The Bachelorette_Forum Edition



HI and welcome to the Bachelorette, I’m the bachelorette @Thequeen1000 and feel free to come on nice But I’m gonna need your best one-liners :joy: bring it on… this open to guys and girls.

Our lovely host is @Artistofepi

@ChayChay @Chocolate_Mama @jenna1012 @Adam.Epy @FinnTheGhost @Killerfrost @NattyGomez @livvy613 @zoe4564


Hey hey hey guys!! It’s your host here.

Get ready for the craziest ride ever while we find the perfect spouse for the famous @Thequeen1000


Wait am I a host???


Sure CO HOST!!


Well okieeeee!!!


Well I will just play… haha my fiancée might get mad… haha I’m the one that shouldn’t be here but I figured it would be fun!




I’m sure she’ll be okay with it beside your being a supportive friend to me :sob: so it’s sweet


Hey there host


good idea!


Nice!! Would they like to be contestants?


Lmao idk I just started tagging random people :joy:


Huh? Host…? Orrr


I wanna participate since I don’t think coco is into me


Wait am i a competitor im kinda confused lol


U’ll find someone lol


Coolio so you can be a contestant fighting for 1000’s heart


Lol when you like someone and they never like you back


Oof ok I am trying to delte it cause I don’t wanna create drama…hehe but I’m not allowed to delete anymore comments


Pm me to tell me why you tagged them lol.