The best editing software for computer?

Hey! Nobody here doesn’t wan’t to do me covers, so which is the best editing software for computer ? AND FREE! Something that is good for episode chars and no, I don’t want a photo editor or something u add filters, I’m going to do the whole edit from the start! I have tried few but I can’t add example where I could look at (my episode mc in my story)

Paint 3d, i always use like this

Depends on what you are used to/comfortable with.

But some free ones I’ve used before I got photoshop were:
Gimp- pretty good, allows photo manipulation, comparable to photoshop, but takes a little to get used to.
Krita- It’s a drawing program, but I’ve found it pretty easy to use and you can do edits with it as well.

FireAlpaca- I haven’t personally used it, but it has good reviews as well.

Yeah, but I wan’t to draw my episode characters with my hands, not edit.

Oh, I honestly have no clue.


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Ibis Paint on the Appstore, and I think Google Play! :heart_eyes:

It works really well!

FireAlpaca isn’t Mac only <3

Ooof I didn’t realize! I always heard from people it was :sweat:
Thanks for letting me know!

haha no problem :slight_smile:

Krita is similar to Photoshop and it’s a bit more professional.
For something easier, use

Well, I’m using fire alpaca right now, It’s good, and it is easier for me to do it because I can draw well in real life :slight_smile:
I’m not THAT beginner lol, been drawing 4 years (more realistic ones, not child- drawings lol).

I meant for what type of design you are drawing.
ex: if it’s just a quick profile pic, use if it’s an extravagant art scene, use Krita.

Try with PhotoViewerPro, i use it and has very easy tools :slight_smile:

What works for Samsung chrome book?