She moved her hand and took a gulp of rum. Then asked her with a smile, “Wait, are you revealing your plan for when you make it to the final six?”
“Wait, are you revealing your plan to keep me around until the final six?”
Vanessa pressed her lips together to try to stop herself from smiling too massively. Luckily, before she had a chance to embarrass herself by answering, John Doe’s voice sounded out “The Rose Ceremony is about to start, time to head out to the garden.”

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Question: (Please PM both of us)
If your character(s) is chosen for a date, what is one question or topic you’d discuss with Tyson? And one question or topic you’d discuss with Vanessa?


The Elimination

“Hello again,” John Doe said. He was standing out in the garden, the location where Vanessa was earlier. “It is time for our first elimination. We have 20 contestants waiting and hoping to be given one of the 16 roses from our Bachelor or Bachelorette, Tyson or Vanessa. They will give 8 roses each.”
The camera pans over the contestants. Some looking anxious, but most looked confused and shocked by Vanessa’s name. They were standing where Vanessa had previously stood, except a larger piece of red carpet now lay there to, to fit all the contestants.
“Yes, only 16. Four of you will be leaving tonight.” John paused for dramatic effect. “If your name is called, then make your way down here to collect your rose. Once you have it, go stand on the red carpet, over there, next to the house.”

He looked over at Vanessa. “Now, Vanessa, you’re first. Are you ready?”
“No,” she gulped. She picked up a rose from the table to her right, in between her and Tyson. “Well, I think this person knows that they’re getting my first rose. So, will you accept this rose, Chelsea?”
Chelsea walked up to Vanessa and took the rose. “Of course I will.” She thanked her with a kiss on the cheek, causing another elusive Vanessa smile, and made her way to the carpet near the house.

Tyson’s turn now. He picked up a rose from the table. “Kim, will you accept this rose?”
Kim walked over to him. “Yes. I knew this dress would work wonders.” She fluttered her lashes as she joined Chelsea.

Vanessa already held another rose. “I would really like to continue our friendly argument. So, Nicolas?”
Slightly surprised, Nicolas walked over to Vanessa. “Thank you,” he said, taking the rose. Who would have thought having a friendly argument with the Bachelorette would have secured him a rose.

Picking up his next rose, Tyson scanned the contestants, looking for her. “Adrian,” he said, locking his eyes with hers. “Will you accept this rose?”
She smiled, making her way over. “You bet, Charming” She kissed his cheek and walked off, rose in hand.

“Well, anyone who gets me a drink deserves a rose. So, Piper, will you accept this rose?”
Once Piper got up there, she asked, “Is that really all it takes?” Piper whispered cheekily, accepting the rose. Vanessa nodded and Piper joined the others.

“My next rose…” Tyson bent over to pick up the next rose. “I’d like to give to Jace.”
Jace beamed, he was so happy that when he reached Tyson, he kissed his cheek. If the girls could do it, why couldn’t he? “I told you that food was the way to a man’s heart,” he told him as he walked off.

Vanessa picked up another rose. “This rose is for my fellow Canadian, Maxon.”
Maxon happily walked over to collect his rose. “Thanks, Ariel.” He winked at her and then joined the others.

Tyson reached for another rose. “You’ve probably already seen this coming… Lara, will you accept my rose?”
Lara was quite surprised, she hadn’t predicted this. As she walked over, she told him, “Yes, of course, but as I said earlier, I can’t predict everything.” She walked out of shot.

She already held the next rose. “Another serious talker, like me. Axel, will you accept this rose?”
Axel made his way up to Vanessa. “Oui oui,” he said as she passed him the rose. He walked over to the group of other rose receivers.

Tyson smiled at himself, knowing what he was about to say would embarrass the person he wanted to give the next rose to. “Nova,” he started, with the rose in his hand. “Will you accept this rose without tripping and hurting yourself?”
Nova instantly put her head. She was smiling but trying to hide her reddening face. Slowly and carefully making her way to him, not looking up, and bumped into the rose table. “Almost,” she smiled and then joined the others.

“Since I told you that I needed to keep you round, Dan, will you accept this rose?”, Vanessa asked as she spun the stem between her fingers.
Dan nodded from his spot before he walked over to Vanessa. “Thank you,” he said, before kissing Vanessa on the cheek. He took his rose and walked to his spot.

With his next rose in hand, Tyson called the next name. “This next rose is for Tori.”
Tori came forward to accept the rose. “Thanks. Now I’ll really have to tell you the reason for the gift next time we talk.” She then left to join the others.

Picking up the thirteenth rose, she looked at the dwindling group, locking eyes with one. “I’m glad you agreed with me on many of my points, but you can rebut too. So, to give you another chance at getting to know you, Julian, will accept this rose?”
Julian made his way up to Vanessa. “I sure will, thank you.” He accepted the rose to join the others.

Tyson was starting to feel the pressure now. He picked up one of the three remaining roses. “Connor, will you accept this rose?”
When he got to Tyson, he took the rose. “Yeah, I will. I know this was probably because we have different tastes in music, but remember, opposites attract.”

Vanessa picked up her last rose and looked at the six remaining contestants. She didn’t feel guilty, but she felt a little bad for them. “My last rose goes to… Juniper.”
Juniper let out a breath she hadn’t even realised she’d been holding. She carefully made her way to Vanessa and accepted the rose.

Only one rose remained on the table. Tyson picked it up, as the room stayed silent. He gave time for a long dramatic pause. Finally, he spoke. “Jay, will you accept this final rose?”
Jay almost skipped to Tyson, he was so relieved. “I absolutely will, and I’ll stick to what I said,” he told him before joining the fifteen.

John Doe steps in front of Vanessa and Tyson. “Logan, Aria, Pavitra and Jason, you did not receive a rose. It’s time to say your goodbyes and leave the house. Congratulations to the remaining 16. You all still have a shot at finding love.” He looks into the camera in front of him as the eliminated contestants move to say their farewells. “Good night, America. I’ve been John Doe, and see you next week on The Bachelor… Ette”

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Date Card and The House

The next morning, Jace, Juniper, and Piper be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Chelsea, Connor, Danny, and Lara were just outside the door doing yoga, while was doing lengths in the pool. Tori was tucked up on the couch reading, and everyone else was either still in bed or in the process of showering.
The front door opened and John Doe entered the house. Nobody seemed to notice at first until he cleared his throat. Tori was the first to look up, then Juniper. Tori put down her book and called out in her loudest voice, so that not just the people down the hall could hear, but also those outside too. “John is here, everyone gets into the living room.”
Jace looked over at Tori from the kitchen. He took the frypan off the element just while John made his announcement. “Tori, you could have gone down the hall to tell everyone.”
“More fun this way.” She shrugged. “Plus, I’m much too comfortable right now.”
After no more than ten minutes, everyone had gathered in the living room, some wearing a minimal amount of clothing. The camera and John looked over the group before speaking. “Good morning. As you have probably guessed, the dates are starting today. But before I hand you this date card,” he said, holding up a small envelope. “I want to explain how the dates with having a bachelor and bachelorette this season. … Group dates will be one date with both the bachelor and bachelorette, whereas individual dates will be the same location but be separate from each other. The bachelor and bachelorette will each be deciding who goes on the dates evenly, and they’ll be taking turns, alternating each week, with who chooses the dates’ activities. This week Tyson is choosing the dates. Understood?” There are quiet mutterings and a few nods of heads before it goes quiet again. “Okay, Axel will read the first date card?”
Axel stood up from his place on the couch and walked up to John to accept envelope. He turns to face the group. Turning the envelope over in his hands, he slowly pulls the date card and reads out the names one by one. “Jace and Jay.” They both take a glanced at each other and smile.
“Tyson, here I come,” Conner said excitedly.
“Only Tyson?” Juniper asked, crossing her arms and facing him.
Ignoring Juniper, Axel continued, “Tori and Maxon.” Tori’s eyes light up with glee, while Maxon simply gave a shy but happy smile.
Adrian tried to force a smile, but the struggle she experienced was evident to the rest of the contestants. “You could at least try to be happy about that,” Nova said.
“See this is what happiness looks like,” Nova says, flaunting her grin.
“What’s there to be excited about with a date with this many people? It’s not a date, it’s a convention,” Piper chimes in.
Axel smirked, announcing the next name on the card. “Piper.”
“Have fun at the convention,” Nova said.
“We must be thankful.” Piper wasn’t convincing anyone with her attempt at gratitude. “I’m sure they have something amazing planned.”
“Not sure about amazing,” Axel continued. “Not sure what you’re even doing. It says, ‘Hey Boo-tiful. Let’s eat, drink, and be scary…’! What does that even mean?”
Nova and Piper were silent. Not a first for Nova, but definitely one for Piper. In fact, they were pretty quiet, thinking about what it could mean.

The group going on the date left just after lunch, leaving eight behind in the house, separated into smaller groups both inside and out. Axel was doing keep-me-ups with a soccer ball in the corner of the yard. “14… 15… 16… 7-” the ball went off course. It went soaring into Nicolas, bounced off him and into the pool.
Nicolas almost lost grip of his sketchbook from the shock of Axel’s ball. “Watch it,” he called out to him.
Feeling a little bit guilty, his accent became a little thicker. “I’m sorry.” He walked over to the edge of the pool. “It was an accident. Promise.”
“Well, you should be a little more careful next time. I almost dropped my sketchbook into the pool.”
“I am sorry.” Axel leapt down into the pool, fully clothed, to retrieve the ball. “What are you sketching anyway?”
Nicolas hesitated before answering. “Just some landscapes. Whatever I can see from this spot.”
“Sounds like a neat hobby.” Once grabbing the ball, he walks over to Nicolas and jumps up on the edge, sitting next to him. “Can I see what you’re working on?”
“If you want,” Nicolas said, shrugging. He tilted his sketchbook to reveal his latest work to Axel. It was of the view, everything from the rolling hills to the centre of Hollywood, which sat at the horizon.
Axel let out a low whistle of amazement. “The detail you have in there is incredible.”

On the small square patch of lawn between the house and pool, Chelsea and Kim were stretched out on chairs, sunbathing. Kim wore tight, denim, short shorts, a bikini top, and had dark shades covering her eyes. She was bent over rubbing sunscreen over her legs. “How confident do you feel being called first?”, she asked.
“Well, I wasn’t surprised I was first on their list. I already knew I had made a great first impression and now the whole house knows it too.”
“We’re probably the most loathed people in the house right not. We should probably stick together.”
Chelsea pondered this for a moment. “You’re right. The two front-runners will have to look out for each other. We probably have targets on our backs already.”
Kim sat up and began applying sunscreen to the top half of her body. “Yes, and it will probably be worse if we are…” Her words drifted off.
“If we are sunburnt,” Chelsea finished for her. “Pass me that, would you? I want to get roses, not be the same colour as one.”
“Probably.” Kim laughed and handed the sunscreen over. “But what I was going to say was it would be worse in the house if we get chosen for the individual dates.” She hoped she would, but knew it was unlikely.
“Well, that might be true,” she said as she started to apply the sunscreen. “But I didn’t exactly come here to make friends anyway.”

Inside, sitting and talking at one end of the sofa was Danny, Julian, Juniper. At the other end was Lara, reading her book and listening in to their conversation. “So, what would you both be doing right now if you weren’t here?”, Danny asked.
“I’d probably have an audition to be at,” Juniper said casually.
“I’m assuming that’s work related?” Julian asked. “I’d probably be painting or writing poetry. I guess I could still write poetry here though.”
Danny nodded along, listening. “There’s a lot of artists here. You’ll probably find you’ll have a mini competition just against the artists at some stage.”
“Or maybe it means that Tyson and Vanessa have a thing for artists and you’ll both need to watch your back.”
Juniper scoffed. “I’ll be fine. Singing, acting and dancing are all forms of art too… And no offence, but they’re a little more entertaining than looking at a drawing for a few seconds.”
Danny said nothing and just sat there listening. But after listening to the three for some time, Lara chimed in, “I believe that all 20 contestants that we started the show with, weren’t chosen by the bachelor and bachelorette. The producers were the ones to do it.”
“But for those of us who made it past the first night… That was their choice. It had nothing to do with the producers,” Julian replied.
“And you don’t think any of the four were artists?” She closed her book and lay it on her lap.
“I guess they could have been.”
“Do you still think artists have the upper hand then?”, Juniper asked.
“Well, if there really is as many as Danny made it seem, then maybe. But the truth is none of us really know what Vanessa or Tyson are looking for anyway.”
Lara smiled. “I don’t know about that, you can learn a lot about people just by listening to them and watching their mannerisms.”
“This early on?” Julian quizzed.
“I don’t feel like I’ve had enough time with either of them to pick up on that,” Juniper added.
Danny leaned forward slightly. “I think what Lara is saying is that you don’t necessarily have to spend time with them to watch them from afar.” Lara smiled and nodded.
“Well, I’ll be watching them from very far away if I’m not on one the single dates either.” Juniper tried hard not to sound bitter about missing out on the group date. She would much rather the single date anyway.
“If you’re not, just make sure you talk with them at the cocktail party. Especially Vanessa, I learnt that the hard way.” That was Danny’s strategy for the show, though he wasn’t sure why he was telling them this. He just hoped that he was going on a date tomorrow.
“Thanks for the tip. I’m sure I can find time with at least one of them… If I’m not already picked for the single date, that is.” Everyone started thinking about the single dates after she spoke.


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The Group Date

The limo pulled up to Spookers; a multi-facilitated, year-round, Halloween attraction. Tyson and Vanessa were standing out front, waiting for them. Tyson wore a pair of faded blue jeans and a brown v-neck t-shirt. Vanessa, on the other hand, wore black skinny jeans, which were speckled with white paint, and a maroon and black checkered shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbow.
The eight hopped out of the limo and made their way over to Tyson and Vanessa to stand in front of them. Jace gave Tyson a little wink, while both Maxon and Piper smiled at Vanessa. Tyson gave a warm smile back to Jace. Vanessa noticed them smiling at her but didn’t react to it. Then she saw Jace’s wink at Tyson and thought, Hmm… interesting. Tyson has already connected with Jace. Goodbye Jace.
“Suppose you’ve noticed we’re standing out the front of Spookers. One of California’s scariest tourist attractions. I’ve decided to bring you all here for today’s date so that we can all tick this one off our bucket lists… As a group, we’ll be going into a maze.”
Vanessa rolled her eyes, then pinched the bridge of her nose. Looking back up at everyone, she pushed her glasses back up her nose and asked, “So who is excited about going into a maze?”
“I’m up for seeing if they can scare me,” Connor answered first, and Jace nodded along as if to agree.
“And I’m down for the adventure,” Adrian added on. Piper gave a small clap to show her excitement.
“Good, that makes it easy,” Vanessa said. “The four of you can go through the maze with Tyson here since he’s also really keen on going through it.”
“And the rest of you scaredy cats can spend hours shuffling through the maze with Vanessa… You’ll really get the maximum amount of torture that way.” Tyson laughed.
She stared daggers at him. “It’s such a pity I couldn’t send you home yesterday. But be careful, you’re giving away what type of lover you are and, just so you know, speed isn’t everything.” She looked at the group and then back at Tyson. “Go on, run along then.” She made a flicking gesture as if to shoo him.
Tyson joined the group of contestants, but not before shooting Vanessa a quick glare. “So shall we start?”, he asked them. With some nodding and agreeing, the four followed Tyson to the maze entrance.

It was a large maize maze. The plants stood at about seven feet and there was no possible way to see over it. It was late evening and getting darker. Adrian looked at the entrance and then at Tyson. “I hope you boys are going to be brave enough to protect us from whatever is in there,” she flirted.
“Come on Adrian,” Tyson said, moving to stand beside her. “You said you were down for the adventure. I’m sure you don’t need protecting.”
She smiled and stepped closer to him. This may be a group date, so that meant trying to make yourself known. “Oh, I’m up for an adventure, but it doesn’t mean I’ll lead the way. I’ll settle on doing it hand in hand.” Piper let out an exasperated sigh at her comment.
“Alright, but don’t squeeze too hard if you get scared,” he said, reaching for Adrian’s hand. He led the group inside the maze.
The wide path grew smaller as the five of them got further in, so Piper, Connor and Jace were forced to walk behind Tyson and Adrian. After following a slight curve in the path, they reach a fork. “Do any of you have a preference? Left or right?”, Tyson asked.
Jace was walking next to Connor and Piper behind them. Though she moved ahead of the group as Jace started to speak. “When in doubt, go right.”
Connor raised his brow toward him. “That’s a conservative approach.”
“But it is an answer, that’s good enough for me,” Tyson said. “Let’s go right.” Tyson let Piper lead the group to the right. Almost immediately after the group turned, a figure wearing a hockey mask and holding a chainsaw jumped out at them.
Or at least that’s exactly what it sounded like, but Piper knew better. She knew it was a leafblower, she’d been to these places before. “Jason, you’ve got smaller. I used to play as your friend, Freddie. But makeup was a bitch.” Piper hadn’t really noticed Jace almost jumped out of his skin.
Without saying anything to her, Tyson gave Adrian’s had a light squeeze as the figure ran past the group. “You’re way too calm, Piper. Didn’t you even get a little fright from that?”, he asked her, continuing along the path.
Piper shook her head and Connor spoke from behind Adrian. “What’s there to be scared of? We know what we’re in for and that they’re paid actors.”
Jace thought he heard a noise from behind and turned suddenly. “But being paid to jump out and make us scream at near darkness. That’s what to fear. I’d rather know what was coming and not be surprised.”
“It’s interesting you say that, Jace.” Tyson flinched at some shuffling noises coming from the thick corn hedge, but recovered quickly. Adrian would have probably been the only one to notice. “Is that your mantra for life too?”
Still looking around cautiously, Jace thought about the question a moment, Knowing what was coming certainly would have helped in the past. He could have stopped some things from happening too. “I believe it is,” he answered.
It had been quiet for a little while now and Connor and Piper seemed to be the only two who had noticed. Up ahead, standing side by side on the path facing the group, were the twins from The Shining. “Uh… I don’t think we can get past these two and there aren’t turns anywhere,” Connor stated.
“Where’s your optimism, Connor? There’s five of us and two of them. We can push past them, right?” Tyson looked to the rest of the group to see if they agreed.
“Of course, we can,” Piper backed Tyson up.
“It’s better than returning, that’s for sure.” Jace was still glancing at the rustling leaves coming from behind.
Adrian readjusted her hand in Tyson’s, “I say we continue, what can they do?” She gently pulled Tyson so that they could take the lead from Piper.
Now, back at the front, Tyson made a dash for it. Running in between the twins, he pulled Adrian behind him. Piper, Connor and Jace quickly followed. But so did the twins! The five ran, well, seven if you include the twins. Piper was surprisingly fast and agile. She darted ahead, leading the way left and right, past various other monsters and characters wanting to scare them. It was almost like something straight of Scooby Doo. Finally, she sneakily went left and left again, and had to pull the others in to hide because they hadn’t seen. The twin ran past and everyone panted, out of breath.
Once he caught his breath, Tyson started to laugh. “That was so exciting,” he said, stepping out of their hidden corner. “You all ready for round two?”
Adrian looked down at her hand, Tyson still held it. Pleased that this was the case, she was also worried that it wasn’t enough. Maybe he thought she was weak. She needed to be confident again, changing it up. She laced her fingers in his and smiled. “I’m ready to face whatever is next.”
Jace looked at their hands and wished he had done that. “Well, we have to.”
Connor was curious. “Say, what happens if they catch us? Does that mean we’re out and we fail the maze, or does nothing happen?”
Tyson shrugged. “We would die?” He flashed a grin so they would know he was only joking. But then thinking about it some more, he changed his tune. “We could always find out…”
Piper’s eyes widened. “You want to get caught on purpose? You don’t want to find the way out?”
“I don’t think that would lead us to not completing,” Jace added.
“Well, not all of us would have to get caught… Just one,” he explained to Piper. “But it’s a stupid idea. I doubt any of you’d want to sacrifice yourselves. I know I wouldn’t.”
“So it’s fair, why can’t we all do so?”, Connor asked. They were all talking quite loudly now.
Tyson thought about it for a moment. “I suppose we could.”
“So we just walk around until we find-” Jace was unable to finish his sentence, as he was grabbed from behind by evil Santa. Adrian too, was grabbed, but by Freddie Krueger. His faux knife hands crept over her face, stifling any scream she wanted to do, but she still held Tyson’s hand, just a little tighter. A 6’8 wrestler, dressed as Pennywise, planted his hands on Piper and Tyson’s shoulders. While bloody Mary held Connor back at the arms.
Two words sounded out from behind Freddie’s mask, “Maze Over!”

Vanessa looked at who was left: Maxon, Tori, Jay, and Nova. She blew her hair off her face. “Should have brought a hair tie. Oh well, let’s do this, I guess.” She started heading toward the maze.
Seeing nobody else take the lead, Tori picked up her pace to walk beside Vanessa. Maxon cursed to himself for not grabbing the opportunity for himself. He regretfully let Tori take this one, and he and Jay walked behind them instead. Nova remained at the back of the group. She had been really excited for the group date earlier, but the thought of people jumping out at her made her nervous.
“So I guess Halloween would not be your favourite holiday?” Tori asked Vanessa.
Vanessa looked next to her and was surprised to see Tori beside her, she thought it’d be Jay. “A commercialised day that was originally used to celebrate and talk with the dead, no thank you.”
“I bet Easter’s not your cup of tea either then. A life-size rabbit handing out chocolate to children to commemorate a death… There’s not much logic in that.”
“No, that’s commercialism that I can get behind. Who can say no to chocolate, it’s irresistible?”
“But you can also get chocolate during Halloween. It’s not like it’s exclusive to Easter.”
“Really? I thought candy corn was the most popular in the States. Though the dressing up is quite ridiculous as well.” She stopped as she reached the first junction.
“Most popular, probably. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only…” She trailed off as they stopped at the junction and waited for Maxon, Jay and Nova to reach them.
“Which way?” Nova asked nervously.
“To the left, to the left,” Maxon sang.
“Okay, let’s go to the left,” Vanessa said, waiting for the others to go past as she waited for Maxon. “You seem to be in a very jovial mood, how come?”
“I’m on a date with you. Granted, it’s not what I would have picked for a first date, but I’m still happy to be here nonetheless.”
“Hmm… it’s not what I would have picked either, I don’t think.” She seemed disappointed and uninterested at the same time. She made her way to the front of the group just as they reached the next corner. She turned right and called out, “Hey! Anyone who hears this, no need to try to scare us, we don’t want you to. But if anyone tries to jump out at me then I… oh boy… you will… just don’t do it.” The slight tremor in her voice made it sound less threatening.
“Y-yeah, I second that,” Nova called out nervously from the back. She then stumbled over a something and fell forward, knocking into Jay. Caught off guard, Jay lets out a short yelp and jogs to catch up to Vanessa at the front of the group.
“I’m so sorry,” Nova says sheepishly.
“Let’s just all try to get through this as quickly as possible,” he said, addressing the whole group.
Vanessa turned her head to see Nova tumble. “Are you okay there?” Then she turned back to Jay who was now next to her, “And how would you suggest we do that?” Just as she had asked this, they turned another corner and were faced with a hoard of half a dozen, slow-moving ’zombies’ coming toward them. Vanessa instantly screamed and threw herself at Jay, the closest able-bodied person.
Jay stumbled back a bit but steadied his footing in time to hold on to Vanessa.
“Maybe it’s time to turn around. It doesn’t look like left was the right way to go,” Tori suggested.
“Maybe it’s time to turn around and walk back out the entrance,” Nova countered, already stepping back as the zombies continued approaching. “We probably haven’t come far.”
“No,” Maxon dismissed them. “They’re walking slow, we should just run past.” He nudged Vanessa and Jay, urging them to move forward.
“Easy for you to say that when you’re not at the front,” Jay remarked. He moved to hold on to Vanessa’s hand and lead them. Maxon and Tori followed, sprinting past the zombies that were reaching out to grab them.
Frozen in her place was Nova, who was practically shaking in her boots. A zombie who had crept up close enough, reached out to poke her. She let out an ear-piercing scream before running past the rest of the zombies and joining the others.
Vanessa felt Jay’s hand in hers and decided not to pull away, but allowed him to lead her and a good distance away from Nova’s scream. The zombies didn’t follow, not that they turned back and saw this. Seeing a path to the left, she turned, pulling Jay in after her and not knowing if the others saw. Jay was pulled in and up against her as she pressed her back on the wall of corn. She panted lightly and slowly looked up into his eyes, holding her gaze. She lifted her other hand to run it through his hair.
Jay smirked, feeling confident now that he had this very small moment alone with Vanessa. Bless those zombies that had scared Vanessa straight into his arms .
She pushed up her glasses, which had slipped down her nose when they were running, and simpered. “This maze might have just become fun.”
Jay nodded. “I’ll try to make it worth your while,” he said flirtatiously, bringing his hands up to cup her face, he leaned in to kiss her. Her cheeks warmed where he touched them and her lips pulsated at his kiss. Her heart was beating fast, but she didn’t know if that was from running or from the kiss. As Jay pulled back, Vanessa’s eyes were wide with fear and she let out a muted scream. Behind Jay stood The Ring’s Samara. Vanessa gripped Jay’s shirt and pushed her head into his chest.
Back at the main path, Nova had finally composed herself.
“That’s quite a scream you’ve got,” Maxon said to her.
Tori, not paying any attention to Nova, was the first to realise their Bachelorette was missing. “Did either of you see where Vanessa went?” She asked.
Maxon scanned the area briefly. “And Jay,” he added. “He’s gone too.”
“We were right behind them.” Nova sounded genuinely concerned. “Do you think something got them?”
Tori shook her head. “Not likely. We’re lost in a maze. They can’t be too far. Probably just walked ahead,” she shrugged.
“Or maybe they turned a corner suddenly,” Nova continued.
Maxon had walked ahead some, looking down other paths until he pointed down one. “Or they found the exit.” The girls walked over and saw that just 20 metres away were lights and the back of the main building. It was the exit. The three ran, panting and looking around when they’d made it out. There was no sign of Vanessa or Jay.


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The Group Date - Tyson and Vanessa’s individual mini dates

Tyson’s group met up with the other three not long after they’d escaped the maze. They walked over from the back of the main building and Connor asked with a cheeky grin, “How much earlier than us did you manage to find the maze exit?”
“We didn’t so much find the exit as much as we were caught and escorted to the exit,” Tyson admitted. “I see you guys lost two of your own too.”
Nova answered, a little uncomfortable, “We were all running from zombies, and when we stopped, they had disappear-” She stopped when she saw Vanessa and Jay, hand in hand still, being directed from behind by Samara.
“Looks like they got caught too. So only three of us actually completed the maze,” Connor said. “Congrats to you guys.”
“Thanks,” Tori and Maxon said together.
“Who finished?”, Vanessa asked when they made it over to the group and Samara walked back into the maze.
“We did,” Tori answered, gesturing to Nova and Maxon. “We weren’t that far from it when the zombies attacked. How did you both get caught?”
“Uh, she… that character was just quietly waiting behind Jay here, we hadn’t a chance to escape.”
“Sounds fascinating ,” Tyson commented dryly. “So I was thinking that I would ask Jace if he wanted to join me in the Haunted House?”
Jace gave Tyson a half-hearted smile. Of course, he was excited to get some alone time with him, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to be scared again. “I’d love to join you.”
Vanessa rolled her eyes at Tyson’s comment and then sighed when he reminded her about the other attractions. “Since I have to do another one and you helped me so much in the maze.” She squeezed Jay’s hand and looked up at him. “Will you accompany me into the haunted house?”
Jay squeezed her hand in return. “How could I say no to a round two?” He hoped Vanessa knew he wasn’t referring to the haunted house when he said that.
She actually laughed. “Be careful with the implications, someone might take it the wrong way.”

Vanessa and Jay were told by the producers that they had to go first this time. With annoyance, she shuffled them to the front entrance of the house and pushed open the door. Inside, they’d stepped into a dimly lit foyer, all wood and covered with cobwebs. “I’m over this already.”
Jay gave a small laugh. “Safe to say Tyson was the one who chose today’s date activity then.”
“Did John not tell you that?” She gestured ahead of them. “Shall we take the stairs?”
Jay nodded and started walking up the stairs. “Maybe he did and I might not have been paying close enough attention. There was too much anticipation waiting to hear what was on the first date card.”
“Were you disappointed? Did anyone figure it out? What were everyone’s thoughts? I don’t know why but this feels like an interrogation. Perhaps all my questions.” The pace of her speech had got faster. “I am curious about something, what was your first impression of me? And Tyson. What was your first impression of Tyson? Do you have a preference? You don’t have to answer that. Perhaps, no.” She stopped when they reached the platform at the top of the stairs.
Jay reached out for Vanessa’s arm, pulling her slightly so she was looking at him. He pretended to think hard, finally deciding to ignore all her questions, but one. “My first impression of Joy was great. She intrigued me. My first impression of you, as Vanessa, was utter confusion. That was a nice stunt you pulled.” He was smiling, but it might have been too dark for Vanessa to tell that he was only teasing.
She looked at him as he pulled her round. “So did you get the reason behind what I was doing? Had you discussed it with anyone else? Maybe then you won’t be as confused.”
“Honestly, no. I have no clue why you’d give a fake name. I guess I should have asked the others, but since we’re here now, do you want to explain it to me?” They start walking along the corridor.
“I won’t tell you the significance of the name, as I’m sure you’re smart enough to work it out later. As for why I did it, I hate introductions, they annoy me. It’s that simple really.”
Jay laughed. “You hate introductions so instead you introduce yourself with a fake name?”
She dropped his hand and moved away, a little irritated that he was laughing at her. “I guess it just makes it a little more fun or something.”
He considered saying something more to Vanessa, but his thoughts were cut off by something touching him. “What was that?”, he asked, flinching.
She spun on her heel. “What was what? There is nothing there.”
“Something just touched me.” He turned around, swinging his arms to swat away anything that might be near him.
“Nothing is there though.” She shook her head and walked over to the door next to him as if to prove her point. She opened the door and let out a shallow scream before pulling the door shut again. She didn’t let go of the handle but continued to pull it tightly.
Staying where he was, Jay asked with urgency, “What? What was there?” He took a few cautious steps closer to Vanessa and the door.
“Remember those zombies we ran from in the maze?” Her eyes were filled with terror, she was truly freaked out as held onto the door. “This is…”
He nodded slowly. “We should… We should go another way. They’re not trying to open the door, are they?” She shook her head, too scared to move away from the door.
“Then we’re safe to go a different way,” he assured her, feeling a little calmer knowing the zombies weren’t actively seeking them out. He walked up to Vanessa and gently lifted the hand she had on the door. “How about we head down the other way?” As Jay started to lead her in the other direction, the handle began to turn. Vanessa froze for a second, then buried her face in his chest again.
Jay held her tightly. The zombies had once again, helped him get an edge in this competition. He couldn’t savour the moment for long though. The zombies were out to get them, after all. “Come on, this way,” he said, taking Vanessa’s hand and jogging in the other direction. Not able to stay in the safety in his chest for long before being pulled along the hall, Vanessa’s fear remained. They got to the end of the corridor and Jay yanked opened the door that was there, only to find someone standing there. A Clown. A Clown with bulging eyes and pointed hair. Vanessa squeezed his hand much tighter this time and let out another shallow scream. She turned them round hurriedly, only to see another exiting the door that they’d just been standing next to.
Jay also screamed upon seeing the second clown. He quickly regained his composure and pulled Vanessa along with him, ducking as he ran around the side of the clown. “Are you alright?”
She felt her eyes get watery as he pulled her down the hall, past the stairs, and along the hall the other way. Vanessa finally answered as they slowed their pace and came to a stop. “I’m o-okay.” She tried to brush off the croak in her voice. The handles rattled on the three doors around them, before each door opened, revealing a clown in each one. “I’m not okay.” Her left eye leaked as she buried her head in his chest again.
Jay hugged her tightly, relieved she couldn’t see the shock on his face now being cornered by scary clowns. “It’s ok, they can’t hurt us. It will be over soon,” he reminded them both.
“If we get out of this,” she choked on tears and her voice muffled by his body. “I need to… I want to give you a rose.”

Tyson walked with Jace to the entrance of the haunted house. “I’m just now thinking… I might have asked the wrong person to come with me. You didn’t seem to be a fan of surprises?”
Jace tugged at his collar. “I… uhh… probably shouldn’t have told you that. Yet, you still picked me. It’s not that I don’t like surprises, I’d just prefer to know what to expect.” He moved his hand to the back of his neck. “I did sign up for this show and it’s a series of surprises.”
“Well, it was actually part of the reason I wanted to spend some extra time with you,” Tyson began, pushing open to doors. “It might be a different way of thinking to mine, but you were honest. I liked that… And I’m happy to hear it’s not a case of hating all surprises.”
“Isn’t that the best way to be when trying to start a relationship with someone; honest?”, he said, smiling. He looked around, spotting the other two quite close at the top of the stairs. “Which way? Probably not up since…” He gestured to them.
“When in doubt go right,” Tyson said confidently. He didn’t wait for Jace to agree, walking down the hallway and through an arch that led to a separate room.
Jace followed him into a dusty living room with the furnishings covered in sheets. “So why can’t skeletons play music in church?”
“Other than the fact that they’re merely a skeleton? I’m not sure, why can’t they?”
He smirked, thinking about when he told this joke to his sister and how much she had laughed. “Because they’ve got no organs.”
Tyson chuckled, laughing more so at the simplicity of the joke rather than the joke itself. “That was such a dad joke.”
Jace smiled, rather pleased with himself. “Plenty more where that came from… Argh!” Something had gripped around his ankle.
Tyson jumped back a bit, out of instinct. “What?!”
“There is something holding onto my ankle,” he said slowly and quietly, not yet looking down.
In a random act of bravery, Tyson moved closer to Jace and started kicking close to his feet, hoping to get whatever was holding his ankle away. He held on to Jace’s shoulders so he wouldn’t lose balance. Tyson managed to kick it, but it only ended badly for him. He’d kicked some kind of metal clamp that was restaining Jace.
“Ow!” Despite the frustrating pain that lingered, Tyson bent down to see what had caught Jace’s ankle. If not a person holding him, then what?
Jace heard the CLINK of Tyson’s foot hitting the metal. “Are you okay?” He bent down and started examining the clamp that held his foot. He knew he needed to ask more questions and get to know Tyson better, but wanted to check that he was okay first, as well as get free. Feeling at the sides, he felt a lever-like switch and pulled it. The clamp immediately sprung open.
Tyson offered a small smile. “I should be fine. I’m sure the pain will pass in a couple of minutes,” he assured. Now that the clamp wasn’t restraining Jace, Tyson stood up. “We should probably leave this room though, there could be more traps.”
“Are you okay to do so or do need some help?”
“Well, I wouldn’t turn down a shoulder to lean on,” Tyson admitted, adding a flirtatious wink at the end.
Jay shifted to Tyson’s side, sliding his own arm under Tyson’s and around his back. “I heard you were a cruise ship singer, what’s your favourite request to sing. Wait, do you even do requests?” They walked around the sofa and toward the faint light of a door. They soon discovered it was from a kitchen, upon walking into the room.
Tyson shook his head. “I don’t get many requests. The cruise liner I’m with now usually give me a set list and it doesn’t really change much. Occasionally an overly intoxicated will come over and ask me to sing the Y.M.C.A with her.” He laughed. “Have you ever been on a cruise?”
“No, I never have. But I’ve always wanted to go one to Brazil. Someday I hope to do that cruise.”
“Brazil, that’s-” He was cut off by the sound of the kitchen cupboard doors swinging open and then slamming shut, seemingly on their own accord. “Shit!” Startled, he clutched onto Jace’s arm. “That gave me a fright” The cupboards continued slamming, gradually growing louder. Then, without any interference, the tap of the kitchen sink started gushing water. “I wonder what special effects they use for this…”, he pondered out loud, still holding Jace’s arm, but not as frightened any more.
Jace smiled, happy to finally be of use on this date. “I believe it’s all mechanical, all linked up to an outward control panel where someone is just flicking a switch.”
“Well, it sure is effective… Let’s keep going…” Jace nodded and helped him through the rest of the house. They were surprised to find that nothing else, no one else, jumped out at them. There were a few noises but that’s all they were, and they made it out safely. Once out of the house, Tyson turned to Jace, who was still being his crutch, and said, “Well, I don’t think I’m in any rush to do that again… But I do want to spend more time with you in the coming weeks, so…” Tyson collected the rose from the producers, that he’s signalled when leaving the house, and returned to Jace. “So, will you accept this rose?”
“Of course, I can’t wait to get to know you better either,” Jace replied, smiling ear to ear, and gave a kiss on the cheek.


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Date Card and The House

The door to the house opened earlier this morning. All were still asleep when John walked in, except for Lara, who was sitting outside with a teapot and cup of herbal tea. John walked over to the door, “Good Morning Lara, you’re up early.”
“Not as early as you must have been, John.”
John smiled. “Now I thought this would happen, so I brought some help.” He pulled out an air horn from inside his jacket, then offered it to Lara. “Would you like to wake everyone up?”
“You may as well be asking if I want to make an enemy out of everyone in the house,” she remarked, getting up from her seat and taking the air horn anyway. There was one person she definitely wouldn’t mind using this on though. No, there was two.
She walked down the corridor and into the first bedroom on the right. Lifting the air horn up in the air, she pressed it, waking Jay, Piper, Connor and Juniper. There was a chorus of groans with one “What the fuck?” from Piper. Jay was the most unhappy. He rolled over, taking his pillow out from under him, and threw it across the room at the door, where the noise had come from. But Lara was too quick for him and had already left before it had a chance to hit her.
She then cut across to the first bedroom on the left, the room she had slept in. Unlike the first bedroom, Lara had a bone to pick with someone. She walked over to Julian’s side of the room and blasted the air horn. That’s what he gets for leaving the lights on while I’m trying to sleep, she thought. Both Julian and Nova screamed in unison, though Julian’s was slightly higher.
In the next room down the hall, Lara woke Adrian, Tori, Dan and Maxon. “Don’t shoot the messenger,” she called back at them as she left the room. Their reactions were less than spectacular for Lara. Just grunts, groans, and sighs. Lara had finally reached the last room. Taking advantage of this opportunity, she stood right next to Chelsea’s bed as she played the air horn one last time. She held it down a second longer than usual this time too. Chelsea sits bolt upright and looks for what the noise was. Seeing Lara, she screamed, “What on Earth is your problem? What was that for?”
Lara shrugged. “John wanted me to wake everyone up.”
“Right next to my ear. I don’t think so”
“I guess I just didn’t notice how close I was standing to you,” she lied. Chelsea scowled and covered her face with her pillow, then sighed loudly.

10 minutes later, everyone had gathered in the living room. Half had coffee or tea in their hand and almost all were still in their bedroom attire. John pulled out an envelope from the same side of his jacket that he had the air horn. “Jay, would you do the honours?”
“Sure, I’d love to, “ he said, standing up to get the envelope from John.
“But before you do.” John reached into his jacket and pulled out a long-stemmed rose which had a small card attached. He passed it to Jay.
Jay started reading the card aloud, “I promised you this last night, thanks for making a terrible date location really fun.” He realized after he finished that this would have been a nice note to not share with the others, but it was too late now and this was reality TV after all.
John patted him on the back. “Turns out you got really close with the bachelorette,” John teased, then turn to leave. “Well, I’ll be off, enjoy your dates.”
Jay had almost forgotten about the date card, being distracted by the rose. He set his rose down on the table to open up the envelope. “Two individual dates,” he started, pausing to give everyone a chance to process it. “Tyson would like to ask Chelsea.”
Chelsea stared, a little bewildered. She was glad that Jay had said his name because she still didn’t remember it. She had barely spoken to him. She had expected to be on a date but with Vanessa. That’s who she had the connection with and who had picked her at the rose ceremony.
“And Vanessa would like to ask Kim,” Jay continued.
Kim was surprised and a little anxious upon hearing that it wasn’t going to be Tyson, but did let it show. Maybe she could finally ask the significance of Tiana, along with other questions. “One on one time with the bachelorette, better wear something cute and prepare some in-depth questions”

“Join us; stop us from making pour decisions,” Jay said lastly, revealing the date’s clue.
“Poor decisions?” Tori laughed. “What are they saying? Their date choices are poor decisions?!”
“Oh, no. Not like that,” Jay defended. He turned around the card so everyone could see the spelling. “It’s a play on words. P-O-U-R decisions,” he explained to the people at the back who wouldn’t be able to read the card.
“The limo leaves for the date in an hour,” Jay added. Kim bolted for the bathroom, as she knew she had little time to get ready.


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Tyson’s Individual Date

Wearing some beige chinos and an untucked white button-up shirt, Tyson waited for the limo to pull up. His neutral tones complimented the backdrop of the Newport Beach Vineyards & Winery.
He wasn’t waiting long before the limo arrived and Chelsea carefully hopped out. She smiled and walked over to him. “Hello, Tyson, right?”, she asked in a way that seemed more like she was stating it.
“That’s me,” he confirmed with a smile. Once she reached him, he leaned forward to give her a peck on the cheek.
Chelsea’s smile grew larger after he kissed her. She wore a mini summer dress of solid white and lace at the top, above the bust, with white tennis shoes. “How are you today, Tyson?” She was trying to say his name as much as possible to help it stick this time.
“I’m doing great. How about you? I hope you’re excited for what I have planned.”
“To be honest, a little surprised that you picked me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m beyond excited, but a little curious.” She paused. “So what is your plan?”
“Oh…” Tyson felt a little taken back. He had thought their conversation on the first night went well, but he wasn’t expecting her to be surprised that she was chosen for a date. He remembered the rose ceremony, thinking now that maybe Chelsea and Vanessa might already have formed a strong connection. “Well, today I’ve planned a bit of a tour around the vineyard and then we’ll have a bit of a taste in the afternoon. Are you much of a wine drinker?”
“The tour sounds fun. Walking around this beautiful place with you and seeing how wine is made. But I’m not really a drinker, my work doesn’t really allow me to.” She felt anxious, like he was regretting his decision in choosing her, so she added. “But who knows, after today I might discover I have a taste for it.”
“I believe, if my intel is correct, they will actually encourage you to spit out the wine. You know, since it’s about the taste,” he informed her. “So I hope you won’t feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to force you to drink.” He took her hand in his and started walking.
“So, you mentioned your job… What is it you do?”
“I’m an aerial artist, well most refer to it as an acrobat. I do so in circus shows, as well as holding classes. So when rehearsing, I can’t really drink.”
Tyson was impressed. “That sounds pretty amazing. I can see why you wouldn’t drink though, it must be full on too.”
“It can be, but it’s a lot of hard work.” They stopped when they were met by a member of staff at a large wooden door. Tyson held on to Chelsea’s hand as they waited for the staff member to open the door for them.
“Thanks,” he said, once it had opened as they walked through. They walked into a long tunnel, lit with fluorescent lights above, which seemed to slope slightly downward for quite a distance. One wall was lined for wooden barrels stacked on top of each other.
“To your left, these barrels are all full of wine just waiting to be bottled. But come this way, to the distillery,” the staff member announced, turning and walking down the tunnel, where it looked darker than where they were.
“I know you went to the haunted house last night, but are you sure you haven’t brought me to another one here?”, Chelsea asked.
“Fairly sure, I don’t think I’d be up for back to back haunted house visits.”
Chelsea laughed. “Why not? Did you not enjoy last night’s date?”
“No, it was entertaining… But it was definitely a once-in-a-blue-moon type of activity. Do you think you would have liked to have been on that date?”
“No, I honestly think that I’m luckier being here with you now.” She smiled and squeezed his hand. “C’mon, let’s go.”
They walked together down the tunnel, catching up to the staff member. They were met with another door, which opened up to the distillery. More stacked barrels were in this room, along with giant metal containers connected by pipes to smaller containers.
Chelsea looked all around the room. “It’s quite amazing to think that all this goes into making those small bottles of wine we get from a liquor store.”
“Yeah, I’ve always thought the squishy grapes side of it was pretty surprising too. Do you think people really squish grapes with their feet before to make it taste way here?” He scrunched up his nose thinking about it.
“Maybe in Italy, but not by the looks of it here.” She paused to think of a question to ask and got one almost immediately. “So, I heard from the others that you’re a singer, but did you study to get into the profession or was it just luck, determination, and talent?”
“None of that actually. It was from a lot of encouragement from my Nana. She really urged me to do what I love, so I pursued it seriously not long after she passed.”
“So you just went straight into it, you didn’t study or anything?”
“No, I finished high school and then went straight to working.”
After explaining the ins and outs of the winemaking process, something that wasn’t allowed to be aired on TV, the staff member ushered them to follow him through to the next area. Anyone wanting to experience this would just have to come and do so in person. The next room was more of the same thing and in the art of television, they looked to rush through it, until they got to the final room. A rustic-looking cellar. “Time to taste,” the staff member said.
Tyson let out a “Finally!” before he remembered Chelsea wasn’t much of a drinker. “Uh, so how do you feel about some tasting now that we’ve seen how it all works?” He squeezed her hand. “Maybe we’ll find a signature drink for you.”
She let out a small laugh. “I’m okay with a tasting. I’m not working, remember. I guess this is sort of a vacation, a vacation to find love… I hope.”
They sat down at a tall table in the middle of the room. “A vacation to find love? That has a nice ring to it. I hope you won’t mind if I borrow that one later.”
“Only if you give me credit,” she told him flirtatiously. Then cursed herself for how awkward and stupid she sounded. He’ll never like you after that crap, she thought.
“I’m sure we can arrange for some kind of royalties to be paid to you every time I say it,” he joked. The staff member returned with two glasses, a bottle of wine and a small cheese platter. “A 2008 Black Bay Cuvée”
“Shall we toast to a vacation to find love?”, he asked Chelsea.
“Yes,” Chelsea agreed. “And hopefully, to many more dates like this one.” Again, why do I keep saying shit like that?
Tyler clinks his glass with hers and flashes a grin. He wondered if this meant Chelsea might have found a stronger connection with him, than the one she had made with Vanessa.
He held his glass rather awkwardly, unsure of the correct way he was supposed to taste wine. He was far too used to beer bottles. Finally, he took a drink, hoping Chelsea was doing the same instead of watching how foreign this all was to him.
But before Chelsea took a sip, she had one burning question, “Besides singing, what are your other interests or passions?
“I’m big on travelling,” he told her. “Don’t get me wrong, I want to settle down, but with someone who shares the travel bug with me, who’s just as keen as me to do all the overrated tourist things just for the sake of doing them.”
“Somewhere like the Eiffel tower in Paris?”
“Exactly. I still haven’t done that one yet. Have you?”
“Yes, about 5 years ago, when I finished college. I guess, as the expression, I ran off to join the circus… sort of.” She took a sip of her wine, pulling a sour face as she did.
“That’s define- Oh, you don’t like that one?”, he asked concerned at Chelsea’s reaction. “Do you want to try something else or have some of the cheese?”
“I think I’m just not used to the taste.” She takes another sip and scrunches her nose ever so slightly. “See, it’s… nice.” Putting down her glass, she cut off some cheese and put it on a cracker, then offered it to Tyson.
“Don’t quit your day job beautiful, that wasn’t very convincing acting.” He took a bite of the cracker as Chelsea held it out to him.
Chelsea laughed. “It’s a good thing that what I do is more of a dance then, isn’t it?”

After tasting half a down more wines and Chelsea actually finding a couple that she liked, they decided to take a walk in the garden.
Tyson strolled hand in hand with Chelsea along the walkway. “So tell me a bit more about yourself. What’s your family like?”
She smiled as she looked around the garden. “It’s reasonably small. Both my parents have good careers and always wanted the best for my sisters and I. I have two, an older and a younger. My parents weren’t the happiest when I decided to join the circus rather than getting an industry job. However, my sisters are bringing them round to the idea. They’re my best friends, you know.” She paused. “What about your family?”
“I’m the youngest of six.” He paused to let Chelsea react, which she did. Her jaw dropped as she turned to head back to face him. Most people always had a surprised look whenever he told them this. “My parents are still together, they’ve always done their best to give us a good life. We weren’t really that well off, but it made us all really close.”
“You seemed to have done pretty well for yourself. They must be really proud of you.”
“They are, but they tend to miss me a lot. I think they’d prefer I permanently relocate back home. I imagine it’s the same with your parents, right?”
“Yes, of course, but they’d also prefer if I took a job in an office too.”
“They worry about your safety? Have you hurt yourself much already or is it just parental paranoia?”
“No, it’s just that my career isn’t exactly approved of, nor does it have any kind of social standing. We’re a little snobby, I guess you could say.”
“Well, I don’t think you come across as snobby. In fact, I have something for you.” Tyson leaves to speak with someone from the camera crew and returns shortly with a rose. “I want to see more of you around, so I’m wondering if you will accept this rose?”
Chelsea was so happy that she didn’t even think about how everyone would hate her for worming her way into both of their hearts. “Yes,” she said with a massive grin and leaning forward to kiss his cheek.
That was it, the date had come to an end and it was time to each go back home.


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Vanessa’s Individual Date

It was a beautifully sunny day and Vanessa was standing outside Newport Beach Vineyards & Winery, barely a hundred metres from the patiently waiting Tyson. Today, she wore her black skinny jeans with the speckled white paint again, a tight white shirt with three-quarter sleeves, red suspenders and red converse. She watched as the limo stopped just fifty metres away, in front of Tyson before pulling up in front of her.
Kim stepped out of the limo and swiftly made her way up to Vanessa. She was dressed a lot more casually than she had been the first time they met. “Morning Vanessa,” she greeted once she was closer.
“Morning Kim, though it won’t be for long. Midday is approaching,” She looked Kim up and down, and teased, “No satin slip today? Or are you saving that for the party tomorrow?”
“We shall see,” she said with a small giggle. “I wasn’t too sure what we would be doing today, so I dressed down a bit.” She put her fingers through the belt loops of her jeans to prove this.
“The ’pour’ didn’t give it to you?” Vanessa gestured to Tyson with her head. “It’s okay, today’s date seems much more my sort of thing than yesterday’s. So let’s hope it’s fun.”
“Truth be told, it didn’t quite click until we got here,” she confessed. “But I’m sure we’ll have a great time today. Wine is right up my alley.”
“That’s good, you can be my wine guru then. I know nothing. I drink it but that’s about it.”
“Looks like you chose the right person as your date then,” Kim winked.
“Well, I guess we’ll see, won’t we?” Vanessa walked ahead, round the side of the building into a lavish garden. No lawn, just a series of paths. The garden was a mix between a small jungle and a cacti rock garden. The staff led them to a gazebo draped in vines and foliage, where a table with pre-poured wine was already set up, along with some nibbles. Vanessa decided she’d make an effort and went over to pull out Kim’s chair, “M‘lady.”
“Thank you,” she said, taking a seat.
Vanessa takes her own seat round the other side of the table. “So I vaguely remember you saying that your outfit choices don’t match weather conditions because of your job. What is your job then?”
Kim mentally cursed herself. Why had she said that to the Bachelorette on the first night? Nerves? It didn’t make sense to her hearing it back now. “Well, I’m a model and an artist when I get the time to paint, that is,” she explained, playing it cool. “But my family also owns a small store, so I help out there too.”
Vanessa cocked her head and looked at Kim curiously, “Does a model mean that you need to wear inappropriate clothing all the time? I thought that was just for photoshoots?”
“No, no,” she quickly denied. “It’s just that a lot of my wardrobe is from my photoshoots. I get to keep a lot of the clothes that I model… And I guess a lot of them are a little skimpy.” She let out a sheepish giggle.
“Are they at least comfortable?”
“Mostly. I don’t keep wearing them if they’re not.”
“Fair enough.” Vanessa nodded.
A staff member appears, holding a tray with two wine glasses and a bottle to offer Vanessa and Kim. They take a glass each and the waiter begins to pour.
“This is a 2002 Coyote Cuvée,” he explains as he pours. “It’s our silver medal winner.”
Kim swirled her glass a bit, then took a sip. “So there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you,” she began.
Sticking her nose into the glass, she took a sip. “Mmm… not too bad.” She looked over at Kim. “Yeah, what’s that?”
“Well… Tiana?” She phrased it as a question, taking another sip of the wine.
“Is a person or the character?” The light bulb turned on a second later. “Oh, wait, that’s the name I gave you, isn’t it?” She continued, not waiting for Kim to acknowledge this. “I don’t like introductions, I find they’re boring and monotonous. So, to make it a little more entertaining, I gave almost everyone a Disney name rather than my own.”
Kim chuckled. “But doesn’t that come back to bite you? Since now we’re all going to be confused and you’ll have to explain it to everyone…”
She tightened her lips and looked off to the side. “Yeah, I will admit that I hadn’t thought it through. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, which happens to me a lot. I’m not very good at forward thinking.”
“Well, that answers my next question,” Kim confirms. There was only a little bit of wine left in her glass, so she finished it off, eager for the next tasting.
Vanessa too took a large gulp of wine and placed the glass on the table, though it still had a little left in the bottom. “I did? Without even knowing what it was too. What was the question?”
“I was going to ask what’s something that took you way too long to figure out… But I guess it would be that your name prank wasn’t the best idea for your first night as the Bachelorette.”
Vanessa said nothing and the staff member returned with another bottle and new glasses, which he poured the wine into. “2012 The OC Zin. This is a little gimmick drink we usually show off to the tourists. It was very popular when the OC was still being aired”
Picking up the glass, Vanessa gave it a whiff. “Smells like… the last one.” She took a large sip. “Though this one definitely has a fruitier taste.”
“Sounding like a true wine connoisseur now.” Kim lifted the glass and swirled it around, like she had done the first time, taking a sip. Instantly, she twisted her nose, not liking the taste. She forced herself to swallow it regardless. “Ick, no, not for me.”
“I guess we have different tastes,” she said a little bluntly. Vanessa looked around for the staff, the coast was clear. She grabbed the bottle and poured a little more into her bottle. “You sure you don’t want any?”
“Well, not of that one. Is the first one around here still?”
Vanessa looked around and spotted a table by the gazebo entrance with the other bottle on it. She got up, going over to collect it. She returned to pour Vanessa a glass and sat back down. She took another gulp of her own wine, before asking, “Which would you choose, would you spend time with your great-grandmother in her last six months, or save ten children from a burning building?”
Kim thought for a moment. “I hope this answer doesn’t determine whether or not I miss out on a rose, but I’d have to pick my great-grandmother.”
“Well, that really depends.” she smiled, though it was more like a smirk. “Your turn now. You’re up.”
“Okay…” Kim felt the pressure, but luckily the alcohol made her feel relaxed. “Which would you choose, be pregnant at 16 or be pregnant at 45?”
“16, definitely. It’s easier to give birth!”
“But how would you kno- nevermind.” Kim waved off the thought, taking some more of her drink. “Have you thought of another one for me?” She turned her whole body to face Vanessa, leaning in a bit more.
Vanessa knew what she was going to ask and would’ve answered too if she hadn’t stopped. She finished the rest of her glass. “To be put into a mental asylum or thrown in prison?”
“Well, everyone’s always pleading insanity to get out of jail, so there must be a reason for that, so I guess I’d take the mental asylum.”
Before Vanessa could respond, the server came over and showed them a new bottle, pouring out two fresh glasses. Vanessa picked up her glass. “Cheers to… crazy questions and too much wine. I don’t know, got something better to say cheers to?”
Feeling a lot more confident now with the aid of all the wine, Kim nodded enthusiastically. “How about, cheers to this?” She leaned in and kissed Vanessa softly on the lips.
Vanessa was surprised at first, she wasn’t sure she’d felt something for Kim at first, then she regained composure. “Not quite.” She leaned over the table, almost knocking over her glass, and kissed her a little more passionately.

After tasting, doubles, of a few more wines, Kim and Vanessa linked arms and walked merrily back through the garden. “You know what word I love to drink when I’ve been drinking.” Vanessa laughed loudly. “The word I love to drink. I mean, the word I love to say…” Vanessa picked a flower from the garden on the way past and passed it to Kim. “… when drinking is discom… discobob… decombobueight… no, discombobulate.” The reached the large wooden door.
Kim blushed when Vanessa handed her the flower. Hopefully, this meant Vanessa wanted to keep her around a bit longer. “I can honestly say I have never heard that word before.” She pulled open the door. “After you.”
“Confused? Well, that’s what it means.” Vanessa smiles, then laughs. “No, together.” She pulls Kim inside with her.
“Ok, then. Together it is,” Kim agreed, getting pulled alongside Vanessa. “So what’s next for us?” Kim asked, enjoying the date so much to notice it was coming to its end.
Patting herself down, she said, “Well, I don’t have a rose on me, so will you accept that flower I just gave you as one until I have a rose?”
“Of course I will,” Kim said, smiling.
The staff member standing in front of them, who they hadn’t noticed, starts talking, “The winery tour starts…” He continues to go into detail whether they were listening or not.
“This was clearly not well thought through,” Kim whispered to Vanessa. “Why would they give us a tour after we’ve already had the samples. What if we were shit-faced?”
“What are you talkin’ about? I’m perfectly well-balanced, coherent, and sober,” she said, trying to act soberer than she was while looping her arm through Kim’s and almost tripping.
“That’s why I said if. Obviously not us. But other people, light-weights, would probably be stumbling by this point… But that’s not us, we’re fine.” She said it with such confidence in her voice.
Vanessa laughed again, raising her finger in the air as if to make a point. “I think that maybe, just maybe, they don’t do this often. I think they do it the way Tyrone did it.” She furrowed her brows. “Something is wrong with that.”
“Yeah, his name. It’s Tyson, not Tyrone. Surely you of all people would be able to keep track of names, Tiana.”
“Only names that are worthy of my remembering them, and Tyrone, definitely is not.” They finished up the tour, both stumbling along and laughing uncontrollably until it came to the end of their date.


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Who would your character talk to at the second cocktail party?
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  • My character would be in a group conversation with Tyson.
  • My character would approach Vanessa privately.
  • My character would be approached Vanessa privately.
  • My character would be in a group conversation with Vanessa.
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The Bachelor(ette) SG ~ Sign-ups/Chat

The second cocktail party from Vanessa’s perspective

Tonight, Vanessa wore a knee-length cocktail dress. The skirt was a pale yellow that flared out slightly and the top was deep blue with short, puffy sleeves. They met at her waist and were covered by a red ribbon, sewn over the seam. Her wild, curly hair was a little controlled tonight, by a red, ribbon-like headband.
She walked into the living room, looking around. She squeezed her eyes closed and headed toward the group in the kitchen; Juniper, Danny and Adrian. Reaching the doorway, she stood, leaning against the frame and spoke to all of them at a volume a little quiet than normal. “What’s cooking, good looking?”
“We were just getting ourselves a couple of drinks,” Danny answered.
Adrian went to offer Vanessa one, but Juniper cut in before she had the chance. “Oh, so you assume she was talking to you when she said ‘good looking’?”
Vanessa wanted to smirk but refrained. “Now if I were to tell you that that would only give one of you an overly inflated ego.”
“Whereas leaving us in the dark keeps us oh so modest,” Adrian remarked.
“Well…” Vanessa left the doorway, stepping forward to lean on the bench. “What are you drinking tonight?”
“Gin and tonic for me,” Adrian answered, taking a sip from her glass.
“Rosé,” Juniper said as she poured the bottle of wine into her glass.
“And I’m going to stick with water tonight,” Danny said finally.
“So would you like one?” Juniper asked.
Vanessa squeezed her eyes shut again, briefly. “Sorry ladies, I might just copy Danny and stick with water. Would someone mind passing me a glass, please?”
Danny was the closest to the cupboard, so he quickly fetched one for Vanessa and put some ice in it. “Swearing off of alcohol for a while? We heard your date was wine-testing.” He handed her the glass.
She pursed her lips at him, almost giving him a teasing smile. “At least for tonight. I don’t think it’ll be best for my head right now. Might do more harm than good.”
“I think that’s a smart decision considering you have the hard job tonight,” Adrian approved. “Wouldn’t want to send the wrong person home.”
“You mean, she wouldn’t want to send the right person home,” Danny countered.
“Yeah, I’m not looking forward to that part,” Vanessa told them as she took a gulp of water. “I just don’t feel like I know everyone to make that decision yet.”
Juniper, seeing an opportunity to get Vanessa alone, spoke up. “If that’s the case, mind if I steal you away for a few minutes?”
Nodding, she replied, “Somewhere quieter, perhaps?”
Juniper couldn’t stop the smile that grew across her face. “Absolutely,” she said, leading them outside. Walking past Tyson and another group, to the far corner, overlooking the city. As they left, Danny felt a little disappointed that he hadn’t thought of the idea himself. He hoped that he had impressed Vanessa enough for her to keep him around longer.

“So on night one, you mentioned your mother left you, but now I’m thinking that was all part of your Dory joke, yes?” Juniper didn’t wait for Vanessa to confirm this. “Do you mind if I ask about your real family now?”
Vanessa’s eyes widened, filling a little stuck for words. She hadn’t remembered revealing that much so early on in the competition. She only nodded before finding her voice some seconds later. “Yes, it was probably part of the joke, but it had truth to it too. Yes, my mother did leave dad and I when I was young.”
“Oh!”, Juniper remarked. “I’m so sorry to hear that… I feel like an idiot assuming it was a part of your joke.”
“Don’t feel like that.” She leaned on the railing and looked out over the city. “I’m a little surprised I mentioned it really.”
“I take it you don’t talk about it much?”
“Why should I, it’s in the past?”, Vanessa spoke abruptly, almost as if she’s been offended. “Why dwell on it? If I were to talk about it, is it going to change anything? No, it’s not.”
Juniper was taken aback at Vanessa’s response. “Well, I can’t fault your logic there,” she agreed, trying to recover from her other question.
“Yes, well, other people to talk to. Must continue,” she spoke even more abruptly this time, turning around and walking over to group sitting on the chairs.

Vanessa approached Lara, Connor, and Maxon, who were sitting on the chairs which were placed on the grass that Vanessa would in no way consider a lawn. “Is there room for one more?”
“There’s always room for you,” Maxon answered, gesturing to the chair beside him. “You look beautiful tonight.”
“And a lot more relaxed than the last time we saw you,” Connor added, in reference to their group date.
“Thank you, Max, for the seat and the compliment.” She sat next to him. “You don’t mind if I call you that, do you?” She looked over at Connor and sipped her water, which was still in her hand. “Yes, well, being scared is not entirely for me.”
“I’d prefer not to be called ’that’ actually,” Maxon said with a cheeky grin.
She looked back at him. She decided to tease him back, for some reason she felt comfortable with Maxon. “Oh, why not? I think ‘That’ would be a lovely name, I think I shall call you ‘That’ from now on.”
“It will never catch on,” Maxon said confidently.
“No, I think it has a nice ring to it,” Lara chimed in. “I’m sure the others will agree too.”
Vanessa gave Maxon a friendly punch in the arm, then pointed at Lara. “See, if Lara and I start doing it then everyone will!”
Maxon let out a small chuckle. “If you say so.”
Sensing a pause in the conversation, Connor spoke up, “Well, Lara, That … You’ll have to excuse me, but I was hoping to steal Vanessa away for a moment alone?” He phrased it as a question, looking to Vanessa for her answer.
“Yeah, I think that…” she paused as she looked across the yard. Juniper had gone back inside. “…shall we go over there?”
“Sounds wonderful.” Connor stood up and walked over to Vanessa’s spot, offering his hand out once he had reached her. She placed her hand in his and lifted herself out of the chair.
They made their way to the far side of the yard. “I think this has been the first time since I met you that I’ve had a chance to talk to you privately,” Connor confessed. “I know this is a competition, but I was not expecting time to fly the way it has.”
“Me neither.” Vanessa nodded. “But at the time, it’s not that fast.” She crossed her arms and leaned on them on the railing. “So what burning questions do you have?”
“Well, I guess my biggest questions for you are what made you want to find love and why is now the right time for it?”
“Timing, I’d have to say.” She didn’t turn to look at him when she answered, but stared at the horizon. Although she thought to herself, No, Vanessa, if you’re going to do this then you’re going to have to open yourself up a little, or at least try to. She turned her head a little. “Well, actually, for my dad.”
“He wants you to find love?” Connor asked, raising an eyebrow.
“To see me happy, sure.” Shrugging, she turned back to the horizon. “Love’s meant to do that, isn’t it?”
“Well, I think it has the power to make you happy. But I don’t think happiness should depend on being in love.”
“No, but when I was in the past, it made me happy. And besides, it’s worth a shot. If it doesn’t work out then I’ve still got a great job and am able to travel.”
“That’s true; it’s great you’ve got those things to fall back on. But I personally think love shouldn’t be all about making someone happy. There are more layers to it.”
Vanessa turned quickly, leaning back on the railing and crossing her arms over her chest. “Okay Con Man, care to explain your idea of love then?”
“To me, it’s about finding that missing piece. Not necessarily someone who makes you happy, but someone who completes you or challenges you to continually grow and be a better person. You just can’t let your happiness depend on them. I think that puts to much power in someone else’s hands.”
“Gosh, do you always get so deep after talking to some for the second time?”
“Well, you asked for it,” Connor said, shrugging. “I know you got to make your rounds tonight and talk to everyone so I won’t keep you here. But at least know you know who to come to if you ever want a thought-provoking conversation.”
“Now I do,” she replied, leaning forward to kiss his cheek. Then stepped back with a smile, and before she walked back inside, she added, “I shall definitely be sure to look you up.”

Vanessa entered the living room again. To the left, near the wall, was Piper, Nova, and… Tyson. Stepping toward them, she interrupted Tyson while he was talking. “Say, Nova, we haven’t really talked yet, and I feel like I should save you from this guy before he scares you into shattering the eardrums of everyone in the room.”
Nova, unsure of what to say, awkwardly fiddled with a ring she was wearing. Luckily Piper was there to break the silence. “I knew we were popular but not this popular.”
Tyson cleared his throat loudly as if to announce his presence to Vanessa. “Well, if you want to talk to Nova so badly, couldn’t you wait until she’s free?”
She looked over at Tyson, rolling her eyes. “It’s a competition, deal with it.” She turned back to Nova and asked, “So you don’t need me to save you?”
“Uh, well…” Nova hesitated. She wasn’t used to being the centre of attention.
“It’s okay, Nova. You can talk with Vanessa while I keep Tyson company,” Piper offered. “How does that sound?”
“Uh, sure. That sounds fair,” Nova agreed. She turned to give Vanessa her full attention. “Would you like to get a drink? Oh, wait, no,” she backtracked, seeing the glass in her hand. “You already have a drink, m-my mistake. Um…”
“How about we just head over there to talk?” She pointed to the opposite side of the room.
“That would be great,” Nova said, finally able to relax enough to stop stuttering for a moment. Vanessa nodded and walked over to the opposite corner.

Vanessa faced Nova. “So, how are you finding everything so far?”
“Well, I’ve completely embarrassed myself several times already and we’re only up to the second ceremony, so I’d say I’ve been finding it all a little nerve-wracking,” Nova rambled. “Oh, but gosh, you have it a lot tougher than I do. How are you finding it?”
“So are you not usually clumsy or get embarrassed very easily then?”, she asked, rolling her eyes in Tyson’s direction. “Surprisingly, I don’t mind it so much, despite having to communicate often with Tipsy.”
Nova gave out a nervous laugh. “No, truthfully I am pretty clumsy I guess… Oh, who is Tipsy? Are you, uh, giving out nicknames already?”
“Then there’s nothing to worry about if it’s your usual self, you’re just being you, that’s all we should be. At least, that’s what I think.” Vanessa pushed up her glasses. “Tipsy is the annoying one, Tyson. But, come to think of it, I have given out a few nicknames.”
Nova blushed at Vanessa’s words of wisdom. She had always been self-conscious about her how clumsy she was. “Well, maybe sometime you could tell me those few nicknames. I could guess who they belong to, kind of like a game… Or is that just a stupid idea?”
Vanessa found it intriguing how much Nova blushed. It was kind of cute. “Sometime? So not now, okay, we’ll have to play the game later then… if…” Vanessa stopped, paused, and decided to change the subject. “So what would you like to ask, if you have a question in mind that is?”
“Uh, well, I have been curious since that first night… You were using Disney names, so am I right to assume you’re a Disney fan?”
Vanessa pursed her lips. “I’m not sure I would say fan, but I’ve never missed a film.”
“Neither have I, but I have to admit I’m a huge Disney fan. Especially the musicals.”
“Well, we’ll have to talk Disney later, as I should continue on.” Vanessa winked at Nova, which felt weird and she scrunched up her face, cringing.

She headed into the dining room to find Jay, Axel, and Nicolas. “Nicolas, it’s funny to find you in here again.”
“Really? What’s so funny about that?”, Axel replied instead.
She snapped her head round at Axel, “You don’t think it is quirkily interesting that he prefers to chat at the table, without supper?”
“I didn’t know that it was a requirement to eat while we sit here talking,” Axel shrugged.
“Neither did I,” Nicolas chimed in. “But you probably already guessed I didn’t know about that unspoken rule since this is where you keep finding me.”
A little annoyed, Vanessa retorted, “No, it is not required, but clearly you two are not aware of the etiquette of the dining room table.”
Jay stood up abruptly. “Vanessa’s right,” he agreed, looking down on Axel and Nicolas. He turned to face her. “Perhaps I can steal you away for a minute and save you from looking at this monstrosity.”
Upon hearing this, Axel also got up from his chair. “You’re joking, right? You already had your alone time with her on your mini date,” he said to Jay. “And you also got a rose,” Axel reminded him. Turning his attention to Vanessa, he hoped he hadn’t just come across too obsessive. “Vanessa, if you have a free minute, I’d actually like to have a private chat with you.”
She narrowed her eyes at Axel. “And why should I go with you? Jay did ask first. He also didn’t come across aggressive in the slightest. So what reason will you give me to join you?”
Axel immediately regretted his outburst. That was not the way he meant to come across. “I was just thinking that you need a proper opportunity to get to know me. I’m more than just a French man who accidentally comes arrogant.” He hoped that changing Vanessa’s word of choice would make her forget she had just implied he was aggressive.

She didn’t say a word but instead walked round the table to the other end of the room. The table was long, but overall, the room was small, like the living room. She turned back to him. “Come on then. Since you argue that this is a good place to talk, let us do it here.” She sat in one of the chairs.
“Alright then.” Axel hesitantly followed Vanessa over to the other end hesitantly. He wasn’t sure if this conversation would go well and it didn’t help having Jay and Nicolas so close by to witness it. “You look gorgeous tonight,” he decided to lead with. “But I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you that.”
“No, you’re the second, I believe,” she told him bluntly. “But thank you. So what is it you were discussing before I interrupted, anything of interest?”
“Well, tonight’s topic of conversation was the afterlife. Specifically, reincarnation. Are you a believer?”
“No, it’s a ridiculous notion,” she answered rather quickly while tapping her nails on the table. “Next question.”
“So what are your beliefs then? If not reincarnation, is there something else?”
Vanessa inhaled, only to exhale loudly, she was tired of the conversation. “In simple, I guess you could say I’m a Christian.”
“Interesting, okay…” Axel looked around the room for a new topic idea to jump out at him. “So what would you say is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?”
“This show,” she answered even faster than the last. Then turned to face him. “Your turn. If you were kidnapped, thrown in a box with the phone, which was then thrown into the sea, who would you call? You would have only enough reception for one quick call?”
“The police?” Axel guessed. “That’s the easiest phone number to call and they would probably be the most helpful.”
“Wow. Here’s me thinking you would call your mum or someone just to say goodbye.” She rolled her eyes.
“But then I’d have to pick which mum to call and it would be like picking a favourite. I can’t do that. At least the police would have a chance of saving me and then I wouldn’t need to say goodbye to anyone.”
There was one thing that piqued her interest with what he said and she gave him a quizzical look. “Which mum? You have more that one?”
Axel nodded, pleased that for once it sounded like Vanessa might actually be interested in what he had to say. “I have two. I was adopted when I was a baby.”
“Lucky. You have two people who love and support you. They didn’t have you but actually chose you. That must be a great feeling, knowing this.”
“It definitely is.” Axel beamed. “I was lucky to be raised by two women who loved me unconditionally and gave me a modern and positive outlook on life.”
Vanessa gave a quick smile and allowed silence to fall for just a moment before speaking. “I don’t know how much time I have but I should probably move on to another group.” She stood. “Thanks for the conversation.”
“Of course, Vanessa. Enjoy the rest of your night.” Axel returned to the other end of the table to join Jay and Nicolas again.

Vanessa walked around the dining table and over to the couch. She stood in front of Tori, Julian, and Kim. “Hey, how’s the night so far?”
“Better now that you’re here,” Kim answered, flashing a flirty smile.
“Would you like to join us?” Tori asked her, gesturing to a spot on the couch. “Julian was just telling us about his son, Elliot.”
Vanessa pressed her fingers to her temple, then tried to pass it off by fixing the ribbon in her hair, an unfriendly reminder of yesterday to matching her beautiful grin. “I may as well.” She sat down. “Julian, you have a son?”
“I do. Elliot. He just turned five last month.” Julian hesitated for a moment before continuing. “Is that something you’re okay with?” Tori and Kim were also eager to hear Vanessa’s answer.
She didn’t even blink an eyelid. Vanessa was always asked questions about having kids or being around kids. “I’m a midwife. I have to be. Kids are never a problem, some parents, but never kids.”
“Some parents?”, Kim questioned her. “Sounds like you probably have a horror story or two.”
“Don’t we all?”, Tori added.
“I can agree with that,” Julian agreed. “At least we learn what not to do.”
Vanessa nodded. “Except that most don’t learn.”
“Well, as great as all this children talk is, I was hoping I could get a minute alone with Vanessa before the ceremony started.” Kim smiled at Vanessa. “If that’s alright with you.”
Vanessa smiled half-heartedly and stood. “How could I say no? Let’s talk on the way to the ceremony because I think it’s nearly time.”

“I’d love to,” Kim gladly accepted. Once they were out of view of the others, Kim reached for Vanessa’s hand. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about our date. I really had a good time.”
Feeling Kim’s palm in her own, Vanessa didn’t pull away. “I have to say the same, but probably not for exactly the same reason. Hopefully, that’ll change tomorrow.”
“Oh? And what’s your reason?”
She looked back at Kim, a little astonished. “Don’t tell you didn’t feel any effects after yesterday?”
“A small headache, sure. But that feeling faded after I had a big breakfast.”
“Breakfast, I knew I forgot something.” Vanessa laughed. “No, I skipped it because I didn’t want it to come back up again.”
“Yikes, I guess wine is your weakness… Or are you like this no matter what you drink?”
“I’d say alcohol, but it also depends on quantity.”
“To think yesterday was only a tasting too,” Kim pointed out with a giggle.
They were still holding hands, and Vanessa stopped, pulling Kim around in front of her. “We were drinking a lot more than just a tasting though.” She smiled as she looked into Kim’s eyes. “Though there was one that I wish I got a little more drunk on.” Vanessa leaned in and kissed her.


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The second cocktail party from Tyson’s perspective

Tyson first headed over to the largest group in the house. He was wearing a maroon, button up shirt with black dress pants. Lara, Connor, Maxon and Jace were all sitting outside, on the chairs on the square patch of lawn.
Maxon was talking to Lara, “So why did you have to wake us up with a air horn yesterday morning?” Connor and Jace looked at her too, awaiting an answer.
She smiled sweetly with a subtle shrug. “If you were given one from John, don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same.”
“What? It sounds like Vanessa and I miss out on all the fun,” Tyson interrupted the group. “John gave you an air horn?”
Connor suddenly perked when he saw Tyson. “Well, in that case, when are you moving in here with us? I believe I’m not the only one who’d mind.”
Jace grinned, thinking about two nights ago. “No, I definitely wouldn’t mind.”
“Wouldn’t that mess up the sleeping arrangements though? The house is a bit full, no?”
Lara’s smile hadn’t faded, only grown brighter. “I’m sure we could make room for you.”
Then before anyone could add onto that, Jace spoke up, “Why don’t I show you?” He gestured inside.
“Well, with you as my tour guide, how can I say no?”, Tyson agreed to Jace’s suggestion. Jace’s grin remained as he placed his hand on Tyson’s back, leading him inside. He didn’t see the glare that Lara was giving him.

They got to halfway along the corridor before Jace said anything. “First, I just wanted to thank you properly for the rose and the other night. I had a lot of fun.”
“Yeah, I really enjoyed it too… Despite having things jump out at us every 5 seconds and scaring us.”
“You must have enjoyed it somewhat since Vanessa keeps suggesting that it was your choice of date?!”
“Oh, it was,” Tyson admitted. “But it’s not something I’d be doing every weekend. I just like to try new things every once and a while and this was a good opportunity.”
“This whole show is an opportunity to try new things.” Jace rubbed the back of his neck. “I guess it’s sort of a way to have a fresh start.”
“That’s one way of looking at it. Is there a reason you would need a fresh start? Any skeletons in your closet I should know about?”
Jace thought about this a moment. He knew he should tell Tyson about his sister, but he didn’t know if he could. Could he really trust him just yet, let alone share it with the world. He barely knew him. “No, not really.” He projected his smile. “I was just unable to play baseball professionally, so have to get my life on track to head in a different direction.”
Tyson nodded, understanding. “It must be hard to find another passion. Though if I remember correctly, you were quite the chef.”
“Yes, that’s right, I am a chef.” But that didn’t perk him up any. In fact, it only gave him a heavier heart as he remembered how his sister used to watch his games. He sniffed, trying to shrug off any tears that were threatening to come. “Quite a good one too, even if I do say so myself.”
“You alright?”, Tyson asked, sensing there was something Jace was holding back, and picking up on the troubled tone of Jace’s voice. “I know we’ve only had one date so far, but if there’s anything on your mind, you can talk to me.”
Jace’s smile faltered slightly. He wanted to, but he just couldn’t tell him. Not yet anyway. “I just… I miss my sister. I really do.” He didn’t lie, he did miss his sister, both of them in fact.
Without hesitating, Tyson reached for Jace’s hand and squeezed it reassuringly. “It’s okay to feel a little homesick.”
“Thanks,” Jace said, looking down at Tyson’s hand holding his. “It’s good to know that the bachelor is so understanding.”
“Well, I try to be,” Tyson said with a wink. “In saying that though, I hope you understand I should probably socialise with some other contestants… Wouldn’t want you to get a target on your back, after all.”
“Very considerate.” Then he leaned in and gave Tyson a peck on the cheek.

Tyson left Jace to walk back to the living room where he found Tori, Julian and Kim sitting on the couch in conversation. He stood directly behind Kim. “What have I been missing out on over here?”, Tyson asked.
Tori turned her head and quipped, “I don’t know what you’ve been missing, but I can tell you who we’ve been missing.”
However, Kim decided to answer his question. “Only about the date and the rose I received yesterday.”
Tyson smiled at Tori, assuming she was talking about him and ignoring the minor possibility that she was talking about Vanessa. “Well, I suppose I should congratulate you on the rose then, Kim. I take it you and Vanessa enjoyed the date.” Originally, Tyson had been surprised Vanessa had picked Kim. Kim had been his first pick at the last ceremony, but now it appeared that maybe she had bonded with Vanessa more than him.
“It seemed that you and Vanessa switched choices for the individual date,” Julian stated curiously. “Was this on purpose or was it to do with the rivalry that was seen developing on the group date?”
Tori, just clicking on to this, added, “Yes, is this going to be a common occurrence? Will the two first picks tonight also get the individual dates next week?”
“Yeah, that was funny how that came about,” Tyson said with a laugh. “But it was all purely coincidental. Don’t think you can start guessing a pattern to predict who will be going on dates now.”
Tori smiled confidently and shifted round on the couch to look at him. “Well, now, I’m sure if there is a pattern then I can find it. I don’t suppose I could have a chat now, you know, just to get a head start on my sleuthing?”
“I promise you there’s not, but of course, you’re welcome to pick my brain.”
“I’m not a zombie.” She laughed and got up to join him. “But I’m always willing to try new things.”

They walked over to the corner of the little, opposite from the kitchen and dining room. “So you promised at the last ceremony that you would explain the importance of the globe keyring the next time we talked,” Tyson reminded her. “And here we are.”
Tori looked back at him amazed and smirking. “Does that mean that you haven’t discovered it yourself yet or you just haven’t looked at?”
“I’ve looked at it, but I was under the impression it had some deep meaning behind it that only you would know.”
“Alright then, do you have the globe on you now?”
Tyson searched his pockets to see if he had remembered it. “I know it’s here. I was hoping to talk to you tonight to find out, so I did bring it.” He pulled it out from his left pocket and twirled it around his finger. “Aha, here it is.”
Tori took it off his finger… slowly, while gazing into his eyes. Once in her hand, she spun it, only to stop it again with her thumb. Directly above her thumbnail was an island in the Pacific. “For starters, it’s the only mini globe I’ve found with Hawaii on it, my birthplace.”
“Oh, I didn’t know Hawaii was neglected so often,” Tyson admitted. “But I guess you’d pick up on that since you were born there. What else?”
“Well.” She started twisting the knob at the top, which held the globe in place to spin. Then, within seconds, the globe opened like a jewellery box, and inside was a miniature flute. “Just a small reminder, so you don’t forget me.”
“Somehow you’ve managed to give me more questions than answers. Now I just want to know about the flute.”
Tori simply flicked him a smile. “Well I have to keep you intrigued somehow, how else am I going to get you to keep me around. I want to but I don’t think it’s fair of me to hog you for too long.” She closed the globe and handed it back to him with a wink, before walking back to the couch.

After he had safely returned the keyring to his pocket, Tyson made his way over to Piper and Nova who were standing to one side of the living room. “Evening ladies. Are you both enjoying the cocktail party-”
He was cut off by none other than Vanessa. “Say, Nova, we haven’t really talked yet, and I feel like I should save you from this guy before he scares you into shattering the eardrums of everyone in the room.”
Piper looked at Vanessa, a little surprised by the sudden interruption from both of them. She looked at Nova and remarked, “I knew we were popular but not this popular.”
Tyson cleared his throat, attempting to send Vanessa a message. Was there really no one left for Vanessa to talk to? There was a whole house full of people she could have approached, but she had to interrupt the conversation he had only just started. “Well, if you want to talk to Nova so badly, couldn’t you wait until she’s free?”
“It’s a competition, deal with it,” She told him, rolling her eyes and then turned back to Nova. “So you don’t need me to save you?”
“Uh, well…” Nova hesitated.
“It’s okay, Nova. You can talk with Vanessa while I keep Tyson company,” Piper offered. “How does that sound?”
“Uh, sure. That sounds fair,” Nova replied to Piper. She then spoke to Vanessa, “Would you like to get a drink? Oh, wait, no… You already have a drink, m-my mistake. Um…”
“How about we just head over there to talk?” She pointed to the opposite side of the room, the corner where Tyson had just been speaking to Tori.
“That would be great,” Nova said, finally able to relax enough to stop stuttering for a moment. Vanessa and Nova walked away.

“Back to my original question then,” Tyson said to just Piper now. “Are you enjoying the cocktail party?”
As if just remembering her glass in her hand, she held it up in a toast before taking a sip. Rum tonight, just to see. “Not too bad with a drink, though I bet you’re going to enjoy it more after the ceremony. Speaking of, where’s your drink?”
“Would you believe no one has asked me to get one with them yet? Don’t suppose you’d want to join me for a walk to the kitchen?”
“You took the question right out my mouth.” Piper smiled and they walked over to the kitchen. “So, what’s your poison?”
“Well, I think I’ve had enough wine this week, so I’ll take a beer.”
“One beer coming up. Prepare to see that some women can do just as much as men.” Piper put down her glass on the counter and retrieved a beer from the fridge. She held the bottle at bench-level so that the edge of the cap was on the bench. Slamming her hand down on the cap, it popped off and she handed the bottle to Tyson.
“Okay, that was impressive,” Tyson complimented, accepting the drink from her. “Is that your go-to party trick?”
“Not go-to, but it’s one of my tricks. I’ll have to show you the rest at some point.”
He took a sip from his bottle. “Is that how you guarantee yourself a rose tonight? With a promise of showing me some more tricks in the future?”
Piper thought for a moment and then smiled confidently, picking up her glass. “Why would I need to try to guarantee myself a rose?”
Tyson let out a small laugh. “I admire your confidence, Piper.”
She laughed along with him. “You call it confidence, while most call it cockiness.”
“So which do you see it as?”
She pulled her head back a little to look at him questioningly. “Neither. I see it as being myself.”
“Clever answer,” Tyson remarked. “You’ve got me intrigued now… and not just to see those tricks you promised me.”
“Yes, give someone just enough to leave them wanting more,” she told him. Then clinked her glass on his bottle and walked out of the kitchen.

Left with a cheeky grin on his face, Tyson turned to spot Danny, Adrian and Juniper on the other side of the kitchen. He made his way over to them. “How are you guys enjoying your night so far? Have I been missing anything fun over here?”
Danny and Adrian turned their heads to see Tyson standing between them. “Hello, stranger.” Adrian smiled. “ I forgot to thank you for being there for me two nights ago, and helping me overcome my fears… a little.”
Juniper was standing outside of the kitchen, on the other side of the bench, opposite Tyson. “I’ve been curious, before doing this show, what is it you look for in a partner?”
“Oh, there’s no need to be thanking me,” Tyson assured Adrian. “And to answer your question Juniper, I’m looking for someone who shares the same interests as me and who wants the same things in life. I’m not looking for anything to extreme, just someone I can rely on basically.”
“So a best friend who you can share anything with?”, Danny asked. “Isn’t that what most of us want?”
Juniper nodded and Adrian spoke to him with a smile, “Charming, I thought you also wanted someone who would like to travel, or are you planning to do the settling?”
“Yes, and yes,” he answered both of them. “I still want to continue travelling, but I understand I’ll probably have to cut back a little to start a family.” He thought for a moment before responding more to Danny’s comment. “And I would hope most people here do also want the whole best friend-type of partner. I’d hate to go through all this only to choose someone who didn’t see eye to eye with me.”
Danny replied, “I believe that’s what makes your job tonight even more tedious.”
“Don’t remind me, please. It’s only going to get harder from here on too… Do any of you have have any distraction ideas?”
Fuck, Marry, Kill,” suggested Juniper.
Adrian raised her brow. “A little childish, don’t you think? What about singing? Singing always clears my mind.”
“And for those of us who don’t have a good voice?” Danny scoffed and pointed to himself. “How about alphabet stew?”
“Alphabet stew?”, Tyson quizzed. “Now someone’s going to have to explain that one to me.”
“It’s the kids’ game where you take turns listing foods to put in a fictional stew by going through the alphabet consecutively,” Danny informed them. “Though I play a different version with kids, where you have to name a food starting with the last letter of the food that was previously named, and no repeating words.”
“Either way you play it, it sounds like it would be one nasty stew,” Tyson remarked. “Do you work with children?”
Danny nodded. “I do a lot of volunteer work, so yes.”
“So… are we… going to play this game?”, Adrian asked tentatively.
“I, uh, I think I’ll have to save it for another time since there are still a few more people I haven’t had a chance to talk to yet.” Tyson had already started scoping the room and found the final group of people he needed to talk with.
“Okay. Hope to see you close up at the rose ceremony,” Juniper told him, then looked down, wondering why on Earth she’d just said that.

Tyson left the kitchen and found himself joining Jay, Axel and Nicolas at the dining room table. “I think you’re the only three people I haven’t spoken to all night. You don’t mind if I join you, do you?”, he checked, even though he was already sitting down.
“Of course not. Though you’ve only just missed Vanessa.” Jay smiled coyly, thinking about the other night with her.
The Axel added, “ I know it’s a polite thing, but you were already seated, so asking wasn’t really necessary. Just saying.”
“Last to be spoken to,” Nicolas repeated. “Must have saved the best for last.
“That’s lucky,” Tyson said quietly in response to Jay. He wasn’t sure what to say to Axel, so he turned to Nicolas instead. “I’m hoping I did. I see you three have a more laid-back approach to these cocktail parties.”
“Are people not relaxed?”, Jay asked, looking back in the living room.
“The thing is, why stress? The key is to find love, right? So how can you find it if you’re just worrying the whole time? It’ll just pass you by. You won’t be able to see what you’re looking for.” Jay looked directly into Tyson’s eyes. “Even if it’s sitting right beside you.”
“I was only meaning that you aren’t fighting to kill each other to get time with Vanessa and I,” Tyson joked. “But I’m not sure I agree with you Jay. Sometimes a little stress or pressure also opens your eyes to what you need too.”
Jay leaned back in his chair, a little disappointed by Tyson’s response.
“So, Tyson,” Axel began to ask. “Are you looking for what you need or what you want? Which is your preference?”
“I can’t have both? I suppose if I had to pick a preference, I’d say I’m here for what I want- No, what I need … Or maybe, in the end, it would be classified as what I want .” Tyson sighed. “I really can’t be sure.”
Axel laughed. “So maybe what you’ve really come here for is to discover what it is that you need in life and see if it’s what you’ve been wanting, or if you do indeed, need a change.”
“Could be,” Tyson said with a light chuckle. “I guess I really did save the best for last because this is the most philosophical conversation I’ve had all night.”
“You’ve definitely come to the right person, with Axel. Just don’t let him talk for too long, otherwise, he’ll never stop,” Jay said, teasingly.
“Hey, hey, hey. Just because the topics that have been started in here have got a little heated, doesn’t mean I’m overly talkative. If someone has a good argument or opinion, I will happily listen,” Axel stated, feeling the need to defend himself.
“And what about you, Nic?”, Tyson enquired/inquired.
“What about me?”, Nicolas questioned. “Am I talkative? I can be, but I more of a thinker and listener.”
“Well, I think I’d like to hear more about what you’re thinking. Maybe I’ll get a chance at the next cocktail party,” Tyson said with a wink.
“I hope so,” Nicolas smiled coyly as Tyson got up and left for the ceremony.


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Elimination Two

Back out in the garden, with the same setup as last time, John stood in the centre in front of the contestants. “It’s our second elimination of the season and 16 of you stand before me, but only 10 roses.” John paused, looking across at many confused and pained faces. “Yes, that’s right, TWO will be leaving tonight without a rose. But I see that there has already been strong chemistry starting, a few kisses have been shared.” He looked over at Kim and Jay. “And four roses have already been given out, Chelsea is quite ill and cannot make it out here tonight, but would Kim, Jace, and Jay, please make your way to the side. John also stepped to the side (opposite from them) as they did so. “So, this week, Tyson, would you start us off?”

“Absolutely, John.” Tyson picked up the first rose from the table and took a small step forward. “Adrian, will you accept this rose?”
“Again?!” She smiled and walked down to him. “Thank you, Charming.” He kissed her cheek as he handed over the rose, then she joined the first four.

Vanessa picked up a rose and scanned the faces. “So I think this person should know that I would pick them early on. Maxon, will you accept this rose?”
Maxon made his way over to Vanessa. “Of course I will,” he accepted. He gave Vanessa a quick peck on the cheek before joining the others.

Tyson grabbed the next rose. “This next rose is for Lara.”
Lara blushed. She stepped forward without saying a word until she reached him. “Thank you, I guess my psychic energy has left me for this competition.” She fiddled with the rose and joined the others.

Taking the rose while Lara was still talking, Vanessa played with the stem. “Believe it or not, I do want to play that game with you. Nova?”
Nova’s surprise was evident on her face as she heard her name. She walked over to Vanessa, carefully watching her steps. “Thank you, Vanessa,” she said, taking the rose, then walking to her new spot.

Tyson held the next rose in front of him. “Connor, will you accept this rose?”
Connor smiled confidently. “Moving up in position, not last this time.” He went to collect the rose. “Thank you, Ty.” He joined the growing group with roses.

Vanessa held out the next rose, “For my water buddy tonight. Thanks for the drink, Dan.”
Danny happily moved through the crowd of remaining contestants to reach Vanessa. He leaned forward to plant a kiss on her cheek as he accepted the rose. “Any time,” he said, before joining his fellow rose holders.

After picking up the next rose, Tyson scanned the remaining contestants, looking for his next recipient. “I’d like to give this next rose to Piper,” he said, locking his eyes with hers.
She felt a little disappointed that she’d been called so late, but she walked over to him as confidently as she could. “Thank you, Tyson” She gave him a kiss on the cheek before joining the others but felt quite awkward doing it.

“You better bring that conversation again next week, Axel,” she called, picking up another rose.
Axel let out his breath he hadn’t even realised he was holding in. He was sure he had screwed things up with Vanessa tonight and had been relying on Tyson for a rose. He hastily made his way to Vanessa. “I will,” he assured her, taking the rose. He turned and made his way to the other group.

Tyson took a deep breath before picking up his last rose. “Tonight, I’d like to offer my final rose to Tori.”
Tori made her way over to him and started saying, “I guess that gift must still be keeping you intrigued.” Once she reached him, she gripped the stem of the rose, holding the top of his hand for a moment. Tori gave him a wink before taking her place with the others.

Vanessa picked up the last rose and looked between the last three contestants; Juniper, Julian, and Nicolas. She could only pick one. She took a deep breath and spoke up, “Well, I’m still waiting for you to start a discussion with me, but I still see some kind of potential. So I’m going to give the last rose to Julian, if you will accept?”
Julian offered a sympathetic smile to Juniper and Nicolas before he walked forward to Vanessa. “Of course I will accept, thank you,” Julian said. He then made his way to the other group of contestants.

John walked in front of Tyson and Vanessa and said, “Nicolas, Juniper, you did not receive a rose tonight. It’s now time for you to say your goodbyes and leave the show. Congratulations to the remaining 14. Your journey to find love is still continuing on this season of The Bachelor… ette!” John looked into the camera. “I’m your host John Doe. Good night, America.”


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The Date Card and the House

The following morning, John entered the house to the smell of fresh coffee brewing and the sound of bacon crackling. The first thing he saw was a small group gathered on the couch in the living room. But looking into the kitchen, he watched Jace and Piper both working as a well-oiled team to prepare breakfast, with their kitchen-hand, Danny.
“Sorry to put a hold on breakfast, but can you all please gather round?”, John asked.
“You can’t just ask us to pause breakfast, John,” Piper retorted.
Jace laughed and turned the element down to let the bacon slowly sizzle. “It will be fine for a few minutes.”
While the kitchen crew washed their hands, the rest of the contestants made their way to join John in the living room.
“As mentioned last week, group dates will be one date with both the bachelor and bachelorette, whereas individual dates will be the same location but be separate from each other. They will both be taking it in turns to pick the date’s activity. Since last week was Tyson’s choice, that makes this week…” John paused for dramatic effect. “It’s Vanessa’s pick. As for the reading of the date card, Adrian, would you like to do the honours?”
“Gladly.” Adrian stood up from her place and made her way over to John. Adrian took the envelope from John and gently opened the seal. ”Axel.”
Axel flashed a wide grin. “First to be called out… I wonder if that’s a sign,” he pondered.
Next, Adrian called, “Lara.” Lara heard her name and simply smiled and fluttered her eyelashes.
Pleased that he was actually included this week, Danny pulled his arm quickly down with his elbow into his side and fist angled up, levelled around his shoulder. “Yes,” he said aloud to himself.
Connor smiled. “Another one. It sure does look like they like me a lot.”
Tori also smiled, a little cockier than Connor had. “Looks like you’re not the only one that they like, Connor.”
“It’s about time they chose the greatest competition,” Julian said, instantly going quiet afterwards. He couldn’t believe he’d said that aloud, as he didn’t want to sound that pompous.
“Another so soon,” Kim responded to her name being called. I knew I hit it off with her. I’m glad she felt it too.
“Me too,” Nova said, almost as if she were replying to Kim.
Adrian waited for the excitement from the other contestants to die down before continuing. “For the date, it says… I want to learn things from all over the world, so why not start here.”
“So I guess that means we’re staying in the house,” Julian observed.
“I don’t think a group date in this house would be the best place to start learning about the world-” Piper retorted, rolling her eyes. “Maybe it’s referring to this state.”
“Piper’s probably right,” Tori agreed, not really wanting to agree with her, as she didn’t see eye-to-eye with on a few things so far on the show. She stood up from her spot on the couch. “But I’m keen to find out exactly what we’ll be doing. Don’t know about the rest of you, but I need to start getting ready.” Tori leaves and heads straight for the shower.
“Hmm… Should I help to finish cooking breakfast or get ready for the date?” Danny asked himself out loud.
“Always remember, Danny, breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” Jace answered her before heading back to the kitchen.

About an hour and a half later, after everyone on the date had left, there were six left in the house. Adrian, Jay, and Piper were still sitting at the table, while Chelsea, Jace, and Maxon were cleaning up from breakfast.
“Vanessa and Tyson must really like her,” Piper commented, looking across the table at Jay and Adrian. “Kim had a date with just Vanessa last week and now she has a group date. I think she’s massive competition.”
“You don’t think it’s just a coincidence? With the number of contestants it was bound to happen to someone,” Jay queried.
“Actually, I think Piper might be onto something… Kim’s received a rose from both Tyson and Vanessa, so they must both have an interest in her,” Adrian added.
“If we’re going by that logic, then so have I,” Jay reaffirmed. “So has Chelsea and Nova. As have you, Piper. What happens if you or I get chosen for tomorrow’s individual date, then the same shall be said about us.”
“I didn’t think about that,” Piper said.
“So do you also think you’re massive competition now knowing that?”, Adrian asked. She hadn’t expected it to sound so judgemental when she said it, but she still wanted to hear Piper’s answer.
Piper smiled. “Yes, possibly. But we don’t really know, now do we? No one has any real idea what it is that Tyson and Vanessa are looking for, aside from not each other.” She was referring to the two times now that she’d witnessed them have a go at each other. “We just don’t know their preferences, except the two that are on top with roses and dates; Kim and Chelsea.” She whispered the last name since she was possibly within earshot.
“I still think that it could just be a coincidence,” Jay rebutted. “It’s only week two, far too early to be picking favourites. If there’s someone who happens to get… Say, four dates in a row, then we can start speculating about favourites… But for now, I don’t think we can read into it so much.”
Adrian twirled her hair. “You’re probably right, but I think people will speculate regardless as the nerves and anxiety of the competition set in further.”
As soon as Adrian said this, Jay found something stirring in his gut. She was right, he thought. My anxiety is starting to set in. He held his hand under the table, so they couldn’t see his hand was trembling.

“Are you feeling better, Chelsea?” Maxon asked as handed her the now dry plate to put away.
Jace was scrubbing a large pan. “It was lucky that you already had a rose, so you knew that you weren’t going home since you missed the party.”
“Much better, thanks. But I am a little annoyed I missed the cocktail party. The rose only got me through to this week and I need any time I can get with Tyson or Vanessa.”
“Welcome on board the boat, it’s getting quite cramped on this tiny raft.” Maxon laughed. “I’m pretty sure that all 14 of us feel this way.” Jace only nodded along, thinking about how his time with Tyson was great but short-lived. He still spent much time with them at all.
“That’s true, but now all of you have had just that little bit more of a chance to get to know them. I’ll have to do something to catch up now… Especially since I doubt I’ll be getting a single date,” Chelsea said.
Jace lifted his hands out of the sink and turned his head to Chelsea. Soapy water ran down his fingertips. “You probably have one of the strongest connections in the house. You were the first contestant to be called, went on a single date with Tyson, AND Vanessa looks for you at cocktail parties. If anyone has to worry here, it’s Maxon, who hasn’t really had the time with them. Sorry but-”
Maxon froze, almost dropping the mug. Then gave a small chuckle. “If I was worried then I would probably stress about this.” However, he was feeling a little stressed.
Ignoring the fact that Jace was clearly trying to take the focus of the conversation away from her, Chelsea continued speaking, “It really doesn’t matter if you think my connection is the strongest… The point is that I want to actually get to know Vanessa and Tyson and by missing out on the cocktail party, I lost an opportunity to do that.”
Jace shrugged and put his hands back in the water. “Guess you’ll have to wait for the next cocktail party then.”


@alyssagreene, @Kale, @puma, @annaclaire721, @Tellyg47, @Littlefeets, @EpisodeLover_13, @candyxcx, @Coolepisodes, @Ella, @BrookieK, and @KBaldi93


The Group Date

The group was waiting on the sidewalk of one the smaller and emptier streets in Western Hollywood. Looking around, wondering where their Bachelor and Bachelorette might be. Though they didn’t have to look for long. Swinging round the corner was a bright red, double-decker, tourist bus.
There they were, Vanessa and Tyson, standing on top of the open-aired second deck. Then a loud, pitchy screech was heard from the the bus’ speaker system. It was Vanessa’s voice. Whoever gave her a microphone, should be shot, she’s loud enough as is. “Hey guys, ready to take a tour with m-” She quickly looked across at Tyson, rolling her eyes. “With us? Climb aboard, let’s get this tour underway.
Vanessa had her tight, white shirt with three-quarter sleeves on again, but this time with a vintage, navy-checkered dungaree playsuit, showing off her legs, and dark blue converse. Tyson was wearing comfortable, semi-fitting, stonewash jeans with a loose, white V-neck and a casual black blazer. To top it off, he had on 50s Wayfarer Style shades on.
Axel decided to lead the group and was the first to climb on board. He darted straight for the stairs, hoping to secure himself a spot next to Vanessa. Closely behind him was Tori who had a similar idea. Vanessa was heading to the front seats of the top deck, and had to put grip one of the seats to stop herself from stumbling Axel and Tori rushed up to her. “Where’s the fire?”, she joked into the mic, turning to face the pair.
“No fire,” Axel laughed it off. “We’re all just excited to see you.”
“And to see this view too,” Tori added. “I’ve always wanted to do something like this. Are the stops on our tour all hand picked by you?”
“Well, I planned the tour but stops… we’re spending an hour or so riding around the city, seeing things from the bus. Then after that, I have a couple places planned,” Vanessa answered.
“Leaving us in the dark?” Tori pouted. She was rather girly today, in her white skinnies with ripped knees, accompanied with white sneakers and a pale pink, off the shoulder, puffy long-sleeved top, decorated with roses along the bust.
“Well, I like that it’s a surprise. I still haven’t been able to do much sightseeing in America yet,” Axel chimed in. He was in mid-wash jeans and a tightly-fitting black t-shirt that showed off every chiselled angle. To top it off, he had a simple, black watch, and black, suede, derby shoes.
Vanessa lowered the mic so that she could have a conversation. “That makes two of us, Axel… sort of.” She looked out the windscreen, which went right up the second level and past their heads. “So, what’s the most cliche thing about Hollywood?”
“The celebrities,” Axel answered without missing a beat. Tori, on the other hand, took a moment to think about the question.
“Are you asking what we think is the most cliche location?”, Tori asked, wanting more clarification before answering. She figured this would somehow lead to their first location.
Nodding at Axel, Vanessa took interest and faced Tori. “It was a general question. Not a big fan of improvisation, Tori?”
“Is anyone a big fan of improvisation?”, Tori retorted. “To answer your question though, it has got to be The Walk of Fame, where people dress up as celebrities and then charge you money to take pictures with them.”
Just like that, Vanessa lost interest again and didn’t say anything for a few moments. “You’ll have to make sure we talk again before this date is over.” She was making it obvious that she was only speaking to Axel, then walked away.

A few seats down, sat Danny and Kim, side by side. Danny was in a white tee and open, denim jacket with black trousers rolled up to his ankles. While Kim wore a taupe-coloured, knitted, halter-neck crop top with stonewash boyfriend jeans. Vanessa knelt on the seat in front of them and leaned over its back as the bus started up. Everyone around them fell into the bench seats as the bus pulled away. “How are you two doing?”
Kim’s face lit up when she saw Vanessa turn to them. She was about to answer, but Danny beat her to it. “I’m feeling great,” he replied. “Though I’m really not used to this weather yet.”
“It’s nothing a bit of sunscreen can’t help you with,” Kim said casually.
“And what weather are you used to then, Dan?” Vanessa asked. “Snow? Or a tropical storm maybe?”
“No, nothing too extreme. Just dull skies and frequent rain. That’s London for you.”
“Oh, you’re all so well travelled. London, that would have been on my bucket list.” Vanessa paused. “So what was it like for you growing up? Were you a rule follower or a breaker? Were there any rules you hated?”
“I consider myself a bit of a rule-breaker,” Kim answered. “I was always expected to work at my family’s shop growing up, but it really wasn’t for me. I was always sneaking off to practice my arts.” She stopped speaking, but just as Danny was about to say something, she had a sudden thought and continued. “Oh, my mother also refused to let me meet my agent back when I was first starting out as a model, so I had to convince my father to take me to events and photoshoots… That was pretty rebellious of me.”
Danny let out a breath once she had finished speaking. “Have to admit, I’m a stickler for rules. My parents were very supportive, so I never had anything to rebel against. How about you, Vanessa?”
Vanessa stared at Kim. “I’m all for individualism and uniqueness, but there are rules for a reason. They create balance, fairness, and structure. Especially when it comes to parents. The rules they set help to define who we are and how we live.” Turning her head to Danny, she relaxed her face a little. “You’re very lucky then.” She paused a second. “Lucky that your parents have been there for you.”
“Yours weren’t?”, Danny asked before he had time to realise that it was far too early to be asking personal questions like this. “Sorry, that was invasive of me. You don’t have to go into it.”
She crossed her arms over the back of the seat, remaining silent while she stared at them for a few seconds. “No, no, mine was. He always supported me.”
As the bus was cruising along, the speakers started to crackle. Vanessa’s mic had already been taken off her and now a tour guide was talking to the group from downstairs. His voice sounded pitchy and pubescent over the speakers. “On your left, you will see one of America’s oldest running motion picture companies, Paramount Pictures.”
“Oh, wow!”, Kim exclaimed. “That looks amazing. I’ve always had an interest in scriptwriting and used to dream of being a film director.”
Vanessa looked over in the direction the guide had said. She saw the arched gateway and the tall walls, and then found more interest in seeing Connor and Julian sitting on the seat opposite them on the left. “You guys keen on seeing the Paramount Pictures’ studios, or are you not a fan of their films?”
Connor pulled his attention away from the road to look at Vanessa. “I’m more into books than I am into movies, but I did really like Forrest Gump and they distributed that.”
Julian nodded in agreement. “I prefer Universal Studios to Paramount,” he admitted. “But it’s not like I pick a movie based on what company produced it anyway.”
“That’s understandable. Though ethics of the company should play a small in the films you watch, no?” Vanessa paused to think. “What’s your favourite film then? Or book for you, Connor?”
“Maybe, but most people don’t know what companies produce which films anyway,” Julian answered. “Have to say my all time favourite movie would be Django Unchained.”
“My favourite book is Gone. Are you more of a reader yourself?” Connor asked Vanessa.
Vanessa answered Julian, she was straight-faced. “That is only because people are ignorant and don’t care about the companies. That’s more than obvious with the number of people that download films rather than buy them.” The guide told them they were passing some theatre and museum, but she ignored it and made eye contact with Connor. “Yes, I am. I haven’t heard of Gone, but I have read Gone Girl. That was good. However, my favourite book is called The Bronze Horseman.
“Do you honestly think the majority of people would not go to see a movie based on who produced it?” Julian interjected. “Even if people are made aware of what companies represent, they’d still watch a movie if it was starring their favourite actor, wouldn’t they?”
Turning to him a little more fiercely, she retorted, “Clearly you could not comprehend what I was saying. The world doesn’t care who makes the films, just that they’re made. I mean, Stars Wars is now made and owned by Disney, for Pete’s sake. All people want to see is more action at a faster pace. Thoughtful films with slow plotlines aren’t wanted by the mass market. All because people don’t care about the work behind the scenes, just the actor in front of them.” She paused to breathe. “You ask the majority who Billy Wilder, Ernest Lehman, or Stanley Kubrick are, and they won’t even know.”
“You seem to be misunderstanding what I said. You’re saying that people don’t care to know who makes the movies they’re watching, but I’m saying that even if they did know, it wouldn’t influence whether they watch something or not,” Julian rebutted. “I’m not disagreeing with you entirely, but we’re talking about two different things at this point.”
“No, we’re talking about the same thing, but YOU don’t listen, and it’s not even worth dumbing it down for you.” Vanessa stood and looked between Danny, Kim, and Connor. “Sorry, I have to go, I’m not a fan of your choice in company.”

Heading to the back of the bus, the guide starts blabbering on about the Walk of Fame. “Hey girls, is that spot taken?” She pointed to the small spot between Lara and Nova.
“No, it’s free,” Lara answered.
“Are you liking the tour so far?”, Nova asked Vanessa.
“Thank you” Vanessa sat down in between them. “This tour? No. I’m not.”
“Oh, um…” Nova fumbled.
“That’s unfortunate considering it was your choice this week,” Lara added. “What do you think would have made it better?”
“Not being Hollywood.” Vanessa looked at each of them, either side of her. “No, don’t get me wrong, instead, I’ve enjoyed being with the people on this date instead and their conversations.”
“That’s a shame though. You could have had the same company and conversations doing something you would have actually enjoyed,” Lara responded assuringly.
“Well, I’m liking this tour,” Nova admitted softly. “So, uh, at least your date has made me happy.”
“But if I hadn’t chosen this then I wouldn’t have seen Hollywood thoroughly.” She turned her head to listen more carefully to the softness of her voice and Vanessa placed her hand on top of Nova’s. “Glad you’re enjoying it.”
“One could argue that you’re still not seeing Hollywood thoroughly, considering the limitations of the bus,” Lara pointed out.
Starting to run her fingers over the back of Nova’s hand, tracing patterns, Vanessa rolled her eyes. “If you think we’re staying on the bus, I believe your psychic ability is faulty.”
Nova blushed at Vanessa’s touch. “We’re getting off the bus soon?”, she asked. “What else have you got planned?”
“We? Ah, well, the bus should be stopping soon but I’m not sure that everyone will be getting off to look around more.”
Nova nodded knowingly. She hoped the fact that Vanessa was still playing with her hand meant she might have a chance to get some extra time on this date.
“Well, in the event that I’m not getting off, I hope you enjoy Hollywood close up more than you did from the bus,” Lara said sympathetically.
Vanessa flicked her head round to Lara, still tracing her fingers over Nova’s. “I’m not sure about today, but I think I’ll definitely enjoy tomorrow.” Turning back to Nova, she leaned in close to her ear and whispered, “One moment.” Vanessa stood up, holding on to the seat to balance as the bus stopped at a set of lights. She headed downstairs.
After no more than five minutes, Vanessa came back up the stairs with a hand behind her back, and down the aisle toward Nova and Lara. Keeping eye contact with Nova as she did. This time she didn’t sit, only braced herself on the back seat with her other hand and leaned down to her level. Touching Nova’s lips, she gently massaged them with her own, before pulling back saying, “I was serious about wanting to play that game. I really do want to talk more with you.” Pulling her hand out from behind her back, she held out a rose for her. “Will you accept this?”
Nova’s cheeks turned bright red. “Y-yes, of course, I will,” she accepted, feeling a little surprised. As she went to take the rose from Vanessa, the bus hit a pothole, causing Nova to stumble forward and bump heads with Vanessa. “I’m so sorry,” she quickly insisted, turning even redder. But all Vanessa did was smile and kiss her forehead, before rubbing her own head.

Lara and Nova, who had been standing next to each other, talking, were next on the bus, after Axel and Tori. Nova, almost being dragged on by Lara. They were going for Tyson. Today, they almost looked like twins. Nova wore a formal, loose, red tank top with tight black jeans and shin-high brown boots. While Lara wore a casual red tank with a small, black, leather jacket, black jeans, and black ankle boots.
Tyson had moved away from Vanessa and was now sitting at the back of the bus. He saw Lara and Nova coming in his direction and stood up to greet them. “Well, one of you looks a bit more eager for this date than the other. Not a fan of buses, Nova?”
Alarmed by what Tyson said to her, she didn’t know what to say, so she froze. Lara noticed her silence and giggled. “I think she just wasn’t expecting me to essentially drag her onto the bus.”
“Was just taken a little by surprise, that’s all.” She brushes her loose hair off her face with her fingers, trying to recompose herself. Almost bumping her sunnies, she asked, “How are you today, Tyson?”
“Better now that I’ve got a more tolerable company for today,” Tyson replied. He was, of course, making a reference to Vanessa. “Are either of you from California?”
Nova replied faster this time, “No, Nashville, Tennessee. The home of music.”
Lara smiled. “Home of music, huh? I’m a Californian though.”
Country music,” Tyson corrected. He turned his attention to Lara. “Unless you’re a homebody, I’d say you won’t find this date too exciting then.”
Nova raised her eyebrows, “What? Are you not a country fan?”
“Well, country’s not my favourite, but it’s still a great genre. I just wouldn’t say it’s the home of all music.”
There was a slight pause before Lara replied. “I think everything can be new and exciting if you look at it in a different way. Even if you’ve already seen it in a different light.” She was referring to her visions with her last point.
“I’ll remember to bring that up if I catch you yawning.”
“Is that a promise?”, Lara asked coyly with a giggle.
“I guess time will tell,” he shrugged. “So living in California must mean you’d have some exciting hobbies. Do you surf?”
She watched him curiously, knowing that he just asked because he felt like he had to. “No, but I know a couple surfers. One of whom actually inspired my last tattoo.” Wanting to get the questions off of her, she reflected them and asked, “Are you a surfer then?”
“I know a bit, but not enough to call myself a surfer. I guess you wouldn’t have learned how to at all in Nashville, would you Nova?”
Nova’s cheeks started to redden again. “No, not close enough to the ocean for that. Just a child of the theatre. I’m not really an extreme sportsman or a regular one for that matter.”
“Just a child of the theatre?”, Tyson repeated. “So what was it like with your family?”
“Good.” Nova put a hand to one of her cheeks to try to hide it. “I’m an only child. It was just me and my parents, who were very loving and supportive. My mother…” She goes quiet for a moment. “…We were very close. The three musketeers, we used to call ourselves.”
Tyson seemed surprised at her answer. “I couldn’t even imagine having such a small family,” he remarked. “What about you, Lara? Are you part of a big family or a smaller sized one?”
Lara smiled. “If a smaller family surprises you then you’ll be surprised again because I also have a small family.” She looked over at Nova and made a note to talk to her later. “I, too, only have my… parents in my family. No siblings.”
“So would you both rather have smaller families of your own too?”
“Not for me,” Nova admitted, still looking over at Lara, wondering what she was thinking. “I think I would like a big family, surrounded by loved ones.”
“I’m not too sure. I’m still quite young, so I haven’t thought about that too much. I believe it all depends on who I settle with.”
“I guess that’s something you haven’t had a vision about just yet then,” Tyson said to Lara. As the bus passed Paramount Pictures, Tyson stood up. “I think it’s about time for me to socialise with some of the others now. I’ll catch up with you both later.”

Tyson walked toward the front of the bus, finally sitting down on the opposite side of the aisle from Axel and Tori. “I can see why you’re both sitting up the front,” he said to them. “You can see a lot more from here.”
Tori looked around Axel, who was sitting in the aisle seat. “Yeah, it’s great since neither of us has taken a tour of Hollywood. Have you ever toured Hollywood? Or have taken any other kind of tour?”
“No, I actually haven’t been to Hollywood,” Tyson shared. “With the nature of my job, I’ve done lots of tours, but they’ve mostly been on tropical islands.”
“Oh, that’s right,” Axel said as if suddenly remembering. “You work on cruise ships.”
The guide’s voice projected out over the speakers again. “We are turning onto Hollywood Boulevard, where you will see the Wax Museum followed by the Chinese Theatre on your right.”
“Now the wax museum is definitely something I’d want to see close up,” Tyson said upon hearing the announcement.
“Me too, I want to tick it off my bucket list,” Tori agreed.
Axel added, “I think it’d be fun to go there if only to make fun of how life-like people think they look.”
“I admit, from the photos I’ve seen, some look terrible, but there’s also some that do look incredibly realistic too. Those are the ones I’d like to get photos with.”
Axel opened his mouth to reply but guide put a stop to it when they heard, “Along here you can see the Walk of Fame, where many Hollywood celebrities have got a star.”
“So… I’m curious, Tori, what would you say the best thing that happened to you this year was?”, Tyson asked.
Tori snorted. “Now, that’s not a fair question, because I know you’re probably expecting me to say something sappy like come on this show. But in all honesty, it would have to be going to Japan.”
“Actually, I wasn’t expecting you to say this show and I’m glad you didn’t say it either. How long were you in Japan for?”
Tori’s smile radiated confidence. She was glad that he wasn’t wanting a cliche answer. “Only 18 days. My best friend, Kylee and I went over there for a holiday.”
“I’m sure it was a well deserved holiday then.” Tyson turned his attention to Axel. “Have you ever been to Japan?”
“Japan? No, I haven’t been-” Axel wasn’t able to finish.
The guide had interrupted him. “And on your right is the Comedy Store, which has played host to some of the most famous names in comedy since 1972.”
“I think I’ll let you guys enjoy the tour for a bit while I talk to some of the others,” Tyson said as he stood up.

Tyson found himself walking over to Kim and Danny, noticing Julian and Connor were opposite. He decided to take a seat behind Connor and Julian and leaned forward to talk to them. “How is everyone?”
Connor shifted in his seat to see Tyson. “Quite well for seeing you. I thought you may have forgotten about us.”
Julian also turned to the side, leaning his back on the side of the bus, he had a sullen expression. Although he was vaguely looking in Tyson’s direction, he didn’t answer, as he wasn’t fully there.
“Me? Forget you all?” Tyson feigned shock. “No, I could never. But I do want to get to know you all better. How about I start by asking what do you guys do for a living?”
Connor smiled and lightly chuckled. “As if no one could guess, I’m an author.”
Kim noticed Tyson sit down opposite them and swivelled her legs round and rested her elbows on her thighs. “Well, I’m a model and an artist, when I get the time to paint, that is,” she chimed in, not wanting to miss an opportunity to talk to Tyson. “But my family also owns a small store, so I help out there too.”
As Kim was talking, Danny was patiently waiting so he could chime in too. When she had, he quickly said, “I’m just a therapist.”
“Just a therapist, Danny?” Tyson raised an eyebrow. “There are many types of therapists as I’m sure you’re aware. Are you an occupational therapist or a guidance counsellor or a psychiatrist? I’m sure there’s more I could list.”
“Since you asked, I’m a speech-language pathologist. Basically a speech therapist, mostly for children, well, youth.”
“That sounds interesting. What made you want to do that?”
“I like to destroy the hopes and dreams of children. No, sorry, scratch that, wrong person. That’s the reason Ginger started teaching.” Connor laughed, though he had a hint of sadness in his eyes as if he were remembering something difficult.
Julian pulled his head round to stare at Connor in surprise. “Who’s Ginger?”
“My girlfriend,” he replied, a little too quickly.
“What? Then why are you on this show?”, Tyson asked, dumbfounded by what he had just heard.
“She made me.” Then as if Connor had just realised what he’d said, he awkwardly ran a hand through his hair. “Technically she’s my ex… girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, I am here and ready to find love. But whoever I end up with in my life, should know that she’ll always be in here.” He tapped on the left side of his chest.
“So why didn’t it work out with this ‘Ginger’?”, Tyson asked curiously.
The talkative Connor had been made silent with one simple question. For this was the only thing he didn’t like to talk about. He opened his mouth to speak, but the only thing that left his body was a tear out of the corner of his eye. After a deep breath, he could finally attempt to answer, “Not everyone who travels, returns home safely.”
“Oh!” Tyson was speechless. He put a hand on Conner’s shoulder and squeezed it reassuringly. “I’m sorry to hear that.”
He wiped the tear from his eye and shifted, trying to act more upbeat and confident. “Yeah, but I want to find love again and I know she’d be wanting the exact same thing. She would have wanted that the day after it happened.” He laughed half-heartedly.


@alyssagreene, @Kale, @puma, @annaclaire721, @Tellyg47, @Littlefeets, @EpisodeLover_13, @candyxcx, @Coolepisodes, @Ella, @BrookieK, and @KBaldi93

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The Bachelor(ette) SG ~ Sign-ups/Chat

The Group Date - Vanessa and Tyson’s individual mini dates

The bus had come to stop in Beverly Hills. Down Rodeo drive to be exact. Vanessa made her way back up the aisle to the stairwell, while taking the microphone out of her pocket that she’d also collected from the producer when she’d got Nova’s rose. “So,” she spoke into the mic. “Since we’ve stopped in probably one of the most overrated parts of Hollywood, we may as well take a look. And so I won’t get bored, I was hoping that Axel would be keen to accompany me.”
Axel stood up from his spot and winked at Tori as if to rub it in. He turned to face Vanessa and smiled. “I’m sure we won’t be bored together,” he said, then joined Vanessa at the stairs.
Tyson then stood up and walked toward the back of the bus where Nova and Lara were sitting. “And I was wondering if you would join me, Lara?”, he asked, offering out his hand.
Lara had felt upset with herself and a little inadequate when Vanessa had kissed Nova and given her an early rose. They had been sitting together the whole time, so what had she done that Lara hadn’t. Adjusting her top, Lara wished that her psychic abilities worked differently and they didn’t just work at the most random of times.
Then Lara noticed a tall shadow cast over her. She looked up to find Tyson asking her for alone time. Maybe she had done something right. Holding her head high, she feigned confidence and responded softly, “…Honey, it would be a pleasure to join you.” She and Tyson then followed Vanessa and Axel down the stairs and onto the street, to watch as the bus pulled away.

They stood outside Louis Vuitton and Vanessa looked around, avoiding Tyson and Lara’s direction. She spoke to Axel, “How about we cross the road and head that way?” She pointed southeast.
Axel took Vanessa’s hand in his own and nodded, then led them across the road. “What interests you more, the stores along this street or the cafes?”, he asked once they were safely on the other side.
She decided not to query the hand holding and went with it, answering him instead. “I think we should find coffee first, as I have an idea of what I want to do.”
“Coffee it is then,” he agreed. “Promise me you’re not one of those people who has a really long and complex drink order though.”
“Depends if you would call a cappuccino complex?” She rolled her eyes at the thought of it. “What about you, you’re not one of those who has a coffee and decaf combo with about five syrups and diabetic sugar?”
“No, that’s not me at all. An espresso is all I need to start my day,” he answered. “But as a waiter, I’ve had to take plenty of complicated coffee orders… And it doesn’t stop there. People love to complicate their salad order too.”
She raised her eyebrows. “Really? What’s the most complicated, or stupid, salad order you’ve been asked for?”
“A Caesar salad. Add chicken, no cheese, no croutons, no marinated onions, no oil on the chicken, no oil on the bacon, no salt and no pepper. It looks awful when I served it.”
“All they wanted was bacon, chicken, and tomatoes? A BCT? That’s weird.”
“Lettuce,” Axel corrected. “Bacon, chicken and lettuce. I take it you don’t cook much? If you take out the oil used to cook chicken and bacon and you lose the flavour.”
She rolled her eyes at her mistake. “Okay, so a BLC then. No, I won’t be admitting I’m the greatest cook, but I am the greatest critic amongst my friends.”
“I’m sure it’s only constructive criticism you offer… But does it get you uninvited from future dinner parties?”
Vanessa actually laughed. “No, I don’t usually do so at ‘dinner parties’, I’m just known for trying out all the local restaurants in the area.”
The pair walks past a small takeaway coffee stand. “Should we get our coffee here, or were you thinking of somewhere we could actually sit down?”, Axel asked.
“Walking and talking sounds good,” she said as they walked up to the stand. “Okay, so you like heavy discussions and the like, but I want to put you on the spot. Out of everyone in the house, who would you want to send home and who is your biggest competition?”
“Okay…” Axel put a finger to his chin to think for a moment. “I would want to send home Lara, because… Well, I just don’t find myself understanding all that psychic stuff, so she’s not someone I can talk to… But who I consider my biggest competition? I’m afraid I can not answer because that would imply that this is a game show of sorts. I’m merely here to find love, not to compete to win.”
“Interesting.” Vanessa turned away and screwed up her nose, she was facing the barista. “So what are you having? An Espresso, right?”
“Yes, thank you.”
Stepping up to the coffee cart, she spoke to the barista, “One espresso and one large cappuccino, not too hot, extra froth, a double shot, and cinnamon not chocolate.”
“Huh, that sure is one complicated way to pronounce ‘cappuccino’,” Axel thought out loud. “What do you define ‘not too hot’ as?”
She spun on her heel and her hair flung out behind her. “That wasn’t complicated,” she snapped. “Today’s temperature is climbing to a hot one, so I guess “not too hot” would be how it feels right now.”
“In the scheme of things, it wasn’t that complicated, but it was still more complex than a standard cap,” Axel pointed out. “What do you do if people make your coffee wrong?”
“Drink it.” Vanessa shrugged. “And they just won’t go on my recommendations list. Unless it has no coffee, then I’ll ask them to make another. What about you, Axel? What is one thing that you hate that people get wrong?”
“I actually don’t mind if someone mixes up a food order or something, because that can be an honest mistake. What I can’t stand is when official judges get something wrong. Like in sports and competitions. There’s no room for error in those situations.”
“Ugh, I hate that. Like when they called out ’La La Land’ for best picture at the 2017 Academy Awards, only to be rectified five minutes later.”
Axel laughed. “That’s a perfect example of what I was meaning. Have you noticed how people always seem to forget it until award season comes around and then they bring it back up again?”
The barista called out Alice and the caterpillar and Axel raised an eyebrow at Vanessa. “I’m going to assume that’s ours, though I would never consider a caterpillar to be the Alice in Wonderland character that represents me.”
He stepped up to the cart to get their coffees.
She shrugged. “He was the most argumentative character from the book that I could think of, and the name was one that I gave… No, you can figure that one out.” Smirking, she continued on with the previous conversation. “Nobody stays current when getting up in arms about something. They make a big deal, then drop it, only to bring it up when thought about again. I understand mentioning it if it happened again, but not when it is over and not thought about.”
Axel handed Vanessa her coffee and then took a sip of his own. “So now that we have our coffee, what was the plan?”
“You will see.” Vanessa turned around and said to the producer who was paying for their coffee, pointing to the danishes on the counter. “And one of those too, please.”
“Well, you need to give me a clue at least. How else will I know what direction to walk in?”
Facing him, after being handed the bag with the danish inside, Vanessa replied almostly coyly, “I can’t do that, you’ll think I’m just some really sappy girl. So, this way.” She pointed the same way they’d been going.
“I don’t see how you giving me at least one hint would make you seem ‘really sappy’,” Axel observed as he walked beside her. “Unless that was a hint in itself… Something related to Alice in Wonderland perhaps?”
“Not that film, no.” She shook her head, keeping her gaze focused ahead of her. She sipped her coffee and pointed to the left. “Jimmy Choo is meant to be famous, isn’t it?”
“Meant to be? I think they are famous already. It’s not really up for debate,” Axel replied. “So, not that film, but it’s a different film?”, he asked, trying to remain on topic.
Vanessa actually laughed. Again. The second time today, she’s on fire. “Yes, it is a film, and it does involve something on this street.”
“I didn’t think I was being funny… Why are you laughing?”, Axel asked.
“You just become so invested in… this game, I guess, that you’ve created here.”
“Well, I’m fairly sure I know what movie now… And for the record, it doesn’t make you ’really sappy’.”
“And it is?”, she asked curiously, as they reached the corner, the end of the Rodeo Drive.
“Is it the Tiffany one? With Audrey Hepburn?”
“Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Yes.” She pointed to the building on the corner, which was Tiffany’s. “Although, it’s not really breakfast time.”
“This might be a dumb question, but can you really eat here?”
Vanessa laughed for the third time. Maybe she’s not the one on fire, maybe it’s Axel. “It’s not a stupid question, but as you can see by the window display, it’s a jeweller. The opening sequence of the film had the main character, Holly, drinking coffee outside, simply because it was her favourite shop.
Axel looked Vanessa up and down. “Oh, so you would be recreating that moment right now?”
“I guess.” Vanessa shrugged and pointed to a bench off to the side, making her way over to it. “Have you never watched a film and really wanted to go to one of the locations in it?”
“Well, actually I would like to visit Notting Hill one day. It’s one of my favourite movies,” Axel confessed. “But there’s no iconic scenes I’d be able to recreate from that.”
“Hmm… I think sitting in a cafe and trying to find look-alikes to the cast could be fun. Or searching for Beavis and Butt-Head in Portobello market could be fun.”
She paused a moment. “I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised how relaxed you’ve helped me to feel. So I was wondering if you’d accept this, as a temporary rose, in the hopes that we can have another date like this.” She offered him the bagged danish.
“This might be better than getting an actual rose,” he joked, as he accepted the bag from Vanessa. “How could I say no?” He leaned in to give Vanessa a kiss on the cheek to show his thanks, but Vanessa turned her head and he ended up kissing her on the lips.

Lara started to twist her hair, unsure of what to say, as she wasn’t able to maintain her faux confidence. She simply strained her ear to listen to the other two.
“I guess that means we should head this way,” Tyson said, gesturing northwest.
Lara shook her head slightly, as if suddenly aware of where she was. “Are we not meant to go the same way?”
Tyson laughed lightly. “If you don’t want the one on one time with me, then, of course, we can follow Vanessa and Axel around for the rest of the day,” he joked.
She turned her face away from, as she felt embarrassed for even asking that. “I guess that was a silly thing to ask.” She giggled and looked northwest. “Since our tour guide is gone, I should probably take up the role.”
“I knew I picked the right person for this,” Tyson gushed. “But I hope you’re not sick of seeing everything on this street for probably the thousandth time.”
“I stick to what I said before, every time I see something or go somewhere, I look at it in a new and different way.”
“But can you really do that every time? It’s a nice outlook, but I highly doubt that can apply to your hometown unless you’re actually looking at it from a different way. I’m sure the bus was different but showing me around? How do you turn that into a new was to see things?”
“If it’s day to day life back home, then I just get on with it. There’s no point changing it up or looking at it differently, but if I’m having a leisure day out with friends, then sure I can.” Lara adjusts herself and mock holds a clipboard and microphone. “Now I’m your guide, so my mind is processing this place like that, thinking of interesting facts and places to tell you about. So unless you want to go up Dayton Way, we should cross it instead.”
“No, we’ll stick to Rodeo Drive,” Tyson said before they crossed together. “So what kind of interesting fact can you tell me about this place?”, Tyson asked, pointing down the street.
Lara adjusted her mock mic. “Let’s see. Did you know that Beverly Hills is the only city to boast about having no hospital, cemetery, billboards, and no telephone or power lines? They even banned horses in the 1930s.”
“They’re the only ones to boast about it but not the only ones who don’t have any of those things?”, Tyson quizzed.
She stared off to the right, thinking. “I suppose there could be but I don’t know of any… well, there is a place in Mississippi without a hospital nearby. Although, it’s so small that I hardly think it counts.”
“So back to Beverly Hills… If someone were to have a stroke or a heart attack, they’d have to wait longer for an ambulance to arrive, right? I’m not sure I’d want to ever move there if that’s the case.”
“Probably.” Lara smiled and put her hand on his bicep, squeezing it lightly before pulling away. “I don’t think you’ll ever have a problem with your heart. On a more positive note, we have the fastest response time for police, right on this street.”
Tyson chuckled. “So does that mean there’s less crime since they can respond quickly or they’ve had more crime so the response time is a result of practice?”
She giggled. “Less. You’ve got to look after the richest part of town, didn’t you know?” She let out a small sigh.
“Well, I guess I know now.” Tyson looked up further ahead. “Are we far from Beverly Gardens Park? I’d like to see the infamous sign they have there.”
“I hope you’re not talking about the Hollywood one because despite its name, this part of Beverly Hills is remarkably flat and you won’t be able to see it.” Lara’s quaint smile never left her face. “We should keep going this way for maybe 10 or 15 minutes and it’s at the end of Rodeo Drive.”
“No, I wasn’t talking about the Hollywood one. I think the Beverly Hills one is better and severely underappreciated in comparison… And isn’t it true that it’s illegal to actually go up to the Hollywood sign now? Romantic, but illegal?”
“Oh, that makes more sense.” She nodded along in agreement. “Yes, it’s completely fenced off from the public because of stupid people violating it.” They had just walked past places like Dolce Gabbana and Valentino, on the other side of the road, and were just coming up to Gucci on their side. “If you’re thirsty, I know of a good juice stand just round that corner.”
“You know me so well already. I am rather thirsty.” They walked further along and took a turn at the corner that Lara had said to. “Since this is LA, am I safe to assume it’s all organic? Or is that me stereotyping Californians?”
Finding a little more of her confidence, she replied, “And just think how well I know you in a few more weeks if you allow it.” She smiled. “I really want to say you are stereotyping, but you’re really not. The majority of us eat organically.”
Tyson smiled at her first comment but didn’t respond to it. “There’s nothing wrong with organic juices sometimes, but I don’t think I could change my diet to only organic foods all the time.” They reached the juice stall.
“I believe we’ve just found our first big difference between us.” She blushed.
“Oh no! A difference! I’ll have to send you home for that!” Tyson mocked sarcastically, squeezing Lara’s hand so she would know he was joking. “So what organic juice would you recommend for me? Since you seem to know me so well.”
Her blushing cheeks became more prominent when he took her hand. “I would hope you have a lot of citrus in your diet since your life is at sea most of the year?”
“Admittedly, I could probably do with more citrus in my life. I’m not too fussed on my diet when I’m at sea since there’s only so much food on the ship and it’s mostly for the passengers.”
“Oh, don’t you worry about scurvy?” Lara looked at the menu. “Hmm… how about… a stress reducer. It has celery, kale, pineapple, orange, and beets. You can mostly taste the pineapple and orange with the slightest hint of a sour taste.”
“Scurvy? Nah, if I was going to get it, I’d have already gotten it by now, so I must be getting enough vitamin C,” Tyson explained casually. “I trust your judgement though, so I’ll get the stress reducer.” Tyson goes up to order but turns to look back at Lara. “Sorry, I forgot to ask what you wanted?”
Smiling at his kindness, she answered, “I’ll have the first detox. The one with beets, carrot, apple, and orange. Thank you.”
Tyson orders the juices and then returns to Lara. “I’ve just got to get money from the producers and something else.”
Lara’s eyes widened and her face probably looked like cotton candy. Did this mean what she thought it did? She felt at loss for words and couldn’t comprehend what was happening.
Tyson left but returned only a few minutes later. The rose was too big to hide, so he offered it to Lara before getting their juices. “I’ve really enjoyed your company today, Lara, and I want to keep spending time with you, so will you accept this rose?”
Turning from cotton candy to the colour of Barbie’s car, she simply giggled. “Yes, of course. Thank you.” From there they collected their juices and continued heading to the park.


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The Date Card and the House

John Doe enters the house late the following morning, with a bit of kerfuffle as the door is heard closing, followed by the sound of someone stumbling and a few choice words. Danny, Chelsea and Tori were over in the kitchen loading the dishwasher. Well, two of the three were loading the dishwasher; Tori’s attention was elsewhere.
“Earth to Tori,” Chelsea waved in her face. “Are you going to help?”
Danny followed Tori’s gaze to see where John was now standing. “Probably not, now that John’s here,” he answered. “And now, neither will I.” With that, he smiled and placed the last plate in the dishwasher. Chelsea washed her hands and followed the other two into the living room.
Once they’d gathered on and around the couch, and others had come in from outside, John stood in front of them. He gave Nova a flick of his head to address her. “Congratulations, Nova. How does it feel to be the first to receive a rose without having time alone with either Tyson or Vanessa?”
Nova glanced around the room as everyone turned their attention to her. She feared she would say the wrong thing and put a target on her back. “It feels… Uh… Well, I’m happy to have already had a rose this week, but I would have still loved some one on one time…” Nova trailed off at the end before she could say anything more that might make her sound ungrateful.
John turned his head toward Axel and then Lara, who were almost on opposite sides from each other. “And both of you must have had fun yesterday?”
Lara waited for Axel to answer first. Axel scratched the back of his head, he was still trying to wake himself up. “How could I not have had fun. I got alone time with Vanessa, which is something we want but only a select few have had.”
“I agree with Axel. My time with Tyson was really special,” Lara added.
John waited for her to continue, but after a moment, he realised that was all she was going to say. “Very well, I guess we should move on with the date. But first, Axel, Vanessa owed you this.” He walked over to give him the rose that he’d just removed from his jacket, before returning to his spot.
Axel took the rose with eagerness. “Lucky me,” he beamed.
John nodded then continued “So,”, pulling out an envelope. “Lara, will you read this date card?”-
“Yes, I can do that.” Lara smiled as she walked over to John, though she had to admit that she was a little disappointed because she was sure that meant it wasn’t her on that date. She took the envelope and swiftly opened it. “Vanessa has chosen Maxon.”
Maxon smiled and looked at Jace. “Looks like I don’t need to worry much now, as I finally get alone time.” He was referring to yesterday’s conversation, but he hadn’t meant for it to sound snarky.
“And Tyson has chosen Piper.”
Piper smiled confidently. “I knew that I had made a good impression on him at the last cocktail party.”
Lara let Piper finish before continuing, “Time to rein it in and canter north.”
Maxon had a befuddled expression. “What on Earth does that mean?”
Conner rubbed his chin. “You said canter, right?”
“Yes,” Lara nodded.
Piper interrupted, “That could mean horses then. We could be going horse riding-”
“In the north?” Kim butted in. “Maybe it was a Game of Thrones clue.”
“Yeah, we’re going to be extras on that show.” Piper rolled her eyes before leaving to get ready.

Two hours later, Maxon and Piper had left, and Chelsea and Kim were once again sunbathing outside in their bathing suits. However, this time they had company; Danny and Nova. Kim had just handed Chelsea the sunscreen when she spoke up with a mock-posh accent, “So Nové, how does it feel to be safe with a rose this week?” Chelsea tightened her lips into a thin smile, trying desperately not to laugh at the comment.
“It’s Nova ,” Nova corrected sheepishly. She felt put on the spot with Kim’s question, but she had half expected this would be what everyone would talk about now. “I feel really lucky in all honesty. It was a complete surprise to me.”
Chelsea was rubbing sunscreen into her legs while trying not to smirk. “Really? Is it? But I think Nové is way better suited for you.”
Danny had been listening for long enough now, he was getting quite irritated. “I liked you much better yesterday, Kim, when you weren’t in present company.” He was referring to Chelsea.
For a split second, Kim was speechless. She hadn’t expected him to speak to her like that. “If my presence is bothering you so much, Danny, I suggest you drop out because I’m going to be around for quite a while,” she said confidently.
He felt his irritation building. “You think that’s going to scare me into leaving? A word of advice since Tyson and Vanessa aren’t stupid, watch your attitude or you won’t be around long when they realise that you’re two-faced.” Standing up in a huff, he stormed inside. Nova, who had been watching quietly, looked at both of them before getting up and following after Danny.
Kim turned to Chelsea and shrugged. “There’s nothing wrong with a little confidence. That doesn’t mean I’m two-faced, right?”
Chelsea shrugged as well, still smirking. “Danny’s only saying this because he’s jealous. He’s the weakest in the group since he hasn’t had time with them and will probably be next to leave.”
“After that outburst, we can only hope so.” Kim agreed as they both reclined in their seats to enjoy the sun.

Danny stormed through the house and into the bedroom he was staying in. Reaching for his pillow, he threw it across the room, narrowly missing Nova as she entered. He wanted to hit something but knew it wouldn’t be wise.
Nova ducked, even though the pillow had already flown past her. “Uh, Danny?”, she asked cautiously as she dusted herself off. “Is everything alright?”
He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself as the competition was getting to him and -. Danny looked left and at Nova, he seemed defeated. “The pressure is getting to me, as well as those two.”
Nova shifted her weight nervously, unsure of what to say. It was only the second week and she thought that was a bit too early to be feeling pressured. “Maybe… You’re just having an off day… Did you sleep much last night?”
He looked left again and his right fist clenched unconsciously. “Please just leave me alone, Nova.”
“Are you sure, Danny?”
“Sorry, yes,” he apologised. That was more Danny pushing through and taking over but still knew that he had to be alone right now, to stop himself from having an outburst.
“Well, if you’re sure then…” Nova let her sentence trail off before she left the room, feeling incredibly confused by Danny’s behaviour.

Jay and Jace were playing chess in the dining room, while Julian was beside them watching the strategy. Jay spoke up gleefully as he took Jace’s rook, “The game of the three J’s.”
Jace groaned, paying more attention to the fact that he was losing than to Jay’s comment. “Maybe Tyson or Vanessa have a fetish for people whose names start with ‘J’,” Julian shrugged.
“That’s definitely not a thing,” Jace spoke up, now procrastinating from the game of chess.
“I think you’d be surprised what weird things people are into.” Jay paused a moment, waiting for Jace to have his turn. “Say, did either of you get a fake name from Vanessa the night we all arrived?”
Jace thought for a moment. “Nope. Come to think of it, I didn’t ask for her name when I first met her.”
Julian raised an eyebrow. “She told me her name was Wendy, is that what she told you?”
“Not at all, were you that nervous?”, Jay asked before answering Julian. “Joy, but what does it have in common with Wendy.”
“It just didn’t come up,” Jace replied casually.
“Both end in ‘Y’?”, Julian guessed. “You know it’s your turn, right?”, he then said to Jace.
Jay was busy thinking and Jace looked back down at the game, deciding to move a pawn.
“You know, I still can’t think of any logical explanation as to why she started out with fake names though,” Julian continued. “It doesn’t make sense for a show like this… Unless it was some prank she arranged with the producers for some extra entertainment or something like that.”
“That’d make sense. The producers do whatever they can for views.” Jay watched Jace immediately took that pawn with one of his own.
“That’s a fairly pessimistic view. How long do you think it is before they try to manipulate us for drama?” Jace to think for a second. “Or do you think they already have?”
Jay thought for a moment, rubbing his chin. “They already have, I’m sure of it. I think they’ve inserted a mole into the house to do so.”
“Big accusation there,” Julian commented. “But now that you’ve said it, that must mean you have someone in mind.”
Jay nodded to himself. “I may, but I’ll share when I have more evidence.”

The three of them were splashing around in the pool; Tori, Adrian, and Axel. Just throwing around a ball. Adrian missed and the ball floated right in front of her. Tori laughed, saying, “That’s a ‘y’ for you.”
“I think I might change to completing Vanessa rather than Tyson,” Adrian joked.
“That’s how I feel about the competition,” Axel stated quietly to himself, yet still loud enough for both girls to hear.
“Someone has already made his decision on who he prefers,” Tori called.
Then Adrian added, “Did your date go that well then?” She threw him the ball and it shot past him. “That’s ‘o’ for you. T, Y, S, and O. One more letter and you’re out.”
“Are you saying you don’t have a preference yet? Not even a small margin?”, he asked Tori. “And yes, I thought the rose I got this morning made that part a little obvious.”
“Yes, it was obvious. Although, no, I don’t. I think they’re both incredibly sweet and could both be great potential partners,” Tori responded to him.
“I wonder what happens if they both want to choose the same contestant for their final rose,” Adrian thought out loud. “Does that contestant then pick? Imagine if it were you Adrian and you still couldn’t decide.” Tori let out a small giggle.
“Or even you, Tori,” Axel added. “I’m sure it’s no different from any other week. We’re making the decision, just as they are, but they have more power. Just like any capitalist scum from any high-profit business.”
“I meant the final, final rose,” Tori explained. “What if it was down to the final two… Say you and I for example, and both Vanessa and Tyson wanted to pick the same person. I think it’s unlikely, but could you imagine the chaos?”
“Well, as I said, I know my decision right now. But as for everyone, I think after many more dates, everyone will have preferences,” Axel replied.
“If you’re lucky to get many more dates,” Adrian interjected. “The weeks are flying past already. I think it’s unlikely anyone will get more than three one on one dates.”
“We’ll see, won’t we?” He winked. “As I’ll still be here next week, so plenty more opportunity to cement my decision.”
On the L-shaped couch, sat Lara and Connor, randomly giving each other ‘what if’ scenarios. “If you found yourself in the Nairobi desert with nothing but a bottle of water, what would you do?”, Connor asked.
“That depends,” Lara replied. “What kind of a condition am I already in? Do I have much energy to start with?”
“Well, I don’t know, it’s just meant to be a quick question.” He ponders the idea a moment. “You just wake up, concussed and confused.”
“Well, I’d start walking… I’d trust my intuition would lead me in the right direction, I’d drink the water sparingly until I found more of course.”
Connor nodded. “Pretty standard, really. I think most people would do something like that.”
Lara took a moment to think up a situation for Connor. “What if a train was going to run over your loved ones and you had the power to stop it, but that would result in thousands of strangers dying? Do you save your loved ones?”
“No,” he answered rather quickly. “I would not kill thousands of strangers.”
“You didn’t have to think about that one at all,” Lara pointed out, rather startled.
“No, I guess I didn’t. I guess I just knew my answer and thinking wasn’t necessary.”


@alyssagreene, @Kale, @puma, @annaclaire721, @Tellyg47, @Littlefeets, @EpisodeLover_13, @candyxcx, @Coolepisodes, @Ella, @BrookieK, and @KBaldi93

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