The battle of styles 🤍

I prefer LL stories
But I definitely prefer ink art. :heart_eyes:

  • Limlight
  • INK
  • Orignal

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bump :sleepy:

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I vote for LL.

I really like all of em however I wish classic had CC haha cuz its beautiful


UGH this is hard
limelight has way more disverty and the clothing :chef:
but ink will always be my 1st love…the art :hot_face: and some shirts are AMAZING!

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hey, would you like to pm to read my CLASSIC story hehe

FRR :frowning_face:

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Sure why not ha

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I grew up on Classic too but Limelight shoved its way inside my heart.

OK, so when I first went on Episode, there was only classic but when INK came out, I immediately fell in love with it. For a pretty long time, I liked ink. I’ll admit when limelight came out, I wasn’t too big of a fan :see_no_evil: But then I started liking it more than ink (although ink is best for comedy) :blob_sun: