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I am doing a Cover Request Thread! Now, I have a few rules for my little company
I will do LIMELIGHT covers and Splashes, THATS IT
You must fill out the form below and wait! I
No stealing my work and placing it as your own!
But no credit is necessary!!
I only do Ink and Limelight!!! NO classic
Please send me CLEAR screenshots of the character and their behavior!
I only do up to two people in the cover(s)
DON’T WASTE MY TIME!!! Don’t go asking for covers on other threads after I accepted to make your cover.
Making a cover for nothing is not what I do!
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Splash requested by @loveyourself

Can you edit it? I LOVE IT, but I should’ve put the title of the story. I’m SO sorry. My apologies.

You dont need the title bc it will be in the story

Ohhh. OK, thank you! :kissing_heart:

Hey, I’m finally requesting properly! Thanks in advance :yellow_heart:

Profile Picture Request Form

Character Details

Skin: Honey
Eyes: Upturned bold, brown
Face: Round
Lips: Full round, rosewood
Eyebrows: Defined natural
Nose: Soft natural
Hair: Fishtail braid, chestnut
Pose: Wink forward

Any edit to the picture?
Can you do the kind of makeup/highlight thing you did on yours?
Plus anything else that would just make the picture sharper or more interesting. Honestly just want a cute edit, so kind of happy to leave it up to your artistic licence :slight_smile:

Background for the picture?
Plain black.

Any text?


Okay, thanks! I will work on it right now!

Hey, @CordeliaM could I actually do it in INK? LimeLight … I can’t really do anything… Just tell me your INK character details (no screenshots) and I will get it done. Limelight has nothing to edit…

Sure! I edited my initial request

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Character Details:
Skin: Dune
Eyes: Round Bold : Brown
Face: Oval
Lips: Full Round : Dusty Rose
Eyebrows: Thick Flat
Nose: Eleven
Hair: Straight Bob (Pop Pink)
Pose: Peace Sign (Or a wink.)

Any edit to the picture?
Yes, highlight ( like the one you did previously), a white nose ring (yes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) and if possible, a blend of a different color for her hair! (A blend of two colors)

Background for the picture?


Any text?

No text

Hey. I need a cover for my story.

Title - Bad boy vs bad girl
Author - Saasha Arora
Number of characters - 2 (1 male and 1 female)
Style - Ink
Genre - Romance (And some action)
Character details -


  1. Skin tone - Fair
  2. Hairstyle - Long straight hair ( fawn )
  3. Lips - Blossom lips ( Cherry red )
  4. Eyes - Upturned bold ( Hazel )


  1. Skin tone - Tan
  2. Hairstyle - Short cropped hair ( fawn )
  3. Lips - Small round ( blush )
  4. Eyes - Sweet ( Hazel )

Description of the cover - I want the female character to hold a gun ( if that is possible ) and I want the cover portraying romance and showing the competition between them according to the title Bad boy vs Bad girl. You can change the outfits of the characters if you have better ideas in mind.

Thank you! I will work on it when I get the time today!


Request Accepted!


Your Request is Accepted!

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Thank you so much in advance.

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No problem, love.

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Edit Request from @CordeliaM


Hope you like it!

This is so beautiful!! Thank you sooo much :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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No problem!

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Is it alright if I post this on my IG? I’ll tag you!