The Bachelor - Forum Edition LIVE FEEDS


Hello eveyone and welcome to the live feeds…this is where you will be able to keep up with the juicy drama!



The Bachelor - Forum Edition
Looking for Contestants
The Bachelor - Forum Edition
The Bachelor - Forum Edition

Let’s spill the tea


uhh?? haloo¿ are you updated? cs I’m not participating anymore

*cries on corner


5 questions? It would be a good way to get to know Cam


I liked the old thread cuz we were at 1000 :joy::sob:


Why not


Everyone read the damn rules and stop asking me questions go to the other thread and read them


hello everyone and welcome to theee BACHELOR!
Today is with you your host Sofia and @Mary-P!


Omigod why not


@Episode.Cameronwrite are you ready?


Just reposting this so you guys remember. :shushing_face::joy:


@Episode.Cameronwrite @Kaycee_Rose

Cs you feel intimidated cs I’m a bit older lmao
but it’s okay I getcha *flirt_fingersnap


Um ok. I knew i wouldn’t from the start




Dude just stop your not even that much older


And I’m super bored. :persevere:


10 contestants will fight their way to win the final prize… @Episode.Cameronwrite !


It would be weird if u shared birthday, trust me


No it is fine