The Best Friend Thread


Want To Find A Friend? You’ve Come To The Right Place!!
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What Kind Of Friend Are You Looking For?
What Is Your Personality?
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Tag me: @IzzyCharmer

Good luck finding a new Best Friend! Wait. That sounds wrong. Hope you find a nice best friend! (That’s better)

Looking for a friend:
1.) @leslie.creates
3) Charity1226
5.) Silver_shadow
6.) Whispering_Flower
7.) Surface_Hyena57

Best Friends Matched:
1.) @24aya and @loveyourself

Good Luck! xxx

Btw please don’t close this thread or refer me onto another thread.

Not in service at the moment

You can never get enough friends so sure



Password: :cookie: cookies :yum:
Name: aya
Username 24aya
Age :smirk: 16
What Kind Of Friend Are You Looking For?
Nice , talkative :joy: Should love cake
What Is Your Personality?
Love to bake people in cake/ soup , kinda funny , weird , and bad with handling so so much sad stories and … Again baking cakes of people and lovely forum :smirk:
Tag Me: @DarkAngel0409 :upside_down_face:


Lmao this sounds like a great idea I’m looking for a friend lol cuz why not.


Lmao that moment when you realise that all of your friends are actually looking for friends on the same thread LOL

@24aya @leslie.creates :joy:




:joy: I have nothing to do , and in need of new people to bake cake😏
:upside_down_face: I come here before you :smirk:




… No I came here first but it took me some time to write it ShiSterrrrrr :smirk:


S u r e SHisTer :upside_down_face: :smiling_imp: which makes the fact I type faster than you SHisTer :smirk:


Nah I think 24aya was here first


Thank you :upside_down_face: I will give you a pieces of cake later :smirk:


Nah… It just means that I actuary care to make my posts look good and… My posts are masterpieces muahahahahaha ha :upside_down_face::smirk:


Yay I love cake!!!


Lmao I was here before people started to write anything :joy:


Even me?


I love making friends!


Lmao no.
Before Leslie commented Lol


… but you don’t have to believe me its… Whatever


Okay I’ll add you!