The Best Friend Thread


Want To Find A Friend? You’ve Come To The Right Place!!
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What Kind Of Friend Are You Looking For?
What Is Your Personality?
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Tag me: @IzzyCharmer

Good luck finding a new Best Friend! Wait. That sounds wrong. Hope you find a nice best friend! (That’s better)

Looking for a friend:
1.) Leslie1230
3) Charity1226
5.) Silver_shadow
6.) Whispering_Flower
7.) Surface_Hyena57

Best Friends Matched:
1.) @24aya and @loveyourself

Good Luck! xxx

Btw please don’t close this thread or refer me onto another thread.


You can never get enough friends so sure



Password: :cookie: cookies :yum:
Name: aya
Username 24aya
Age :smirk: 16
What Kind Of Friend Are You Looking For?
Nice , talkative :joy: Should love cake
What Is Your Personality?
Love to bake people in cake/ soup , kinda funny , weird , and bad with handling so so much sad stories and … Again baking cakes of people and lovely forum :smirk:
Tag Me: @IzzyCharmer :upside_down_face:


Lmao this sounds like a great idea I’m looking for a friend lol cuz why not.


Lmao that moment when you realise that all of your friends are actually looking for friends on the same thread LOL

@24aya @leslie1230 :joy:




:joy: I have nothing to do , and in need of new people to bake cake😏
:upside_down_face: I come here before you :smirk:




… No I came here first but it took me some time to write it ShiSterrrrrr :smirk:


S u r e SHisTer :upside_down_face: :smiling_imp: which makes the fact I type faster than you SHisTer :smirk:


Nah I think 24aya was here first


Thank you :upside_down_face: I will give you a pieces of cake later :smirk:


Nah… It just means that I actuary care to make my posts look good and… My posts are masterpieces muahahahahaha ha :upside_down_face::smirk:


Yay I love cake!!!


Lmao I was here before people started to write anything :joy:


Even me?


I love making friends!


Lmao no.
Before Leslie commented Lol


… but you don’t have to believe me its… Whatever


Okay I’ll add you!