The Bachelor(ette) SG ~ Sign-ups/Chat


The Bachelor(ette) - creators are @amberose & @CrazyCaliope

You create the contestants. A number of contestants (no more than 25), boys and girls, would compete for one of the hearts of two Bachelors/Bachelorettes (our creations). There will be individual and group dates, cocktail parties, and eliminations.
Eliminations. Yes, your character will be able to get eliminated and be out of the story. Though eliminations may be down to a public vote sometimes, not just us. Just to make it a little fairer. Then, by the end, we should be left with two contestants who win the bachelor/bachelorettes’ hearts.
The main goal of this story is for your character to win the heart of one of the Bachelor(ette)s.

What’s an SG?

An SG is a story game. Meaning that we, the creators, will be the ones writing the story for your characters. We will be writing long posts (i.e. chapters) as frequently as possible. After each post, we’ll be trying to include you by asking for decisions on what to do next and/or possible questions they may ask, etc.
Please feel free to sign up, as long as you check in every two-three days and continue to interact when needed.

Characters: READ please!

Characters: (READ!)

  • NO RESERVES! Just create! First in, first served!
  • It is set in the present day!
  • There is only room for 20 characters, 10 male and 10 female (maybe 25 characters MAX), so no more than two characters per person (one of each gender if signing up two?). Keep in mind that if we get an influx of characters, we will be selecting based on detail and activeness of RPers.
  • Your character(s) will need to be very detailed when describing their personality so that we can portray them the way you envisioned. Just try not to repeat information just by using different words.
  • READ ALL the information in sign-ups, it IS important.

All 8 of OUR bachelors/bachelorettes do have COMPLETED profiles, but we won’t be showing you the FULL profiles until after sign-ups close. This is so no one tries to make their “soulmate”. Though, each day we will add ONE fact to the bachelors/bachelorette who is leading the votes in sign-ups.


Start date is around September 30th, so sign-ups close around September 28th. Possibly earlier, depending on how quickly you all get your characters in.


When the story starts, this thread will be used for general chat to keep the story thread only for the story, so only the creators should post there.

People who were interested …

@oorgeloop, @Kate_Potter, @epi.alyssaa, @Madilnel, @Ella, @Annaliese_Clairemont, @Wingsoffire, @Daisy_Flower1, @L375, @HermanEpisode, @Kale, @SilverStar, @LittleElf, @Surface_Hyena57, @EpisodeGirl, @mistyhearts, @Tellyg47


Signing up :grinning:


Hey, we’re really looking forward to seeing your character creations. :wink:

People who were interested …

@oorgeloop, @Kate_Potter, @epi.alyssaa, @Madilnel, @Ella, @Annaliese_Clairemont, @Wingsoffire, @Daisy_Flower1, @L375, @HermanEpisode, @Kale, @SilverStar, @LittleElf, @Surface_Hyena57, @Kale, @EpisodeGirl @Miss_Moonlight


I might not join. I’m kinda overwhelmed right now.


I’ll signup soon. When is the deadline?


Okay, all good. No worries at all. :blush: Though, if you change your mind and suddenly become a little more free then sign-ups with be open for two weeks!


Okay, all the info is above. :smile:




Thank you, @Ella for your character. HEHE. I can see a few things in common with some of our characters already
If you want to create another character, since there are eliminations on this show, a male would be much appreciated! :wink:


Thank you, @Coolepisodes, for your character. Though, if you want us to portray your character the way you envisioned then more detail for personality and bio would be appreciated! Also, if you want to create another character, since there are eliminations on this show, a male would be much appreciated! :wink:

Also, SO MANY people voted “YES” for us to create this SG, so we put in the effort of doing so and yet we’ve only had two sign-ups. Please sign-up and don’t let us have wasted our time! :flushed::flushed::flushed:

People who were interested …

@oorgeloop, @Kate_Potter, @epi.alyssaa, @Madilnel, @Ella, @Annaliese_Clairemont, @Wingsoffire, @Daisy_Flower1, @L375, @Kale, @SilverStar, @LittleElf, @Surface_Hyena57, @EpisodeGirl, @Miss_Moonlight, @mistyhearts, @Tellyg47


Sure I make a character.


Cheers, good sir. Look forward to seeing your character!


Literally have no idea what The Bachelorette is or what character I should make. :sob::sob::sob::sob:


HAHAHAHAHA! It’s a dating and relationship reality television series, where about 20 or so contestant try to win the heart of ONE person (or TWO in our SG).
You wanna make a male or female, or both? (Or two males?)


Two male probably!


And ok, thanks for the description


YAY! Exciting!


You’re VERY welcome! Though it is ALL above in the first post, if you can please read it too?! :wink:


I’m signing up both a girl and a boy!


Woohoo! Cheers!