The Badboy Next Door 😎


He was trouble from the second he walked out of that moving van. He had dark, thick, wavy hair, deep blue eyes, and sun-kissed skin that would make anyone jealous. His name was Brad Summers, and he had just become my next door neighbor. Ugh. How could I resist? This was going to be a long summer…

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My long shift at the diner were usually boring, until Brad Summers walked in. He wore a blue baseball tee and shorts, and cool summer shades.

“Hey! Lucy right?” He said, taking off his shades and sitting down at the counter.


I rolled my eyes, and bit my lip, trying to keep from blushing.
“It’s LUNA”, I snapped, glaring at him.
He laughed and twirled one lock of hair around his perfect fingers.


I blushed a little more, glaring at him and fantasizing a little bit.
“Hey, try to keep the dreaming to a minimum.”
He said.
I gasp little shocked and embarrassed.


He chuckled lightly, looking downward.
I looked downward, too, and saw my skirt had lifted a little, showing my panties!
I huffed, pulled it down, and went to go help the next customer.
As I left, he called after me…


“What do you want perv?” I called back to Brad Summers. I didn’t wait for him to answer, as I continued serving another customer.


“Ha, girls,” he says out loud. “Just a coffee.” as he puts his shades back on and waves to me with his back faced back to me and a coffee in his other hand.


The other customers whispered and some adults rolled their eyes and said “teens…” Some customers left.
Brad then took of his shirt coolly like nothing was wrong, and some girls cooed and ooh and aahed around me.


I stared at his abs for a second, mesmerized, before waking up from my trance. I should’ve felt guilty for making customers leave, but I was too proud.


I rolled my eyes. “What do you really want?” I asked.


He laughed as he left the shop, his coffee in his hand, and his rolled up shirt in the other.
I glared at his back, but couldn’t help but notice how strong he was…


“Could you please keep the daydreaming to a minimum.” He called back at me, and chuckled.
“See you later Daydream.” He said, before walking out the diner. Perfect, Daydream. I got a nickname from Brad Summers.


I grunted at my unluckiness. Daydream? Why Daydream? I would’ve liked Lunar better, cuz most people call me that. I took the next order and I was off of work. I went to go see Suzy. Suzy my BFF.
I knocked on her door and she answered.
“Hey Suz… You’ll never believe the day I had at work with BRAD.”
She pulled me inside and threw me onto the couch.
“Speak!” she squealed throwing me a can of soda.


“He was being so stupid…” I started as Suzy’s eyes widened, gasped and chuckled at every sentence.
As I finished recounting what happened, Suzy squealed.
“Oh my goodness! You talked with BRADDD!” she squealed harder.


I roll my eyes, “He was being a perv again.”
“Still! It’s Brad, what did you expect!” She grinned.
Oh boy, this was going to be a long conversation.


“That doesn’t mean I have to put up with him being a creep,” I scoffed, not wanting to admit that I secretly enjoyed our conversation in the coffee shop even though he had called me the wrong name at first.

“But it’s Braaaaadddddddd,” Suzy said dreamily.

I rolled my eyes. “Again, no excuse for being creepy.”

“I’d love for him to get creepy with-” Suzy started, but I cut her off.

“Nope, nope, nope. Not going there,” I said hastily, then paused to sigh. “Let’s talk about something else.”


Suzy rolls her eyes. “Okay, fine, party pooper. What did you have in mind?”

I think. “How was soccer tryouts?”


Suzy grinned, “Guess who got on the team!”

“Um, you?” I giggled, happy that she finally got on the team after trying and failing for the past two years.


“Yes!” Suzy squealed, hugging me. I felt happy she had worked so hard, and accomplished her dream. I hug her back.


“That’s awesome!” I squealed after we had pulled away. “We should totally celebrate!”
“We totally should!” she replied, beaming. “What did you have in mind?”