The Best Friend Thread


:joy: because you are mah cake taster sister :smirk:


Soon. (I was asleep, sorry)


Hahaha no problem!


Password: cookies
Name: Ana (m real name is longer)
Username: ana.banana
What Kind Of Friend Are You Looking For? it doesn’t really matter as long as they are polite and kind
What Is Your Personality? I have a bubbly personality. I love helping people when I can.

Tag me: @IzzyCharmer


Password: cookies
Name: Lovelane
Username @LoveLane
Age : Immortal
What Kind Of Friend Are You Looking For?
Nice , and with whom i can talk all the time
What Is Your Personality?
Kinda funny , weird , and loyal

Tag: @IzzyCharmer


Hiya Hiya Hiya :smirk:

Oh my… :scream:


You’re Immortal? THAT’S SO COOL!


@IzzyCharmer since @24aya and @loveyourself are BFFs couldn’t you take them off the looking for friends list???


Sister… :flushed:






Although I have lovely best friends , you can never have too many of them so here I go:

Password : cookies
Name : Saasha (or sushi)
Username : BadassSaasha
What kind of friend are you looking for? : One who is almost as crazy as me, who is hella funny and loves random talks.
What is your personality? I would like to think my username reflects my personality better than i can. I am funny and sassy. Fluent in sarcasm. :wink:
Tag me : @IzzyCharmer




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Username changed it was @leslie1230 now it’s @leslie.giselle so could you change it where it’s says my old username please