The Bakery Request Thread! [OPEN!]


Can I have a few splashes made please?
Can I have a “Warning: This story contains mature themes, terrible pickup lines and strong language” with this character doing these characters doing these animations:

Can I also have a “Turn up your volume - This story contains sound” with these characters doing these animations:

(with a drum set)

Finally, can i have a “Follow me on instagram for sneak peaks and updates @Katiekate.episode” with this character:

Thank you so much! x


Our bakers will make it for you Asap


Thank you so much! x


Okay thank you!


Art Scene Requests are closed, but everything else is open.

Thank you all!


I would like to request a banner. It needs to say Underrated Stories. Please add your watermark to this banner. Here’s the background:


If you read our menu, we have said we do not do banner requests.

Super sorry!


Ok sorry about that!


When do u need it by?


Here is the 1st splash:

Hope you like it!

The other 2 I’ll try to do tomorrow.


Whenever x


Thank you so much! X


No prob, i hope it good enough


Heres the second splash!

Parts of their hands and guitar are cut off because in the photos u posted had some of it cut off. Sorry bout that, I suck at drawing so I just left it. I’ll try to work on the last splash later today.


I have finished baking @K_Artist2001 art scene. @Chesirekitten101 will be baking @EdwardNorton’s art scene. :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s your art scene, @K_Artist2001. Please let me know if you would like any changes.

Don’t forget to credit me @granolias on the forums! :grinning:



Thank you so much.


Can you make the girl look sad and the guy look worried like the expressions in the pose picture? Sorry if I wasn’t more clear on that.


Alright, I will let the other two artists know. I don’t have any time this week for art scenes, so another artist will be creating your scene. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay thank you