The Bakery Request Thread! [OPEN!]


Welcome one, welcome all… to the Bakery, managed by your one and only members of Episode Bakery!

We are a team of hard-working friendly bakers creating goodies for you! From covers to story reviews, our group helps the Episode community one by one.

Come on in and join us as we display our lovely bakery, where you can order delicious and sweet treats! Let’s go check out the menu!

Our employees can bake the following treats…

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Covers IMG-2663_15x15
Backgrounds IMG-2663_15x15
Overlays IMG-2663_15x15
PFPs IMG-2663_15x15
Character Edits IMG-2663_15x15
Art Scenes IMG-2663_15x15

Check out some of the treats at the display window!











Character Edits


Art Scenes

No treats on display as of now, be sure to order yours first!

Though we have many treats in store for you lovely people, there are bakers that work behind the magic!

Our Splash Bakers:
@epi.alyssaa, @dqrkskin, @Doksanwrites, @Chesirekitten101, @jenna1012, and @meadowh.

Our Cover Bakers:
@epi.alyssaa, @Doksanwrites, @Miss_Moonlight, @Turtle_Cat, @dqrkskin, @meadowh, and @Chesirekitten101

Our Character Edit Bakers:

Our PFP Bakers:
@epi.alyssaa, @Miss_Moonlight, @jenna1012, and @meadowh

Our Background Bakers:

Our Overlay Bakers:
@epi.alyssaa, @Miss_Moonlight, and @meadowh

Our Art Scene Bakers:
@Doksanwrites and @Chesirekitten101

As every other group does have a set of rules, our group does as well. Please take the time to read these set of rules, it is important for us and important for you to follow them!
  1. Due to the fact our group has only one employee that bakes art scenes, we will only open two spots for art scenes until she finishes it. We care about our employees’ mental health, and it’s important not to pressure her a lot.
  2. Since we also have only two employees that bake character edits, we will only open four spots for character edits. As said before, we care about the mental health of our employees.
  3. Please be sure that you have not requested the piece of artwork you need anywhere else. We spend time to make artwork for you, and we don’t want our employees being stressed or angry.
  4. Please be sure that you are kind and respectful to our members. Don’t feel annoyed if they are taking long on your artwork (unless it’s an easy text splash) or if they’re asking so many questions. They are perfecting your order to your liking.
  5. We ask that you give credit to Episode Bakery when using the artwork in your story. As we said, we spend time making artwork for you.
  6. Since we have only one background employee, only two spots will be available for the treat. We do not wanna stress her out.
  7. If you are the member of another group, we kindly ask you to leave. We are trying to avoid drama as much as possible, as it’s been seen many times. If you wanna talk about anything group related, please PM us accordingly.
  8. As you know, we’re a bakery, so we don’t require you to request the way we want. Although, please make sure you specify when requesting, otherwise we may reject your request.
  9. Please do not ask us for somebody specific to do your request. Whoever wants to do your request, will do your request, but this does not mean your request will be ignored.

We thank you all so much for checking out our bakery, be sure to stop by soon to order your treats now!

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Your theme is adorable!
Could I put in an art scene request?


May I put in a request for an art scene? It’s of a man in a car, talking to a girl through the passenger window, with a kid (her brother) playing in the background.

Male Character In Car
-Skin: Light
-Brow: Thin
-Hair: Shoulder Length in Fawn
-Eyes: Deepest Gentle in Green
-Face: Square Jaw
-Nose: Button
-Mouth: Smirk in Blush

Girl Talking
-Skin: Light
-Brow: Defined Natural
-Hair: Long Curly in Strawberry Blonde
-Eyes: Almond Classic in Green
-Face: Oval
-Nose: Defined Natural
-Mouth: Classic in Blush

-Skin: Light
-Brow: Thin
-Hair: Boy Bun in Chestnut
-Eyes: Piercing Almond in Green
-Face: Defined Triangle
-Nose: Button
-Mouth: Smirk in Blush

Thank you for looking over this.


Wow your covers are amazing! Do you have an opening to make me one? Also are they free?


Thank you so much! Of course you can!


Yes, we have an opening, request away! :blush:

Also, @EdwardNorton, I’ll bring this over to my bakers and I’ll see if they wanna do it! :blush:


Ok, it looks like someone else is going to make the cover, but thanks for the offer! I will definitely keep you in mind the next time I need a cover.


Can you also add me to the art scene baker? :joy::two_hearts:

And also, if you need a couple more example for a character edit or pfp:

Thanks (I’m just really proud of these and want them to be featured haha :joy::two_hearts:)


Most of the time, I’m free. So as long as you don’t overload me, I can do any request at any time :grin::two_hearts:


I’ll add them tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Great thanks :upside_down_face:


Ok. Thank you very much.


I agree!


Are art scene requests open?


Yes maim
The bakers are ready to complete your Pastry is wanted




So I have an art scene request. I’ll put pictures of characters, pose and background!


It doesn’t have to bee this closed up, it can be waist up too.


Do you want it drawn


Yes please.


Ok I can do it for you